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Ethical Theories In Solving Crime Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ethical Theories In Solving Crime - Essay ExampleAs you can see my strategy champions diplomacy and pass on what you should do. I will use my skills and interventions to sponsor a superior counseling strategy. Part of the externalise will be to apply normative deterrent example theories that I have with time learned from line to ensure that I properly solves the situation. To understand the scenes of crime in each case, especially the woman have-to doe with in crime, I will use consequentialism theory to understand what prompts the thoughts of crime. That is, what is the ultimate basis for any brain about the rightness and the wrongness of the conduct I will further invite Jeremy Bentham Bentham and Burns opine on utilitarianism, which argues that people driven by their fears, hence they take precedence of their fears. Supportively, Eggleston argues that an action an action is moral when it produces the greatest amount of happiness. However, a problem will arise when the great est happiness is achieved at the write down of a few. For that reason, utilitarianism would seem to endorse crime when it produces the greatest total amount of happiness for the greatest quash of people.

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Compare two company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Compare two bon ton - Essay exemplarCharles clap headed the efforts of company to obtain various government contracts during the war period. It is rather an achievement that 1000 multitude buildings and over 50 miles of roads were constructed within one year during Great War. During the years 1919 1939 inter-war period, Henry billing built over 80,000 houses which were more than any other contractor in United Kingdom. Henry bring up Plc under the leadership of Charles flush developed Pinewood Studios at Heatherden Hall, Iver, Buckinghamshire during 1936, which was based on the layout and practice of USA movie theatre studio. The company acquired Baldry, Yerburgh and Hutchinson Limited and Flettons Limited and company started to undertake all types of construction work, large and small, both for the cosmos and private sector. Companys turnover continued to extend in the areas of building and civil engineering science which included long term contract for the National Coal Board and British Steel Corporation, line engineering contracting, joinery manufacture and houses for sale. Henry Boot Plc formed subsidiary in the name of measure Building Society to offer mortgages to general public for commercial and residential properties. The expansion of Henry Boot Plc continued with the acquisition of a foundry in Bingley, West Yorkshire in 1974 and during 1976 the company saw an increase in overseas work initially with the collaboration of Hong Kong based Gammon in supplying and displace the tracks for Mass Transit railroad line System followed by 13 million railway sub-contract on the Kowloon-Canton Railway in Australia. Later, Henry Boot Plc acquired Thos W. Ward (Railway Engineers) Limited of Sandiacre in order to strengthen the groups railway engineering activity which was followed by the prestigious Queens Award for Export Achievement. The companys core activities are property development, land management, construction and plant hire. Presently Henr y Boot Plc is

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American Industrialization during the 19th century Essay

American Industrialization during the 19th century - Essay ExampleFor pistillate Eastern European workers the transition from the age of handicrafts to the era of machines presents a picture of greed. Most of the former sharecroppers hoped for wagerer life in the city, but in reality wages always work toward minimum level. To maintain some control over the changes they jointed into labour unions. The populism movement of Arkansas protestant farmers had a striking exploit on cooperatives on a national scale. In general, industrialization helped them to improve production, but on the other hand they were faced with new problems caused by industrialization.Researchers suppose that social and economical conditions of American federation created an ideal platform for industrialization. The protestant ethic and a belief in free business and an influence on technological innovation and economic growth. Labor-saving devices and new technologies freed workers to enter the factories, wh ich also drew upon immigrant labor.Aided by the spread of the transportation network, the boom period in American industrialization came in the second one-half of the 19th century. In the 1890s, groups of Americans seemed to be estranged from each other as they rarely had been before. A hardly a(prenominal) were enjoying the fruits of astonishing wealth, building for themselves magnificent, multimillion-dollar summer cottages reminiscent of glittering European palaces (Created equal, Ch.18, 2005). The most important event was that the work American class was shaped. This process was closely connected with introduction of machinery into manufacturing caused changes in the organization of work. The economies of organized in large quantities production were soon made apparent, and the tendency to increase the size of the factory and to merge the various spheres of exertion under control of big corporations has continued to the present. The complexity of business operations also inc reased with the teaching of transportation and trade facilities. Taking into account industrial innovations it is evident that the new industry needed more than labour forces to progress, and immigrants, former slaves and women became the source of labour.All industrial changes had a great influence on the American social class structure affecting the lives of people. Primarily, these changes were closely connected with the break-up of the system. European and American efforts to colonize and explore the far reaches of the globe brought whites face to face with darker-skinned peoples, whom scholars in the new discipline of anthropology studied and classified. The New immigration from eastern Europe raised concerns about conferring citizenship on non-Anglos, such as Russian Jews, Poles, and Italians (Created equal, Ch.18, 2005). Nevertheless, not tout ensemble the benefits of industrialization were advantageous for social classes. After industrial Revolution such processes as th e emancipation of women, the rise up of women self-consciousness became apparent. That understanding of rights always draws together women of similar ambitions and tasks now began to work significant changes in the economic order. Nevertheless, many minority women, such as Hispana activist Adeiina Otero Wairen, supported the suffrage movement even though white leaders kept their distance and refused to embrace the antiracist campaigns of their nonwhite sisters (Created Equal, Ch. 19, 2005). Eastern European factory women

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INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAMWORK Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAMWORK - Essay ExampleThe police squad also exhibits features of positive interdependence and promote of interaction when applying my aroused intelligence. This interdependence points to the imperative role of my emotional intelligence in ascertaining the effectiveness and functionality of the team, as well as the quality of the dispatch outcome afoot(predicate) (Luca and Tarricone, n.d.). Members of the team get better advice on ways to enact approaches that help with collaboration when working under the influence of my emotional intelligence (McCallin and Bamford, 2007). Lastly, members of the team undergo processes more comprehensive for learning through project collaboration and experience when working under the influence of my emotional intelligence (Druskat et al., 2013). As a result, it would be beneficial for the team when I use my emotional intelligence to assign duties or set up a cooperative setting for completing a given project.Nathaniel Faatoafe is right about the importance of considering disposition differences within a team. Personalities determine emotions, which in turn influence the input offered by each team member, and the projects future.Marvin Lopez reply about the realizing a teams strong points and weaknesses bent on individuality differences amongst its members is convincing. I think Lopez offers a compelling view of informing tea members about ones potential to assist in the advancement of the team through emotional intelligence.Braquel Jackson is so categorical about the role of emotional intelligence in teamwork that he outlines its relationships with depone and personality differences. I think such a response offers an objective point of communication in a team.Cassandra Burtons response is unique in the sense that she offers a personal account of the burning(prenominal) role of emotional intelligence in a team. Burton sheds

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Device Hardening and Secure Network Design Term Paper

Device Hardening and Secure Network Design - marches Paper ExampleBragg, Rhodes-Ousley, & Strassberg (2009) stated that routers have the capability to carry out IP packet conk out and filter. Access control lists (ACLs) could be configured to authorize or refute UDP and TCP entanglement traffic. These factors be foundational upon the destination or source address, or together, and on the UDP or TCP port numbers wrap in a packet. Additionally, the firewalls are implemented for additional in-depth examination tactically positioned router ACLs thus they augment network security. For instance, access control lists could be employed on border routers to drop visibly not infallible traffic, eliminating the burden from the border firewalls. Access control lists can as well be employed on WAN links to drop broadcast and additional needless traffic (Bragg, Rhodes-Ousley, & Strassberg, 2009).Servers are intended to put up data in a protected and dependable style for web-based users. T hus, they need to make sure that data confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility are maintained. However, one of the main steps to attain this guarantee is to make sure that the hordes are maintained and installed in a way that they could stop illegal access, illegal utilization, and disturbances in service. Additionally, the reason for establishing the server indurate policy is to express the requirements for installing a new server in a procure fashion and maintaining the security integrity of the server and application software. In addition, the server hardening process offers the countywide information necessary to harden a server as well as have to be applied for UTEP IT official approval. A number of the wide-ranging steps incorporated in the server hardening process contain (Microsoft Press, 2005). At present, network security has become the most important subject of discussion. Additionally, at that place are many networking security management and handling measures are available.

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Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

psychological Disorder Analysis - Essay ExampleCase Study Reference Marla was referred to a psychological counselling as she had attempted to commit suicide 3 days back. Her mother and her younger sister, Whitney, had gone for a function where Whitney was going to be felicitated for her yearly performance. Marla was also invited by Whitney to attend the function simply she refused to go saying that she was not feeling well. Marlas mother also tried to make Marla to go with them but she refused to budge. Marlas mother and Whitney realized that there is no point in asking her anymore so they go forth for the function at 5 pm in the evening. When they retuned, they found Marla lying on the waiting area with a note on the side table. Marla had consumed 10 sleeping tablets and was unconscious. Emergency service was called and Marla was saved from get harmed in any way. She was kept under observation in the hospital for two days and got a discharge on the third day. She was declared ou t of danger. Marla, in her suicide note, had written that she is not worth(predicate) living. She should die so that her mother and her sister can live a happy life. This showed that Marla was feeling mentally low and was feeling worthless. What she needed was a professional help. Her medical doctor referred her to psychological counsel. Hence, Marla was brought to me for psychological counseling to help her with her weak personality. Case History Marla is a 28 year old woman from discolor ethnic background. She is living with her sister and her mother in a spacious four bedroom apartment. Her mother, Dianne, got part from her return ten years back and is a home maker. Marlas sister, Whitney, is younger to her by 3 years and is working in a software industry. Dianne has inherited a lot of wealth and property from her own father. He was a businessman and had a flourishing business throughout his life. He had left all his wealth and property for his daughter, Dianne. Hence, Marl a never suffered from any financial crunch or problem at home. In fact, she was pampered at home and was allowed to do whatever she wanted to do. Marla tried her hand at antithetic professions like fashion designing, real estate, hair styling etc. Although she was good at it, she never continued with those professions. The minute of arc it seemed that she was doing good and was going to settle with the profession, she used to do something or other to destroy the chances of that profession flourishing. Marla tell that she never felt good with success. She felt that the success was not real and was going to deceive her in the future. Hence, she never felt comfortable with success and appreciation. After talking to Marla, it was revealed that the roots of her feelings lie in her childhood. It was her father who was responsible for Marla being emotionally and mentally a negative person. Childhood Marlas father was twinge from alcoholism. He was an irresponsible person and never care d to provide any security for his family. He used to bury his job often and demanded money from Dianne and her father. When Marla was six, Dianne came to stay with her father. However, after being coaxed by her husband, she again went and stayed with him. During this time, Whitney was left with her gramps as it was not possible to bring up two daughters with what Marlas father was earning. Hence, Marla was left only when and missed having a sibling with who she can share her sorrows. Marlas father used to scold her a lot. He was a demanding person and never appreciated anything that Marla did. He

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BPPG Part I, Personal and Professional Ethics Essay

BPPG Part I, Personal and Professional Ethics - Essay ExampleThis defines the act or process of guiding people towards a desired objective and give the sack apply to the goal of ensuring moral philosophy in a society. As a transformational leader, I can empower and motivate people round me to overcome challenges and to ensure ethical practices in their environments. I can empower the people, intellectually, by informing them of compound ethical issues in the business environment. I can also inform the people of possible consequences of wrong practices much(prenominal) as negative corporate image of an institution and possible harm to the surrounding community. Similarly, I can create awareness of possible junior-grade effects of unethical practices on the individuals and organizations. Such secondary effects emanate from the society. As a leader, in the approach, I can ensure that my business and think activities are ethical in order to set an example to other people for emul ation. I can also advocate for my ethical policies among the people (Reilly, Sirgy and Gorman 94, 95).Consumerism is another approach that I can use to furbish up ethics on people around me. It refers to the act or process of safeguarding consumer interests and is fundamental to promoting ethics among organizations and their members. beneath this strategy, I can draw the peoples attention to effects that their activities, at personal or organizational level, can have on the environment. I can also facilitate awareness of the benefits of preventing those consequences with responsible behavior. Similarly, I can research and report to the people about possible consequences of utilities from the environments and the cost of such consumptions on other people within the same environment. To those individuals who deal in production and distribution of goods, I can explain to them the categories of goods that are classified as necessities and explain the responsibility of ensuring that s uch commodities

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Ethical issues In HealthCare Informatics Applies to nursing practice Research Paper

Ethical issues In HealthCare Informatics Applies to breast feeding practice and Education - Research Paper ExampleBesides, information science has been widely mappingd in nurse education process. Future nurses improve their reading, writing, and communication skills through blogs writing, participation in discussions, and writing journal entries. The good considerations of the use of informatics in nursing and health premeditation are above all tie in to data security and data quality issues. Overall, informatics has brought numerous benefits to the field of nursing and nursing education, even more should be done to resolve ethical dilemmas. Introduction Computers have greatly altered the air we do various things. Health care is not an exception. Within the sphere of health care, informatics is widely used. This paper examines benefits the benefits of health care informatics for nursing practice and education. It also focuses on ethical considerations of the use of informat ics in nursing and health care. Benefits of Health Care Informatics for Nursing Recognition of education as the leading health resource has led to development of health care informatics (Conrick, 2006, p.12). ... ures which would tending medical staff diagnose and treat customers in a more efficient and accurate counselling (The History of Health Informatics, 2013). Historically, benefits of computers for health care were recognized early in the 20th century, lots application of computers to health care did not became possible until 1950s, when informatics took off in the States. Early computers were by and large used for office purposes as large calculating machines. It is believed that the stage for further developments of health care informatics was set by Robert Ledley, an inventor of the body CT scanner, who used informatics in his dental projects carried turn up in collaboration with the National Bureau of Standards. After the invention of the LISP and MUMPS languages of programming in the 1960s, computers started to be seen as a means of creation of medical databases, diagnostic establishments, and other programs related to health. passim the 1970s the potential of informatics for improving data storage and overall quality of patient care was realized (Conrick, 2006, p.12). The cost-saving benefit of using computers in financial and management areas of health care was stated. At the equivalent time, MYCIN was developed for the purposes of helping physicians find the bacteria that caused several infections, as well as recommend music and dosage for treatment. Besides, it aimed at treating blood clotting problems. INTERNIST-1 was developed at around that time. It was conceived as a system that could be used for supplying medical information to non-medics. The major advancement of 1980s was the development of nursing information systems. This enabled physicians to document a few aspects of records for their patients, which included vital signs, me dical orders, discharge planning, and

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Portfolio Essay

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Portfolio - Essay ensampleess of the thieveping nubs all over the UK, the Metrocentre has been ranked 2nd in 2011 (Metrocentre 2012, upper-case letter Shopping Centres 2012, Wood 2011, Capital Shopping Centres 2011).Apples presence can likewise be seen in Metro centers trim red mall. The confederation sells its products and applications to its customers through its retail shop. Apple faces less competition in the shopping center since its major competitors, like Samsung, Microsoft, Dell, etc. are not present in the mall (Metrocentre 2012).Body shop is a world renowned fragrance seller and the company sells its products in varied parts of the world. The company faces competition from other competitors like The Fragrance Shop (Metrocentre 2012).Barclays bank offers cash withdrawal facility to the customers who let down Metrocenter. There is only one ATM point lay by Barclays in the shopping mall in the Upper Red snapper. The bank is in direct competition with Lloyds TSB as it has in addition placed its ATM machine in the mall (Metrocentre 2012).Burger King, as the name suggests, is a burger expert which offers burgers in different varieties to its customers. Burger King is in direct competition with McDonalds and KFC particularly. Moreover, it is in indirect competition with other restaurants operating(a) in the mall. It is located in Lower Blue Mall (Metrocentre 2012).Caf Nova, which is engaged in the restaurant business, is also operating in the Metrocenter. The Caf provides different food items and beverages to its customers. The competition faced by the Caf is direct with other Cafs situate in the mall. Caf Nova is located in Upper Green Mall (Metrocentre 2012).Claires offer accessories for women and children, which also include jewelry items for ladies. The retail outlet of Claires is situated at Lower Blue Mall in the Metrocenter. Claires is in competition with competitor like Pandora and others operating in the mall (Metrocentre 2012).Clarks is situated at Lower Red Mall in

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The influence of leadership of developing effective life-long learning Essay

The influence of leading of developing effective life-long learning experience for me - Essay ExampleIn addition, the unit serves as a major basis for me to build new skills, (the most important being leadership skill) that other modules/units in my degree program may not have given me the opportunity to develop. For instance, I was able to constitute a leader whom I admire, the themes/leadership qualities that enabled the leader to attain outstanding success in this firmament of endeavour and how I can emulate those qualities in my own personal development. I wish to guess how directly and indirectly their lives have influenced my circumstances as consid date of referencebly as personality.In furtherance of the skills developed, I am able to adopt a critical thinking approach to several areas of my life, reflecting and constantly assessing my life to underwrite straight development/growth. I am able to challenge myself as an individual as well as my intellect and nurture my i nbuilt abilities to bring out the leader in me.In the light of my continuous wish to excel in life, it is very important to state my background as well as early influences in life that induced a source of motivation in me to work great(p) in order to accomplish tasks towards success. My name is Mukaila Adegoke, born on 15th February 1962 in Iwo, the Osun State of Nigeria. This was the era when President John F Kennedy established his office as 35th president of the USA and gave a major input in the history of civil rights. President John F Kennedy pressurized the government authorities and organizations to provide work for African Americans equivalent to Britain Civil Service.

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Film Analysis - Spirited Away - Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

make Analysis - Spirited outside(a) - - Essay ExampleAs she wanders along, she meets a nonher boy, Haku, who claims to have known her since she was little. This is where the realistic adventure begins as she plots a way to enter the bathhouse and get some job to do. Haku organizes the sinless plan, and in the end, Chihiro gets a job in the bathhouse. There are rules to follow in the spirit world, and Yubaba is the femme fatale who oversees all activities in the bathhouse. The unfolding nature of the above events to the point where Chihiro rescues her parents is in a direct relation back to the caprices expressed in the short story, The Ways We Lie. This paper analyzes three main elements in the story, and they include characters, motifs and themes, and the backdrop in relation to ideas in The Ways We Lie. The Films Setting The producers behind Spirited Away paid more attention to the consistency in the word pictures setting. Generally, this film has a tender setting, even th ough there are also elements of geographical settings, as well. The social setting, in this case, focuses on how producers present the characters, and the consistency with which they do this work. For instance, there is a clear depiction of class difference in the spirit world. ... However, she understands the rules in maintaining her job at the bathhouse. In this regard, the ideas expressed in The Ways We Lie do not apply to her case. She does not see the sense in assuming a character she is not for the sake of her good. The environment in which she works is also simpler than the entire bathhouse. Despite the lushness of the bathhouse, she has the mandate to livid the big tub lying alone in an empty room. In this room, she transforms an ungainly, huge, polluted spirit into the idea of simplicity. Furthermore, even all her meals are shear expression of simplicity in her character. For these reasons, the entire setting of this film focuses on social aspects of the plot and character s therein. Themes and Motifs This film depicts blurred distinction between good and evil as its primary theme.In this film, almost all characters are a mix of both evil and good deeds. redden the admirable characters, such as No-Face and Haku, have some amount of evil qualities. Similarly, some characters who seem high-risk and undesirable at the beginning of the film such as Kamaji, Zeniba and Lin, all becomes somehow useful in Chihiros escape.This is a clear indication of the fact that people have to possess different characteristics depending on the situation. The above idea is completely in line with the claims in the story, The Ways We Lie. In this story, Ericsson states that the truth would sometimes cause more damage than a simple harmless untruth (Ericsson 1). This is what he calls the white lie, and it is obligatory for survival in the society. The above form of deceit comes with no regrets, and the individual does so due to circumstances. fogged line

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Beauty Myth- How Media & Beauty today Impacts Women Essay

Beauty Myth- How Media & Beauty today Impacts Women - Essay mannikinHalliwell, E., Malson, H., & Tischner, I. (2011). Are Contemporary Media Images Which Seem to Display Women as Sexually Empowered Actually Harmful to Women?.psychological science of Women Quarterly,35(1), 38-45. http//pwq.sagepub.com/content/35/1/38.short Accessed 17 March 2014The article assesses the way women have been previously interpret as passive sex objects to present times when they are representatives of sex and are sexually right on and in control due to their looks. This has been found to have an adverse effect on the body images of women and interrogation that was carried out by the authors of this article found that the current depiction of debaucher by the media has led to increase self objectification and weight concern.Acevedo, C. R., Nohara, J. J., Arruda, A. L., Tamashiro, H. R., & Brashear, T. (2011). How women are depicted in ads? A content analysis deal with Brazilian advertisements.Interna tional Business & Economics Research Journal (IBER),5(10). http//www.cluteonline.com/journals/index.php/IBER/article/view/3517/3564 Accessed 17 March 2014The read of this article was to analyze the roles that were occupied by women in TV advertisements. The aim was to determine the message stretch to society about women and how this has changed over the years. The study analyzed 95 pieces and derived upon the conclusion that womens images have changes however, they act up to be idealized and stereotyped, which also extends to brotherly settings.This article is done based on a study that was performed by Dove and indicates that women gain their perception of beauty from what they see on social media. This article suggests that beauty is no longer largely influenced by fashion magazines or TV shows, but rather social sites like Instagram or Facebook through images of different appearances via selfies and other viral trends.The article illustrates the health impacts that are use b y the

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Time Warp Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Time refraction - Essay ExampleI realized I was in a different dimension. I have traveled back in time. So I went on with my journey. I was hired at Handheld Corp. and was given a rather comprehensive task. I was asked to fall over Joe Schmoes financial report on handheld products sales. Analysis On the PDA simulator I had a final score of 1,185,800,553. I did better than Joe Schmoe by 20,890,196. I have observed that Joes outline was a lazy implementation of marketing. If he took the time to analyze the surgical process of a product and what harms were assign to set, he would yield higher profits. I have made numerous attempts using a simulator to uprise that my strategies worked better. I followed the advisors analysis and used it as my guide in pricing and assignation of R&D. One strategy I used for marketing handheld products is market segmentation. This is implemented by providing handheld products in different categories (X5, X6, and X7) to serve specific needs of targe t customers and increasing market share. all the same with the discontinuation of X5 handheld in 2009, it was a strategy to market better available products to attract buyers. price strategy was also what Ive used relative to R & D allocations to generate profits. For instance, X5 sales were scratch line to decline. In 2008, I did not drop the price significantly or I Time wring 2 will lose a lot of money. I was able to keep customers who purchased the X5 handheld for $240. Then, I decided to discontinue the product the following year to avoid more losses. R&D allocations were a bit tricky. I used the advisors analysis to manipulate the allocations. For example, when X5 was discontinued in 2009, I kept the same prices for X6 and X7 as of 2008 in 2009 and increased their R&D allocations to 30% and 70% respectively. The frightful increase in R&D had a positive impact on revenues. However, in 2008, I decided to distribute R&D of 25% equally to X5, X6, and X7 handheld products. When I tried to chasten X5 R&D to 10%, I had a higher loss. With 25% R&D I was able to avoid the loss of -9,870,920 and reduced it to a loss of -$6,176,598. If I didnt adjust that 10% R&D, it would affect profits for 2009. I also based my analysis on the product exercise and on what level they are in terms of sales. For instance, X7 handheld was in the growth phase in 2006 with a profit of $3,199,108. The following year, I reduced its price to $200 and allocated a higher R&D of 25%. The result was phenomenal. I had a profit of $23,555,939. Maintaining the 25% R&D and price the following year, the profit for X7 was more than doubled. Heres the breakdown of prices, R&D allocations, and profits for X5, X6, and X7 2006 harm R & D allocation PROFITS X5 255 25% $105,374,127 X6 415 30% $164,680,477 X7 215 23% $3,199,108 TOTAL $273,253,711 Time Warp 3 I increased the prices for all handheld products and decreased their R&D. As a result, advisory said X7 handheld was in the growth phase and potential X7 customers were new customers. X7 handheld performance was keeping steady while X6 was priced the same as other competing products. Although Joe gained a higher profit of $295,185,49 in 2006, it was lone(prenominal) temporary. 2007 PRICE R & D PROFITS X5 245 25% $98,442,902 X6 415 30% $213,598,730 X7 200 25% $23,555,939 TOTAL $335,100,583 Since X6 performance was better than that of competition, I decided to maintain the price and R&D and it paid off as I had a higher profit. However,

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Beyond Products Case Study - Entrepreneurship Course Essay - 1

Beyond Products Case Study - Entrepreneurship Course - Essay ExampleIn his design, rooster Van Riet considered the disadvantages and advantages of the two early and most popular designs which developed the product to be a get around choice for snowboarders. Being himself a semi-professional snowboarder, Peter Van Riet was able to identify the need of professional and recreational snowboarders for a more comfortable and safe design. Another vital strength of the company was that it was free from pecuniary constraints and had enough capital available from the four business angels.Beyond Products is recorded to possess few practiced limitations which should be eradicated before the trade fair of 2006 which raises the challenge of successful launch for the company founders. From the commercial station of view, the company alike possesses the weakness of dependence on loan with high interest rates. Further evolution of the product requires huge amounts of working capital which is estimated to be acquired from bank loans and further investments from the business angels. Thus, this will development the liability of the company and hamper its financial strength to an extent.The snowboard market is recognized to be a apace growing market in the United States, European Alpine regions, Japan and other niche areas. The chassis of customers is recorded to grow in these key regions which can enhance the growth prospects of the product as a preferable design for the professional and recreational customers. There are only a few players in the market acquiring a proportion of the entire market share providing huge opportunity for spic-and-span entrants. The overall market prospect is also recognized to be favorable for the launch of a good snowboard binding.Most of the well-recognized companies in the target market also emphasize upon the other categories of the industry product line. Furthermore, the companies also focus on sponsoring famous professional snowboard ers for brand promotion which is stated to be quite meaning(a) for

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Contract of Employment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Contract of Employment - Essay ExampleThe interfere world wars in the first half of the 20th century put paid to any concept about advancement in the labour cause.The concept of modern day Employment Law wager began with the Equal Pay Act of 1970. It came into effect in 1972. The most prominent segment of this act was that it strengthened the efforts to bring about equality for women in the workplace (The Equal Pay Act 1970 (Amendment) Regulation 2003).Since1997 and the resource of the Labour Government there have been many changes in the UK example law. These include enhanced motherliness and paternity rights, the introduction of a National Minimum Wage and the Working Time Directive which covers works time, rest breaks and the right to paid annual leave. Likewise, discrimination law has been tightened with protection from discrimination now unattached on the grounds of age, religion or belief and sexual orientation as well as gender, race and disability (Industrial dealing s under new Labour an update).Today harm and conditions governing employer-employee relations are not as open as they ought to be and they are complex. They are lop-sided, not rather reasonable, geared to human resource development but simultaneously businesslike. The present day terms and conditions control by natural justice, however there are disciplinary procedures, provides little scope for protection from dirty treatment, prefer counseling, and sets clear performance standards.Now terms and conditions are two different terminologies. The dictionary draw offs terms as words used to define certain concept and condition as a bargain (Illustrated Oxford Dictionary). In the issue of labour, terms are concepts that describe the working relation the company has with the employee and conditions are stipulations that describe the reward or penalty for duty performed or misdemeanors committed. The United Kingdom has in place employment legislations that addresses human resources d evelopment issues and also makes it difficult for employers to carry out unfair dismissals. These legislations succinctly cover roughly all nature of employment and human resource problems. However, employers hold the trump cards.Employer-employee problemsProblems in employer-employee relations glide by when management is primarily insensitive to human

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Stereotyping Black People Essay Example for Free

Stereotyping Black People EssayStereotyping is when something is believed about a assembly of hoi polloi that is untrue or only partly true. When someone sort outs against a group of bulk they tend to not understand that group or do not want to understand them. Black volume, to me, be the most stereotyped work. They ar stereotyped as being lazy, loud, they steal, tell apart chicken and watermelon, the women get pregnant and the men atomic number 18 well-endowed. As humans we tend to onlyow negative stereotyping to determine our thoughts, feelings, and our lives in general. People start to believe things that are not true and teach others that it is acceptable and tolerable to do so.According to April Kemick, from the University of Toronto, it has been proven that stereotyping has a measure effect on masss lives. Black people are stereotyped and bear to crapper with what others think in their daily life. There is a negative stereotype that all black people love t o fertilise chicken and watermelon. I want to challenge this. Looking at its backgrounds, the stereotype that all blacks eat chicken and watermelon came from the south as blacks were claiming their freedom and independence from slavery and Jim Crow laws.As blacks transitioned from slavery to freedom, many black families lived in unfortunate and unaffordable situations. Eating chicken and watermelon was less expensive, convenient and economical for poor black families. Black families could raise their own chickens and plant their own watermelon providing victuals for their families. They used these sources of food for survival not to be stereotyped. When I think about this stereotype, I visualize it to be as foolish as saying all Chinese people love to eat fish and oranges. What is so negative about that exactly?Fish and oranges have a lot of nutritional value, just as chicken and watermelon do. Chicken, when skinned, baked or grilled, is a great source of name ample protein. It is rich in trace minerals like zinc, cooper, manganese and selenium. Eating chicken helps to slow exhaust the aging process, no wonder black people look so young, and it is easy to digest. Some studies have proven that eat chicken legs and feet can contribute in the reduction of high blood pressure. watermelon also has nutritional benefits being as it is full of vitamins like Vitamin A, C and B6.It is very low in calories and rich in potassium, even the seeds provide iron and fiber. Watermelon also aids in the anti-inflammation of arthritic joints. It is an antioxidant proven to help prevent heart attacks and cancer. Chicken and watermelon have plenty of wonderful qualities to take note a person healthy There is a great deal of jokes and humility towards black people about this stereotype. There is a mental picture of a black man looking shocked and alarm because a watermelon is being chucked at him. On the bottom of the photo in bold earn it says Flying watermelons if they only came with fried chicken this guy would shit himself. There is also a discolor man standing behind him and some other white person ready to catch the watermelon. In another photo there is an old white man holding KFC with two black men nerve-wracking to beat him up to take his KFC. In the back ground there is a crowed of black people staring in awe of what is going on. In bold letters at the bottom of the photo it says Bravery at its finest. These photos represent what others think about black people. It is not right to only transmutation black people who love chicken and watermelon. Being a middle eastern I love to eat chicken and watermelon. Chicken and watermelon are so goodI would say that eating chicken and watermelon is not a negative stereotype at all. Maybe eating to a greater extent chicken and watermelon is the solution to our obesity epidemic here in America. There is nothing rail at with eating chicken and watermelon. The stereotype is ridiculous being as it is a food that everyone enjoys regardless of race or culture. The chicken and watermelon experience surpasses all racial and ethnic appearances. If people say that it is mistrustful or weird that black people eat chicken and watermelon maybe they should look at themselves first. Chicken and watermelon are two great and healthy food sources.This is the most ridiculous, immature and uncalled stereotype to be judging black people by. It does not make sense to me why others would do that. yet leave them be and let them eat what they want, it is their own dictions to make. They are not affecting others by eating what they please. It sucks that people are judged by the way certain(a) people act in their race, not all act like their stereotypes. To change a persons view of a stereotype, be regularly different from it. Beware of your own stereotypes that people think of your race and show them wrong. Stereotyping can be cut by bringing people together.When they discover that other peop le are not as the stereotypes are believed to be, the instant evidence creates conflict that leads to changing thoughts about the other group. Stereotypes are true to a certain extent. It may be true to some of the people in the race but it should not be a general impression of the race. Everyone is their own person and has a unique touch to them. People are not mindful to other races or even try to know the race well. Stereotyping is hard to break but people should try and make an adjustment so others can see that stereotyping are judgments people make because we do not know how to interact with one another.

The Planned Economy VS. The Free

The plotted Economy VS. The Free Market Economy EssayThe Planned Economy which is the economy that the political science organises is very different from the Free Market Economy where the private field is in charge and owns firms etcThe planned economy is break off in the sense that people are slight stressed due to non having to worry about their next meal or other, due to the government supplying their basic needs like housing, medical care, food, clothes, education, a job, so nobody is unemployed insofar all get paid the same amount more or less. People are not paid very much, maybe 3 dollars per month, but it is all that is postulate, countries like Cuba get most of their countries coin from tourism, and still have fairly good public education, a good transport system and it is verbalise that they have excellent medical care, and people in Cuba get all medical care needed for free including operations and medicine.Meanwhile in the free market economy their are very brusk people in the lower classes that have absolutely no food and could starve to death, and the very generous that are to involved in themselves that they do not care about others.but it is also cave in because their is freedom of expression. You also get paid according to how hard you try and the effort you put into things. Their is a better allocation of resources because each business or firm tries to allocate resources in a better way due to competition, trying to produce either more at a better prize for a lower price or just trying to be better than somebody else, and exchange your better quality goods. This is good because their is a variety of choices and better quality good than their would be in a planned economy because in a planned economy everything is the same for everybody.I weigh that the better economy is the Free Market Economy is more challenging.

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Educational In Cambodia Essay Example for Free

pedagogyal In Cambodia EssayEducation is very of the essence(predicate) means to train and build up human resources for development of each inelegant and it is also important for development of child as person. However, educational system in Cambodia has suffered too often during Khmer Rouge Regime from 1975 to 1979. After that period, the government has tried to improve it by cooperated and collaborated with external aid and non-governmental system of rules (NGOs). According to the Cambodian constitution, it states that the state shall provide free primary and secondary education to all citizens in public school. Citizens shall receive education for at least seven years. Nowadays, though the pupils have no pay the fee, they still have to spend money on other things such as stationery, textbooks, constituent fee etc. Moreover, some provinces students are asked to spent money to teacher for fee this is the problem that delay pupil from poor families from attending school. Ab bulge a half a million Cambodian children from 6 to 11 years old have no access to school, then 50percent of those who entered grade one dropped out of school and had to repeat the class. Those problems are caused by video games, karaoke and the presence of brothel for the students in city, and for female pupils, they could not attend school because of many problems. First, parents are poor, so they cannot provide children to learn and sometime they need their children, curiously the girls, to earn money to support the family. Second, the schools are located too far away from their house. Only son can go to school at some distance from home because they have given modification in pagodas near the school. The last one is some parents do not understand about the important of education, so they do not allow their children to attend school.Moreover, the ministry of education has not provided adequate education for nonage children. Many children cannot access to school, and there is no provision for schooling in minority languages except for classes provided by private ethic associations. Even though some organizations co-operated with government to provide school for those, this effort is not yet enough. Then, the quality of education in Cambodia is very poor, especially in remote area such as Kompongthom, Kompongcham, Ratanakiri province and so on.

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Voter Initiatives Affecting Ell Essay Example for Free

Voter Initiatives Affecting Ell proveIt is no secret that the debate over what is the best course of action to educate our non-native English lecture students across the country is a highly charged topic that runs from the classroom to Capitol Hill. There have been legion(predicate) shifts in direction and focus of educational designs for English Language Learning (ELL) students during the past century in our nations history. In 1968, with the passage of the bilingual Education Act (Title VII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act) command was adopted to support programs for educating language- minority students. For the first time, this federal uprightness provided legal guidelines and funding for transitional multilingual education programs.This legislation was further developed in 1974 as a proceeds of the US Supreme act ruling in Lau V Nichols where a group of Chinese immigrant parents in San Francisco argued that the school district was non adequately prov iding an equal and effective education because they failed to address their students needs to learn English. As a result of this ruling the mandate to school districts was established to focus funding and attention around a decent bilingual education program. Several rulings following this case helped to clarify the need for adequate pedagogy, a adapted number of qualified teachers to implement the program and a system to broadsheet the effectiveness (Mora,2009).However, the tone of bilingual education began to shift beginning in 1998 when states began to propose anti-bilingual-education b all in allot initiatives. Three such initiatives were passed in atomic number 20 (1998), Arizona (2000), and Massachusetts (2002) but were rejected in Colorado (2002) and Oregon (2008). (Mora, 2009) All three initiatives in California, Arizona, and Massachusetts were initiated by the same person, Ron Unz, a wealthy chairman of a financial services package company from California. The result o f his efforts created Proposition 227 in California, Proposition 203 in Arizona and 603 CMR 14.00 in Massachusetts which all required that English language learners be educated for one yr in a provide English immersion program. After that time students must then transfer into mainstream English classrooms. The laws only allowed for counsel of students in their non-English native language under limited and restricted conditions through a parental beseech and waiver process (Mora, 2009)The real issue at hand concerning these introduction of these laws are much deeper ethnical and sociological issues. According to the California Department of Education, changes in school demographic figures indicate that the language minority student population at that time was growing two and a half times sudden than the general student enrollment. As an example, nowhere was this change more notable than in California where 1.4 one million million million students were classified as English lang uage learners, with native Spanish-speakers comprising 82 percent of this population (Weisman and Hanson, 2002). Before the carrying out of Proposition 227 eliminated the need to provide bilingual education, California was reported to be short 22,000 bilingual teachers. Bilingual teachers on average were paid $5000 more annually than non-bilingual teachers. This law eliminated the need for these resources.To other voters, the concept that children asshole learn in their native language while also learning English and eventually attain donnishally in English contradicted the Ameri thunder mug tradition of assimilating immigrants into the mainstream society. To many opponents of the bilingual education program that existed prior to these laws, encouraging bilingualism and biculturalism threatened the very definition of the American culture, which, they believed, promoted the values and language of a green group (Weisman and Hanson,2002). ). These proponents of the initiatives bel ieved that new immigrants must abandon their native languages and cultural practices to fully assimilate into U.S. society. They feared that Spanish-speaking immigrants in particular had been clinging to their language and resisting learning English (Mora,2009).It remains to be seen the impact that this legislation has had on the academic outcomes of ELL students. In Arizona, research has suggested that the immersion program has been ineffective with only 11% of students entering the one year program actually obtaining English proficiency within a one year period (English for children, 2013). In California, due to the dramatic changes in the education policy of the state since the passage of Prop 227, it is difficult to measure the impact that Proposition 227 specifically has had on the outcome of these students (American Institutes for Research and WestEd, 2006). One thing is clear, the improvement in the outcomes for ELL students since the adoption of these state initiatives has n ot been noteworthy.While there has been a slight decrease in the deed gap between ELs and native English speakers, it has remained virtually constant in closely subject areas for most grades (American Institutes et al, 2006). Despite the new law, the growing presence of students whose native language is not English indicates that the need for teachers who can understand the language and culture of their students has not waned (Weisman,et al 2002). Educators have reported that since the implementation of the law in their classrooms they have felt frustrations about instructional constraints, concerns about adverse effects on students, fear, intimidation, tension, and a sentience of political consciousness(Weisman et al, 2002).In conclusion, the one common denominator resulting from the implementation of the state voter initiatives is that it has created conflict between the law and the instructional tools that educators know to be effective. The initiatives have been more of an ex pression of cultural ideas and insecurities that have affected the productivity and the role of our education system as it pertains to integrating immigrant Americans.In the future, in order to best journey the changes in policies and legal mandates concerning the outcomes of ELL students, educators should lean more on research and experience to drive educational programs that ordain be most effective to this population of students. In this way, our countrys education system can lessen the excited impact of various cultural groups and political agendas and allow all students to receive the core educational metre set forth in the Equal Education Opportunity Act of 1974, a fair and equitable education for all students regardless of race, ethnicity or language of origin.ReferencesAmerican Institutes for Research, WestEd. (2006, January 24). Effects of the implementation of Prop 227 on the education of English learners, K-12. Retrieved from http//www.wested.org/online_pubs/227Rep ortb.pdf English for children (Arizona Proposition 203, 2000). (2013, January 24). Wikipedia. Retrieved from http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_for_Children_(Arizona_Proposition_203,_2000) Mora, J. K. (2009, April). Membership. Educational leadership Supporting English language learners From the vote box to the classroom. Retrieved from http//www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership/apr09/vol66/num07/From-the-Ballot-Box-to-the-Classroom.aspx Weisman, E. M., Hanson, D. Z. (2002). Teaching English language learners after Prop 227 Reflections of bilingual teachers. Issues in Teacher Education, 53-68. Retrieved from http//www1.chapman.edu/ITE/weismanhanson.pdf

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Children and parents Essay Example for Free

Children and p atomic number 18nts Es rateA new age man is a man that a man that believes in equality and shares all house fox chores with is partner exactly and contributes equally as a severe deal as the women. This is different from a house husband because this is a man who has had a complete section reversal and takes on the traditionalistic role of a house wife and stays at base full fourth dimension. We cannot generalise about role relationships across society because changes in role relationships catch not occurred at the same pace or to the same extent through all sectors of society. Role relationships interpolate according to social class and ethnicity.Home based entertainment, for example DIY give spouses things in common which gives them a friendlier and more than loving relationship. Contraception has allowed couples to have children later and to a fault it means that a lot of couples require to have smaller families or no children at all. This does not a pply to some religions such as Catholics who do not believe in using contraception. Women can now plan when to start their families and to have children resulting in them planning them near their careers. Feminism is an approach that fights for the equal rights of women.This is a large factor in the changing equality in the home because more women demand to be treat as their partners equal. It has malarkey to the rejection of the housewife role. There is an increase in male unemployment more men have become more involved in domestic tasks. Jane Wheelock (1990) conducted research into this topic and found that men undertook a lot more house organise and childcare while unemployed. One survey showed that mothers that also shited outside home had it worse because they unbosom spend more hours on housework a week then they do at their compensable place of work.On average these women spend 62 hours a week on house hold tasks were fathers who also worked only spent 23 hours on house work. some other survey shows that some traditional gender role are however being passed down to the younger generations( 1992-93) such as girls still taking more of a part in cooking, cleaning and child care but boys are doing more things for themselves like cleaning their own rooms, making beds and washing their own clothes. Some meters sociologists say that social class and ethnicity change role relationships.It is suggested that working class families are more male dominated (patriarchal). establish proves that middle class conjugal relationships are more equal than working class ones but it is also said that working class fathers are more involved in childcare. It is believed that Asian families are normally based on unfair patriarchal relationships. Westwood and Bhachu (1988) challenge this idea arguing that images of the Asian family are ordinarily based on prejudice and prejudgement.They point out that Asian families are in fact British families and are a strong source o f resistance against the racism of British society. In reality thither are ethnic differences between Asian people in Britain according to religion and social class, which makes it dangerous to generalise about the Asian family. Henriques and Slaugher talk about the patriarchal relationships between men and women. This means that the relationship is male dominated. They talk about the two different segregated roles.Relationships between children and parents have changed over time but it has always varied between working, middle and upper class families. Throughout the nineteenth atomic number 6 life chances varied a lot for different classes for children. A paid employee such as a nanny would often look afterwards higher-class children. This would often separate their children from their parents and so it would be harder for them to develop a strong bond. Working class children on the other hand, especially boys would often have to start work very young.There was a wider range of jobs for boys were available but girls would often have to work in cotton factories. The hours would be long and the pay and conditions would often be unfair. Poverty prevented parents shoot downing their children to school and sometimes they would only send their boys but keep the girls at home to teach them how to be a good housewife. Mothers would often have a close relationship with her daughter. People used to have children so they could send them out to work to earn money for the family.Sometimes parents thought that education just blocked this. Another reason why people used to have children was so they had someone to take care of them in old age. Factors that changed these relationships included the maturement of the welfare state, which meant people no longer needed children to look after them in old age. Parents could no longer send children out to work at such a young age because of protective legislation, this meant that law including factory and mine acts stopped it. There was a growth of the meaning of childhood and they remained children for longer because of the state of education in 1870 meant you had to attend school. Children were given more attendance by parents, media and toys invented a new childhood and children and parents spent more time together. Today the relationship is normally warmer and more caring than in the past. Children are seen as more important and taken a lot more seriously.There have been changing attitudes towards discipline and laws against hitting children in Scotland. It is now seen as wrong to hurt a child, if they do organisations (social services) get involved. There is more of an emphasis on independence and childrens rights. Relationships are more children centred and because family sizes are smaller children get more attention. In 1976 a law was passed to say that the minimum age of leaving school was 16 and though a child can work before then the hours and law restricts times.This means that children are f inancially dependent on their families for long periods of time especially if they go on to further education. Children are fully dependent on their parents and this can sometimes bring stress and tension to the family. Not all relationships between child and parents have improved as sadly cruelty to children is still widespread and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) estimate that around 600 children are intentionally harmed by their parents each year.

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The Influence of Technology on Society and the Economy Essay Example for Free

The work out of engine room on Society and the Economy EssayThe nature of technology possessed by a society happens to be the defining characteristic of the self same society. Thus, the Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Bronze Age, the industrial Age, and the Information Age are very appropriate terms used to define the nature of man society in different ms (Technology, 2007). Mans animate standards are to known to spend a penny been improving with new technologies cropping up as a result of his own efforts. Thus, new technologies are excessively known to have a positive effect on the rescue. At the same time, however, it is a event that those who do not use the new technologies also do not experience the greatest socioeconomic benefits of the new technologies. This is the reason why man in the Information Age is presently observing the output gap between the haves and the have-nots (Friedman, 2000). The Iron Age saw man development tools that were superior to those of the Stone Age. Therefore, two the Iron Age and the Bronze Age outgrowthd mans standard of living. The tools that were made in the Iron Age and the Bronze Age led to an increase in efficiency as surface as productivity. By knowing how to make different objects with iron and bronze, man was also able to increase trade with his neighbors. The introduction of new goods and work by mode of trade automatic all in ally trans youthfuld into higher standards of living than before. Thus, new technologies must always translate into higher standards of living. The sixteenth century saw new inventions that revolutionized manufacturing and another(prenominal) features of living. The wheel-lock musket, the helicopter, the spinning wheel, the pocket watch, the diving bell, the seed drill, the camera obscura, the knitting machine, the compound microscope, the Gregorian Calendar, and the enameling of pottery were all brought into the world in the same century (Timeline). All of these new technolog ies were not only used in trade, but also became a part of peoples daily lives. As a takings of fact, at this point in time we cannot even imagine a world without these objects to help us out with our everyday routines. Hence, society deceases dependent on technology that it has used successfully in the ago. The late eighteenth and the nineteenth century saw the beginning of the Industrial Revolution a highly excite time for man. During the Industrial Revolution, man learned how to manufacture goods and services faster than before, and at lower cost of production. The introduction of manufacturing machinery was undoubtedly a gigantic leap in the world of production.More importantly, the enhancement in efficiency and productivity undergo during that time grew the preservation by leaps and bounds. All the same, the industrialized nations at the time were separated from the non-industrialized nations that lacked the expertise for developing machinery. The industrialized nations h ad to export the machinery to the non-industrialized nations. However, they could only sell machinery to the non-industrialized nations when the latter found themselves in a position to pay for them. Technologies developed in the last century have similarly influenced society. The spare-time activity passage explains some of the influences of the latest technologies on society Technology-driven changes have been particularly evident in the past century. Automobiles have created a more mobile, spread-out society aircraft and improved communications have led to a smaller world and, eventually, globalization contraception has revolutionized sexual mores and improved sanitation, agriculture, and medicine have extended brio expectancy. A technologically literate person recognizes the rate of technology in these changes and accepts the reality that the future get out be different from the present largely because of technologies now coming into existence, from meshwork-based activitie s to genetic engineering and cloning (Technology).Following the Industrial Revolution, the Internet Revolution was the next most exciting technological change experienced by society. Turning the world into a global village where people around the world could distribute with each other at low costs and at any time, the Internet also revolutionized the way business is conducted. Today, consumers from around the world may purchase goods sold online from nigh any nation.This, of course, is in cutting contrast to the shopping experiences on peoples travels when people could only be excited close foreign goods whilst traveling in foreign lands. Businesses from around the world have grown tremendously because of the Internet. The ex-chairman of the federal substitute, Alan Greenspan explained some of the benefits of the Internet and other new technologies back in the year 2000 The relationship between businesses and consumers already is being changed by the expanding opportunities for e- trade. The forces unleashed by the Internet are almost surely to be even more potent within and among businesses, where uncertainties are being reduced by improving the quantity, the reliability, and the timeliness of instruction. This is the case in many recent initiatives, especially among our more seasoned companies, to consolidate and rationalize their supply chains using the Internet.Not all technologies, information or otherwise, however, increase productivitythat is, output per hourby minify the inputs necessary to produce existing products. Some new technologies bring about new goods and services with in a higher place average value added per workhour. The dramatic advances in biotechnology, for example, are significantly increasing a broad honk of productivity-expanding efforts in areas from agriculture to medicine. Indeed, in our dynamic labor markets, the resources made redundant by better informationare being drawn to the newer activities and newer products, many never before contemplated or available. The personal data processor, with ever-widening applications in homes and businesses, is one. So are the fax and the cell phone. The newer biotech innovations are most especially of this type, particularly the remarkable breadth of medical checkup and pharmacological product development (Remarks, 2000).New technologies are enhancing mans ability to create products and services of value. In the boundless ocean of the digital culture, everything should appear as a blessing. But, there are problems that the economy must face alongside the blessings. In the symphony industry, for instance, the digital age has been seen as a complicated blessing. Because of piracy or MP3s, whichever name we give to the mixed blessing of the digital economy as it concerns the music industry, the digital economy is presently not in a state to flourish as a great deal as possible even if the steadily rising numerical figures related to the growth of electronic c ommerce tell us another tale (Muhammad, 1999). As mentioned previously, another problem facing the global economy in our times is the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots, similar to the one experienced during the Industrial Revolution. fit to Friedman, those who are able to use the chip technology most productively today are of course the winners in the global economy. As compared to these successful nations and businesses are those suffering from the symptoms of Microchip Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which embroil economic slackness, along with a deficiency to increase the use of knowledge (Friedman).This is the reason why the being Trade Organization acts as a protestor of globalization which is driven by the World Wide sack up on behalf of the poor nations whenever these nations are threatened by it (Lipsey, 2006). Also according to Friedman, the wealth of the prosperous load Gates was at one point equal to the total net worth of at to the lowest degree a hun dred million poorest of Americans.Another fact to explain the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots during the globalized Internet Age is that in the United States, the incomes of one-fifth of the poorest working families dropped between 1979 and 1995 by at least 21%, for the simple reason that they did not know how to adopt the new technology. What is more, the incomes of one-fifth of the richest Americans increased by almost 30% during the same time period (Friedman). Still, new technologies are known to be responsible for development the economy by increasing judicatureal durability, that is, in the organizations that can afford the new technologies. Organizational effectiveness is for the organization to be doing everything that it knows how to do, and to be doing it well. The organization knows how to manage its employees, and to manufacture the products or provide the services that it earlier set out to manufacture or provide.However, in order to be effective in its operations, the organization should be managing its employees well, and manufacturing good quality products or providing high quality services to its customers. In the organizational environment of today, the organization that is effective in its operations must be effectively using information technology. This is, in fact, one of the requirements of organizational effectiveness in our times (Helms). The computer software package designed for the organization in our time helps to organize plans, letters, legal documents, articles, and countless other files as well as indispensable documents. In other words, software can help to modernize as well as simplify the all process of working with computer documents (New Software, 2006). This helps the organization to do its job well, seeing that computer software is designed to perform routine tasks that humans might perform only with mistakes because they dislike and get easy wearied performing monotonous tasks. Additionally, time is money in the business world. By using computer software to handle routine tasks with speed, the rich organization is using its human resources at jobs that only deft human beings would be able to handle. Thus, everything at the organization runs well. The computer software does its own job excellently, art object the skilled human beings, without wasting time on routine tasks that computers can handle, perform jobs that computers cannot do. Hence, computer software adds to the skills and specializations at the workplace, which in turn help to increase production, thereby benefiting the economy. At the same time, however, it should be remembered that everybody in society does not benefit when the economy grows thanks to new technology. Rather, the rich get richer and the poor become poorer. This is the reason why the Internet Age has failed to raise the standards of living of the poorest people in the globe.ReferencesFriedman, T. L. (2000). The Lexus and the Olive tree Underst anding Globalization. New YorkAnchor Books.Helms, M. M. Defining Organizational Effectiveness. Retrieved 28 October 2007, fromhttp//www.daltonstate.edu/faculty/mhelms/citizen/2001_10_28.html.Lipsey, R. G. (2006, April 4). Dont fall out Up On WTO Fix It. YaleGlobal.Muhammad, T. K. (1999, March). Leaders Of The Digital Economy. Black Enterprise, Vol. 29.New software is first of its build Solves file organization problems encountered by all computerusers. (2006, September 14). M2 Presswire.Remarks by Chairman Alan Greenspan. (2000, January 13). The Federal Reserve Board. Retrieved 28 October 2007, from http//www.federalreserve.gov/boarddocs/speeches/2000/200001132.htm.Technology Shaped By and Shaping Society. (2007). The National Academies. Retrieved 28October 2007, from http//www.nae.edu/nae/techlithome.nsf/weblinks/KGRG-55SQTT?OpenDocument.Timeline 16th Century. Magic cream of tartar Multimedia. Retrieved 28 October 2007, fromhttp//www.magicdragon.com/UltimateSF/timeline16.html.

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Capital Punishment in the United States Essay Example for Free

Capital Punishment in the joined States EssayHave you ever thought about if the person sitting next to you is a murderer? If he is, what would you regard from the government if he had killed some unmatchable you know? He should receive the closing punishment Murderers and other major offenders should be punished for the crimes they have committed and should pay the price for what they have done. Having the conclusion penalisation in our society is humane. It helps with overcrowding and gives relief to the families of the victims, who had to go through an event such as murder. You whitethorn not see it as that big of a deal, exactly the families of the victims of these criminals have to live every sidereal day knowing that while their family member is dead, this criminal is still well and living. Usually people just want to look past this problem because they are not in the position of the families of the murder victims, but you invite to look at it through the eyes of th ese families. Until we stop just letting these things slide, they will continue to happen. The death penalty has been around since the time of Jesus Christ. Executions have been recorded from the 1600s to present times. From about 1620, the executions by social class increased in the US. It has been a steady increase up until the 1930s later on the death penalty dropped to zero in the 1970s and then again rose steadily.US citizens said that the death penalty was unconstitutional because it was believed that it was cruel and unusual punishment (Amnesty International). In the 1970s, the executions by year dropped between zero and one then started to rise again in the 1980s. In the year 2000, there were nearly one snow executions in the US. On June 29, 1972, the death penalty was suspended because the existing laws were no longer convincing. However, four age after this occurred, several cases came about in Georgia, Florida, and Texas where lawyers wanted the death penalty. This se t new laws in these states and later the Supreme Court decided that the death penalty was constitutional under the Eighth Amendment.There alike has been the problem of overcrowding in prisons and jails. Some people say that this is a problem but having more jails strengthened will solve this problem. Having more prisons or jails built may help solve the problem but the death penalty effectively stops draining more money from the taxpayers to give these murderers a home. These murderers observe three warm meals a day they do nothing all day, and have a base to sleep just because the taxpayers fund these facilities. Murderers on death row do not deserve to draw off a place to stay. They deserve to have their lives taken for the crimes that they have committed.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Example for Free

Romeo and Juliet EssayRomeo and Juliet is a story round two genius crossed chicaners. Who f all in all boneheadedly in love with to each one outher the moment they meet. At the beginning of the unravel Juliet is a child like innocent little girl. She does w nauseatever her mother and father tell her to do, I can tell this by when her mother calls her she runs to her mother, and her first words to her mother are madam what is your volition? Here she expresses that she is ready to do as she is told. She knows nothing about the world. This is because she has been educated at home.If Juliet does need to go out of the house it is always with the accompany of the nurture or her mother. Juliet is very(prenominal) obedient to her father. The first quick change we see within Juliet, the innocent little girl. This happens the minute she meets Romeo. She turns really devious. This all happens after Juliet has kissed Romeo, he is about to set off home. Juliet wants to know what his name is, so she asks the nurse, the names of outher young men in front actually asking Romeos name. Whats he that now is going out of door? Marry, that I think be young petruchio Whats he that follows there, that would not dance? here she is referring to Romeo. When the nurse does not know his name Juliet directs the nurse to go and ask him. When the nurse returns she tells Juliet his name is Romeo, and a Montague, the only son of your great enemy. This is the first mensuration Juliet takes where she starts to develop her changes from an innocent girl to a young lady who has to realise a decision for herself. This is where Juliet has to make a decision whether or not to for get Romeo or to still think of him knowing that he is one of her great enemies.This is withal one of the decisions she has to make on her have, without her mother or anyone knowing. Even though she is acute Juliet is also rather levelheaded. She shows this when Romeo is deeply in love with Juliet and all he talks about in love non-stop. With loves light wings did I oerperch these, walls, for story limits cannot hold love out and what love can do, that dares love attempt thusly the kinsmen are no stop to me. At this moment Romeo is good to deeply in love, and does not really think of what he is saying or doing.Whereas Juliet is much complicate to earth, and reminds Romeo if what danger he could be in. If they do see thee, they allow murder thee. It is still the same nighttime she met Romeo, Juliet turns from a child like daughter into a young lady who just does what she feels like doing. This happens when Juliet purposes to Romeo and asks him to send her his answer the next day. At this point Juliet does not really think of what she is doing, Juliet takes things into her own hands and does not bother thinking of the consequences.Juliet does not even ask anyone else before she asks Romeo to marry him, but instead takes matters into her own hands. One other thing that c hanges about Juliet is that she does not wait for Romeo to bring up the marriage, but brings it up her self. Which is unusual for the girl to be the one that suggests marriage. After taking matters into her own hands Juliet also becomes very demanding, and impatient, something that you would not expect an nai ve girl to be come like in such short time. The time struck none when I did send the nurseIn half an hour she promised to return therefore here Juliet remembers how long the nurse had told she would take and Juliet had remembered, this also shows that Juliet has kept track of time and has been counting each minute the nurse has been. When the nurse does finally return with the answer Juliet does not lat her sit down pat(p) knowing she is out of breath, she just wants to her the reply back. But the nurse who just wants to play around with Juliet gives her a hard time, by not telling her the answer.When Juliet says sweet, sweet, sweet Nurse, tell me, what says my love? Repea ting sweet 3 times Juliet sweet talks her way back to the nurse, which makes the nurse to give in. Juliet becomes very romantic and, loving. This is other one of Juliets changes after she meets Romeo. But to be frank and give it the again And yet I wishing but for the thing I have. My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.Juliet here is saying all this to Romeo and expressing her love to him, so much that she says my love as deep the more I give to thee the more love she gives to Romeo the more I have for both are infinite the more never close love she holds inside her. Wilt thou be gone? It is not near day. It was the nightingale, and not the escapade this is when Romeo and Juliet have spent the night in Juliets bedroom, mourning has broke but Juliet denies that it is mourning when she says it was the nightingale the dame that comes out at night, and that it was not the lark the bird that comes in the mourning.So here Juliet denies that it is mourning because existence with Romeo makes time fly past. Therefore this is where Juliet is not the sensible one, and this is the point where Juliet is in an adoring mood. Juliet also shows single by saying no to her marriage with genus Paris. This is where she takes things the hard way. What she could have done she could have married Paris and forget all about Romeo as he was banished. But she loved Romeo and took the hard way. There is some other frantic change in Juliet. Being with Romeo has also made her very brave.The first brave fit we see in Juliet is when she marries her fathers enemys son, Romeo. Knowing what can happen to Romeo and her she still takes the big step in marring Romeo. She is also exceedingly brave when she tells her father that she will not marry Paris. Not proud you have, but glad that you have. Proud can I never be of what I hate, but thankful even for hate that is meant love. This is the first time eve r she has disobeyed her father. Making her point loud and clear in saying no to marring Paris. She is also very brave when she takes the potion.At first she cant wait to get her hands on the potion, give me give me. Knowing the potion can go wrong and if she does wake before Romeo has got to her. When I am laid into the tomb, I wake before the time that Romeo comes to re deem me. She still takes the potion for her loves sake. Again she is highly brave when she kills herself when she sees Romeo dead on the floor Juliet sees the dagger as some sort of cover that will protect her from everything that is happing and take her to her Romeo O happy daggerThis is thy sheath, there rust, and let me die. On the whole I think Juliet does what she does because of the difficulties this feud has caused for her relationship with Romeo. I also think that it is good that Juliet changed throughout the story because if she did tour of duty as an innocent girl she would have never gone as far as marring Romeo. end-to-end the whole play every change that she made helped her in many ways. If Juliet did not turn crafty or disloyal to her father she would have never ended up dieing with Romeo. Hansa Saleem 11E Romeo and Juliet essay.

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Reading of the modernists involved such a process of disturbance Essay Example for Free

Reading of the modernists involved such(prenominal) a process of haphazardness EssayModernist writers disturbed their readers by adopting analyzable and difficult raw forms and styles. To what extent has your yarn of the modernists involved such a process of disturbance?Modernist publications flaunts difficult, often aggressive or disruptive, forms and styles it frequently ch each(prenominal)enges traditional true-to- invigoration(prenominal) style and is sheathised by a rejection of 19th century traditions. Literary modernism foc uses on breaking external from rules and conventions, searching for new perspectives and points of mentation, experimenting in form and style. It breaks up and disturbs the settled state of literature and idiomes a re-structuring of literature and the last of rattlingity it represents. Although art almodal respects attempts to imitate or represent veridicality, what changed was the understanding of what constitutes reality, and how tha t reality could beaver be represented.Modernist literature is marked by a break with the sequential, developmental, cause-and-effect founding of the reality of realist fiction, to wards a presentation of experience as layered, allusive, and discontinuous using, to these ends, fragmentation and juxtaposition, motif, symbol, allusion.From era to measure in that location occurs some revolution, or jerky mutation of form and study in literature. Then, some way of writing which has been practiced for a genesis or more, is found by a few man-sized number to be taboo of date, and no longitudinal to respond to contemporary modes of thought, feeling and speechtradition has been flouted, and chaos has generate.1This process of disturbance clear be seen in the experimentation in form in order to present differently the anatomical structure, the connections, and the experience of life. The tightening of form puts an emphasis on cohesion, interrelatedness and depth in the structu re of the raw. This is accomplished in part by and through the use of various devices such as symbolism, narrative perspectives, shifts and overlays in era and show up and perspective.Woolf uses these methods to explore what lies outside the precondition of the real. Woolf draws on an intragroup and symbolic landscape the man is travel inside, structured symbolically and metaphorically, as contradictory to the realist representations of the exterior world as a physical and historical, site of experience.The painter Jacques Raverat wrote in a balance wheel to WoolfThe chore with writing is that it is essentially linear it is almost impossible, in a sequential narrative, to express the way cardinals mind responds to an idea, a word or an experience, where, like a pebble cosmos thrown in to a pond, splashes in the outer air are accompanied under the surface by waves that follow one another into dark and forgotten corners2Woolf felt it was precisely the task of the writer t o go beyond a linear representation of reality in order to show how people think and dream. Rather than deliver her characters from point A to point B, Woolf gives the impression of simultaneous connections a form patterned like waves in a pond. She reveals what is grave around her characters by exploring their minds and the thoughts of those surrounding them. Such explorations lead to complex connections among people, amid retiring(a) and present, and surrounded by interior and exterior experience. Woolf establishes these connections through metaphors and buildry, and structures the fabrication using alternating images of beauty and despair, fervor and melancholy. These juxtapositions suggest two the impulse towards life and the impulse towards death, which makes the process of reading disconcerting and recondite.Woolf dispensed with ceremonious beginnings and endings, and the traditional structure of events in time, for example, Mrs Dalloway tells close to one days ex periences for two characters whose lives are not machine-accessible with each other, except by the s inflameest coincidence at the end. Woolf uses perceived time interwoven with clock time to progress to a simultaneous experience of past and present. The scene is capital of the United Kingdom after(prenominal) the war, but besides Bourton thirty years ago. In this commingling of time, the past exists on its own and in its relations to the present. Time is propeld into the interior as well it becomes psychological time, time as an innerly experienced or symbolic time, or time as it accommodates a symbolic rather than a chronological reality.Examining the intersection of time and timelessness, Woolf bring ons a new and disturbing novelistic structure in Mrs. Dalloway wherein her prose has blurred the distinction between dream and reality, between the past and present. An au indeedtic sympathetic being functions in this manner, simultaneously flowing from the conscious to the un conscious, from the fantastic to the real, and from memory to the second. end-to-end Mrs Dalloway the focus continually shifts from the external world to the characters consciousness and how they perceive it. This has the disquieting effect of back foundation garment observable reality so the details emerge more slowly than when they are presented by an omniscient narrator. However, the capital of the United Kingdom setting is established immediately, the streets and landmarks are real, this verisimilitude of setting seems to give the characters a solidity which is juxtaposed with the fluidness of the depiction of the characters thought processes. Mrs Dalloway supposes that somehow in the streets of London, on the ebb and flow of things, here, in that respect, she survived3The fact that the narrative takes place on a specific date is disclosed more gradually than the setting is, for example, Clarissa thinks For it was the middle of June. The war was over4 and thus the narrator tells us it is Wednesday on page fifteen. Later still Peter Walshs thoughts reveal that it is 19235. in that respect are overly references to Gold cup day at Ascot so by naming a specific year Woolf turns what could have been a fictional fact in to a real one.Woolf implies a concept of time as a series of life conjunctures rather than impersonal. These are established by the presence of sensory phenomena in different contexts such as the sound of Big Ben, the common perceptions among uncorrelated observers, for instance, the prime ministers car. Also, by convergences at occasions of group activities as in Clarissas party.Time seems relativistic in the mother wit it depends on systems of measurement.The clocks divide the day into quarter hours. The loud voice of Big Ben is associated with the masculine. It is set forth as a young man, strong, indifferent, inconsiderate, were swinging dumb-bells this way and that6. It marks the movements of the two doctors, Peter Walsh and Sir Ri chard as they move through their day, making pronouncements.St Margarets on the other hand is the feminine. It follows Big Bens booming leaden circles with ring after ring of sound that glides into the heart like a hostess, like Clarissa herself7 thinks Peter Walsh as he hears St Margarets strip sound.Furthermore, The clocks divide time into a pattern,Shredding and slicing, dividing and subdividing, the clocks of Harley Street nibbled at the June day, counselled submission, upheld authority, and pointed out in refrain the supreme advantages of a sense of proportion8The ringing of the clock bells radiates from the centre of the city. The sound creates a design in the texture of the narrative, slicing through the characters subjective experience of time and contrasting this with objective, exterior time.In To The beacon fire many of the characters are preoccupied with time. Mr. Ramsay worries about how his philosophical work pull up stakes stand the test of time, meet as Lily exp ects her painting to be rolled up and forgotten. The very style of the novel brings time into mind as Woolf infuses even a brief heartbeat in an everyday event, such as reading a story to a child, with an infinitude of thought and memory 9 Meanwhile days, tides, and seasons keep up their rhythms regardless of human events, while historical time brings cataclysmic change in the form of war. In addition, time brings loss as well as renewal. Mrs. Ramsay dies, while the children she has left behind continue to grow.In To the beacon fire Woolf depicts two contrasting kinds of time, the linear and regular plodding of clock or objective time, and the reiterative, non-linear time of human experience. Her depiction of subjective time, layered and complex was, critics have observed, not unlike that of the philosopher Henri Bergson, though on that point is no evidence of any direct influence.It is in the Time Passes section of the novel that Woolfs interest in the contrasting forms of temp orality is most evident. The narrative style of this part is very unusual and is unlike that of split I and III. Its effort to narrate from what Woolf called an middleless point of view is strange, it is as if she is thinking of the philosophical problem, the problem with which Mr Ramsay grapples in the novel, of how to think of the world when there is no one there. This is translated into an artistic problem, of how to narrate the passage of time when there is no one there to witness it.The casing of events in Time Passes is much grander than the scale in The Window, indeed passim this section Woolf employs a different method and uses parenthetical asides to impart important news. Instead of focusing on the thoughts of her characters, she keeps a tight focus on the house itself. Dramatic events such as Mrs. Ramsays death could not have been confronted in the style of The Window. as the subtle, everyday quality of the interactions between events and thoughts would have been dis turbed by the introduction of the tumultuous news imparted here.The airs in this section of the novel are like times fingers. The constant, regular beam of the pharos is closely allied with time, too, like an all-seeing and unending eye. Puffs of air detached from the body of the wind10 pull at the loose wallpaper and the things in the house, the light from the Lighthouse guiding them through the house.Natural time is seen as objective and inhuman, it is destructive and violent in the sense that it has no concern for human purposes. Woolfs solution to this problem is to invent a poetic style that, ironically, relies heavily upon the devices of personification and animism. The derrieres of the trees made obeisance on the wall, loveliness and stillness clasped hands in the bedroom, light readiness to its own image in adoration on the bedroom wall and in the heat of the pass the wind sent its spies about the house again11. It can be questioned whether these devices are successfu l. It is as if Woolf wishes to fill the vacuum of inhuman nature with primitive animistic entities and malign agencies. The solution can seem oddly childlike, personification and animism being, as Freud pointed out, typical of infantile thought12. The problem illustrates, perhaps, the difficulty of avoiding images of human agency even when they are to the lowest degree necessary.In Mrs Dalloway during sections of mind-time, Woolf sets various time streams loose at once, either in the mind of one character, who retreats into upcountry soliloquy, collapsing past, present and future, or in the simultaneous perspectives given by several characters recording a bingle moment. The result of either technique is that diagram time stands still.13 Time is not entirely subjective and malleable in this text, however. The novel does take place within a prescribed temporal context marked ominously by the booming of Big Ben First a warning, musical then the hour, irrevocable. The leaden circl es dissolve in the air. Throughout the novel this chronology is inescapable, cutting through the characters thoughts of the past to bring them back to the present momentAuerbach points out that To the Lighthouse marks the end of the Western tradition of realism. He argues that the novel employs a new fashion of temporality. It is the gap between the brief span of time occupied by exterior events, about two days in The Window, and the rich, dreamlike realm of consciousness. The exterior events actually lost the hegemony over subjectivity14. The novel proves the insignificance of exterior events by holding to minor, unimpressive things like stockings, while keeping in minimum the descriptions of such great events as death and marriage. To the Lighthouse is thus a disturbing turning point in literature because it discarded any claim to the organic completeness of exterior events and the chronological order.To The beacon light employs a non-linearity and thus counteracts narratives usua l form of depicting events in a continuous succession. Synchronicity, evident in the coexistence of multiple perspectives at the same temporal moment, disturbs the narratives attempt to render the story world as events in succession. And elision, evident in the stories within the story whose endings are invariably left dangling and incomplete, dissolves the narratives attempt to achieve completion. Together, these discordant methods counterbalance the naturalized unfolding of narrative. Woolfs novel employs these techniques of disruption in order to portray narrative continuity as an inescapable yet unattainable illusion.Plot is generated by the inner lives of the characters. Psychological effects are achieved through the use of imagery, symbol, and metaphor. Character unfolds by means of the ebb and flow of personal impressions, feelings, and thoughts. Thus, the inner lives of human beings and the common events in their lives are made to seem extraordinary. These complex and new methods that attempt to depict the chaotic interior life appear more jumbled and perplexing than the classical realist novel and so seem disturbing. However, Woolf is attempting to create a realistic account of the inner processes of the individuals mind and an expression of the continuous flow of sense perceptions, thoughts and feelings.Woolf besides employs the symbolic apprehension and comprehension of reality as a structural approach to experience. It marked a turning away from writing by observation to transforming fact into a symbol of inner experience. In her diary Woolf wroteWhat interests me in the last stage was the freedom and boldness with which my imagination picked up, employ and tossed aside all the images, symbols which I had prepared. I am sure this is the right way of using them-not in set piecesbut scarce as images, never making them work out only suggest 15To The Lighthouse assumes a structure similar to that found in the fictional scene of the painting. In a letter Woolf acknowledges the structure and its unifying symbol as enacted at the end. I meant energy by The Lighthouse. One has to have a central line down the middle of the book to hold the design together.16In To The Lighthouse the Lighthouse has a prominent but fluid symbolic place in the novel. It does not seem to be the key to some hidden allegory since it does not stand for just one thing, each character that contemplates the Lighthouse gives it a special meaning, its significance in the novel evolves as the sum of different parts.For the juvenile throng, the Lighthouse is a stark symbol of masculinity, a phallic symbol. For Mrs. Ramsay, the Lighthouse is a watching eye sweeping through her thoughts with a regular rhythm. To Woolf, the Lighthouse seems to serve as an anchor, a unifying image that ties together the layers of time and thought she explores. Like the clock striking the hours in Mrs. Dalloway, images of the Lighthouse act as the bolts of iron17 holding the diff erent strands of the novel together.The focus of the planned excursion is not named until page eight and from then onwards the Lighthouse always appears with a capital letter. It is conventional to capitalize words referring to abstractions, particularly in philosophical writing. This feature has the effect of elevating the significance of the place, as if Lighthouse were an abstract concept like loyalty or remainder.The Lighthouse makes its first appearance in the text in very lyrical terms. The domestic metaphors used to describe the scene, which are perhaps Mrs. Ramsays associations the island is in a plateful of blue water, and the dunes are place in pleats18. The first influence of the beacon fire is the description of Jamess excitement The wonder to which he had looked forward, for years and years19 The beacon light already seems to have gained a greater significance than its mere physical existence. It is an object of desire to James. However, his response to Mrs Ramsey s promise shows that there is a separation between his dream of happiness (going to the lighthouse) and his dull, everyday experience of life. Prosaically, the lighthouse is a real thing, yet James has made it into an unattainable dream, which he does not expect to come true.James seems to be in a crisis because there is a prospect that his ideal world and real world will become the same and he will go to the lighthouse. Therefore, the wondrous aura of the lighthouse is attached to mundane things. James endows a picture of a refrigerator with a heavenly bliss. It was fill up with joy20 this implies that fantasies bring relief from the dullness of everyday life, as long as there is the prospect that they will come true. However, James is one of that great clan21 who live for the future but if future ideals cloud the view of reality then there is an implicit suggestion that achieving ones desire presents a danger in that there would be nothing left to live for. Conversely, people mus t have some hope of achieving their ideal, or life would become futile.Woolfs symbol of the lighthouse expresses this paradoxical idea in that it represents both an idealised vision while also being a real lighthouse. It becomes a trigger, provoking the reader to think about the human tendency to live for a future fantasy, together with all the paradoxical emotions Woolf conveys as associated with that tendency.James looked at the Lighthouse. He could see the fair-washed rocks the tower, stark and straight he could see that it was barred with black and white he could see windows in it he could even see washing spread on the rocks to dry. So that was the Lighthouse, was it?No, the other was also the Lighthouse. For nothing was simply one thing. The other Lighthouse was true too22James compares the real and the ideal and decides that the Lighthouse can be both. He provides a useful key for deciphering the symbol of the Lighthouse, for nothing was simply one thing23. The Lighthouse i s the object of striving, some mystical, distant entity with an all-seeing eye. At the same time it is the human body of isolation and sadness, linked with Jamess desolate image of himself and his father as lonely and apart from other peopleThe fact that the Lighthouse is a frequent subject for artists adds to its symbolic import. The tightening of form puts an emphasis on cohesion, interrelatedness and depth in the structure, Woolf engages both the subject of art, Lily Briscoes painting, for example and the aim of philosophy, in Mr. Ramsays work.The Lighthouse was then a silvery, misty-looking tower with a yellow eye, that opened suddenly, and softly in the evening.24 Mrs. Ramsay incorporates the Lighthouses regularly appearing light into the pattern of her thoughts. She recognizes that she is doing this, that she is making the things she sees part of herself, as if the Lighthouse was an eye looking at her. The light strokes also serve to highlight certain cadences in her thought, heightening their meaning by repetitionThe parallels developing in this section between Lilys actions and reflections and the impending trip to the Lighthouse suggest that Lilys revelation, her moment of clarity and stability, is her own displacement of the Lighthouse, the thing toward which she has been striving 25.Woolf builds upon the same metaphors and imagery through repetition and association to give them symbolic value of their own. There are repetitions of key images water, waves, and sea webs, ties, and threads and trees through the novels.In Mrs Dalloway words are used in very certain terms in relation to life. They are used repeatedly throughout the rest of the novel, and built upon as metaphors until they stand alone to symbolize life. The sense of being absorbed in the process of action is inseparable from the fear of being excluded from it and from the dread that the process is going to be interrupted. The metaphor of the interrupter and the solemn pause, indicating a fear of being interrupted, are developed throughout the novel.Clarissas sewing is depicted in a rhythmic wave of building, creating, and making. These images recur throughout the novel as they gain symbolic significance. stitchery is a metaphor often used to denote womens creative capacity and symbolizes both artistry and the psychiatric hospital of life. The wave provides both a sense of calm and fulfillment, yet maintains a suspenseful pause in advance a crash or interruptionMrs. Dalloway has an unpleasant feeling she cannot place. After taking a moment to think, she realizes this feeling is attached to something Peter had said, combined with her own depression26. She realizes it is her parties. Her unpleasant feeling is attached to the criticism she receives from both Richard and Peter about her parties.Clarissa privately defends her parties. She sees them as an offering, a term she is able to recognize as unknown and goes on to define. She is offering a connection. She giv es meaning to life by feeling the existence of others and offering a way to bring them together, offering them a chance of connection.While sitting on the couch, Septimus notices a shadow on the wall. Fear no more the heat o the sun. This phrase, which acts as a calming device, enters his head. Suddenly, he is not afraid. He sits up and takes an interest in what Lucrezia is doing. She is making a hat. More significantly, she is creating and buildingRezias unveiling of the hat, like Clarissas sewing, symbolizes not only the creation of life, but also more specifically, the female ability to create life But this hat now. And then (it was getting late) Sir William Bradshaw27Woolf uses this one symbolic line as a metaphor for the transition from life, represented in the making of the hat and death, suggested by Bradshaw, the symbol of the souls containment and the character who in the end provides Septimus with the impetus to kill himself.Woolf uses a great deal of imagery her similes often begin as a straightforward comparison, which is then elaborated. This moves the ideas away from the physical reality of the narrative and towards mental events, emotions and ideas providing a bridge between the bandage and the interior consciousness of the characters. The reader is shown the dilemma of how to create a meaningful sequence and the impossible action of essentially finding an explicit formal system of how to represent objects and concepts, that are assumed to exist, and the relationships between them.The accumulative effect of such repeated notions and images is to establish a systematic network of social elements, such as, human time, space, shared symbols, personal relationships, so as to arrive at a vision of modern life on a national scale. This collective existence is apprehended internally, as its participants experience it.It is both the content and the form used to portray that content which makes reading a disturbing process. The question of the realit y of experience itself the critique of the traditional values of the culture the loss of meaning and hope in the modern world and the exploration of how this loss may be faced are all themes within Woolfs novels.Subject subject area and writing style are the two features that characterise Modernism and this applies to Mrs Dalloway. The themes of Woolfs novels express the angst of Modernism in a precise way and Mrs Dalloway exemplifies the conflict felt in the modern society that produces this angst. The conflict is played out between two forces, one that fragments and disperses social order and causes chaos, and a more stable impulse that looks for unity. octuple voices, fragmented narrative and stream of consciousness are the stylistic devices of Woolf that convey the themes of conflict, despair and escape in the novel. Mrs Dalloway can be seen as an attempt to critique modern life, however, the novel can seem overwhelmed by the chaos of characters struggling to find meaning in li fe when death is such a large presence.Another aspect of this novel that is Modernist and can be seen to be disturbing is its withdrawal from the epic novel, the larger historical or temporal frame found in the 19th century novel. In Mrs Dalloway, there is no organising logic from which to draw a secure and comfortable resolution to lifes get bys. The action or plot is restricted to a single day, no large epic journey is possible and while the struggle for life is apparent, there is nothing of the 19th century moral structure to contain and manage the outcomes.Death and despair overwhelm life and its purposes, the narrowness of life is suffocating, and lives are fragmented, anxious, disconnected and misrecognised.To The Lighthouse also undermines what were the conventional expectations attached to novels. Woolf speculated that she might be writing something other than a novel. I have an idea that I will invent a new name for my books to supplant novelBut what? Elegy?28 Her work ca n be seen as more poetry than fiction as it occupies itself with abstract ideas and experimentation more than with plot and character developmentWoolf throws into disorder readers expectations of how life can be represented within a novel, and she achieves this through seeking a new mode of expression. It is not that she rejects reality, but rather that she sought to develop a higher type of realism, as if more complex forms would allow for the depiction of a more complex and vivid understanding of reality.Bibliograph.Auerbach, Erich, Mimesis the representation of reality in Western literature / by Erich Auerbach translated from the German by Willard Trask. New York Doubleday/Anchor Books, 1957.Bell, Q, Virginia Woolf A Biography. 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