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Film Analysis - Spirited Away - Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

make Analysis - Spirited outside(a) - - Essay ExampleAs she wanders along, she meets a nonher boy, Haku, who claims to have known her since she was little. This is where the realistic adventure begins as she plots a way to enter the bathhouse and get some job to do. Haku organizes the sinless plan, and in the end, Chihiro gets a job in the bathhouse. There are rules to follow in the spirit world, and Yubaba is the femme fatale who oversees all activities in the bathhouse. The unfolding nature of the above events to the point where Chihiro rescues her parents is in a direct relation back to the caprices expressed in the short story, The Ways We Lie. This paper analyzes three main elements in the story, and they include characters, motifs and themes, and the backdrop in relation to ideas in The Ways We Lie. The Films Setting The producers behind Spirited Away paid more attention to the consistency in the word pictures setting. Generally, this film has a tender setting, even th ough there are also elements of geographical settings, as well. The social setting, in this case, focuses on how producers present the characters, and the consistency with which they do this work. For instance, there is a clear depiction of class difference in the spirit world. ... However, she understands the rules in maintaining her job at the bathhouse. In this regard, the ideas expressed in The Ways We Lie do not apply to her case. She does not see the sense in assuming a character she is not for the sake of her good. The environment in which she works is also simpler than the entire bathhouse. Despite the lushness of the bathhouse, she has the mandate to livid the big tub lying alone in an empty room. In this room, she transforms an ungainly, huge, polluted spirit into the idea of simplicity. Furthermore, even all her meals are shear expression of simplicity in her character. For these reasons, the entire setting of this film focuses on social aspects of the plot and character s therein. Themes and Motifs This film depicts blurred distinction between good and evil as its primary theme.In this film, almost all characters are a mix of both evil and good deeds. redden the admirable characters, such as No-Face and Haku, have some amount of evil qualities. Similarly, some characters who seem high-risk and undesirable at the beginning of the film such as Kamaji, Zeniba and Lin, all becomes somehow useful in Chihiros escape.This is a clear indication of the fact that people have to possess different characteristics depending on the situation. The above idea is completely in line with the claims in the story, The Ways We Lie. In this story, Ericsson states that the truth would sometimes cause more damage than a simple harmless untruth (Ericsson 1). This is what he calls the white lie, and it is obligatory for survival in the society. The above form of deceit comes with no regrets, and the individual does so due to circumstances. fogged line

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