Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Capital Punishment in the United States Essay Example for Free

Capital Punishment in the joined States EssayHave you ever thought about if the person sitting next to you is a murderer? If he is, what would you regard from the government if he had killed some unmatchable you know? He should receive the closing punishment Murderers and other major offenders should be punished for the crimes they have committed and should pay the price for what they have done. Having the conclusion penalisation in our society is humane. It helps with overcrowding and gives relief to the families of the victims, who had to go through an event such as murder. You whitethorn not see it as that big of a deal, exactly the families of the victims of these criminals have to live every sidereal day knowing that while their family member is dead, this criminal is still well and living. Usually people just want to look past this problem because they are not in the position of the families of the murder victims, but you invite to look at it through the eyes of th ese families. Until we stop just letting these things slide, they will continue to happen. The death penalty has been around since the time of Jesus Christ. Executions have been recorded from the 1600s to present times. From about 1620, the executions by social class increased in the US. It has been a steady increase up until the 1930s later on the death penalty dropped to zero in the 1970s and then again rose steadily.US citizens said that the death penalty was unconstitutional because it was believed that it was cruel and unusual punishment (Amnesty International). In the 1970s, the executions by year dropped between zero and one then started to rise again in the 1980s. In the year 2000, there were nearly one snow executions in the US. On June 29, 1972, the death penalty was suspended because the existing laws were no longer convincing. However, four age after this occurred, several cases came about in Georgia, Florida, and Texas where lawyers wanted the death penalty. This se t new laws in these states and later the Supreme Court decided that the death penalty was constitutional under the Eighth Amendment.There alike has been the problem of overcrowding in prisons and jails. Some people say that this is a problem but having more jails strengthened will solve this problem. Having more prisons or jails built may help solve the problem but the death penalty effectively stops draining more money from the taxpayers to give these murderers a home. These murderers observe three warm meals a day they do nothing all day, and have a base to sleep just because the taxpayers fund these facilities. Murderers on death row do not deserve to draw off a place to stay. They deserve to have their lives taken for the crimes that they have committed.

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