Wednesday, April 24, 2019

BPPG Part I, Personal and Professional Ethics Essay

BPPG Part I, Personal and Professional Ethics - Essay ExampleThis defines the act or process of guiding people towards a desired objective and give the sack apply to the goal of ensuring moral philosophy in a society. As a transformational leader, I can empower and motivate people round me to overcome challenges and to ensure ethical practices in their environments. I can empower the people, intellectually, by informing them of compound ethical issues in the business environment. I can also inform the people of possible consequences of wrong practices much(prenominal) as negative corporate image of an institution and possible harm to the surrounding community. Similarly, I can create awareness of possible junior-grade effects of unethical practices on the individuals and organizations. Such secondary effects emanate from the society. As a leader, in the approach, I can ensure that my business and think activities are ethical in order to set an example to other people for emul ation. I can also advocate for my ethical policies among the people (Reilly, Sirgy and Gorman 94, 95).Consumerism is another approach that I can use to furbish up ethics on people around me. It refers to the act or process of safeguarding consumer interests and is fundamental to promoting ethics among organizations and their members. beneath this strategy, I can draw the peoples attention to effects that their activities, at personal or organizational level, can have on the environment. I can also facilitate awareness of the benefits of preventing those consequences with responsible behavior. Similarly, I can research and report to the people about possible consequences of utilities from the environments and the cost of such consumptions on other people within the same environment. To those individuals who deal in production and distribution of goods, I can explain to them the categories of goods that are classified as necessities and explain the responsibility of ensuring that s uch commodities

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