Thursday, April 18, 2019

Beyond Products Case Study - Entrepreneurship Course Essay - 1

Beyond Products Case Study - Entrepreneurship Course - Essay ExampleIn his design, rooster Van Riet considered the disadvantages and advantages of the two early and most popular designs which developed the product to be a get around choice for snowboarders. Being himself a semi-professional snowboarder, Peter Van Riet was able to identify the need of professional and recreational snowboarders for a more comfortable and safe design. Another vital strength of the company was that it was free from pecuniary constraints and had enough capital available from the four business angels.Beyond Products is recorded to possess few practiced limitations which should be eradicated before the trade fair of 2006 which raises the challenge of successful launch for the company founders. From the commercial station of view, the company alike possesses the weakness of dependence on loan with high interest rates. Further evolution of the product requires huge amounts of working capital which is estimated to be acquired from bank loans and further investments from the business angels. Thus, this will development the liability of the company and hamper its financial strength to an extent.The snowboard market is recognized to be a apace growing market in the United States, European Alpine regions, Japan and other niche areas. The chassis of customers is recorded to grow in these key regions which can enhance the growth prospects of the product as a preferable design for the professional and recreational customers. There are only a few players in the market acquiring a proportion of the entire market share providing huge opportunity for spic-and-span entrants. The overall market prospect is also recognized to be favorable for the launch of a good snowboard binding.Most of the well-recognized companies in the target market also emphasize upon the other categories of the industry product line. Furthermore, the companies also focus on sponsoring famous professional snowboard ers for brand promotion which is stated to be quite meaning(a) for

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