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Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

psychological Disorder Analysis - Essay ExampleCase Study Reference Marla was referred to a psychological counselling as she had attempted to commit suicide 3 days back. Her mother and her younger sister, Whitney, had gone for a function where Whitney was going to be felicitated for her yearly performance. Marla was also invited by Whitney to attend the function simply she refused to go saying that she was not feeling well. Marlas mother also tried to make Marla to go with them but she refused to budge. Marlas mother and Whitney realized that there is no point in asking her anymore so they go forth for the function at 5 pm in the evening. When they retuned, they found Marla lying on the waiting area with a note on the side table. Marla had consumed 10 sleeping tablets and was unconscious. Emergency service was called and Marla was saved from get harmed in any way. She was kept under observation in the hospital for two days and got a discharge on the third day. She was declared ou t of danger. Marla, in her suicide note, had written that she is not worth(predicate) living. She should die so that her mother and her sister can live a happy life. This showed that Marla was feeling mentally low and was feeling worthless. What she needed was a professional help. Her medical doctor referred her to psychological counsel. Hence, Marla was brought to me for psychological counseling to help her with her weak personality. Case History Marla is a 28 year old woman from discolor ethnic background. She is living with her sister and her mother in a spacious four bedroom apartment. Her mother, Dianne, got part from her return ten years back and is a home maker. Marlas sister, Whitney, is younger to her by 3 years and is working in a software industry. Dianne has inherited a lot of wealth and property from her own father. He was a businessman and had a flourishing business throughout his life. He had left all his wealth and property for his daughter, Dianne. Hence, Marl a never suffered from any financial crunch or problem at home. In fact, she was pampered at home and was allowed to do whatever she wanted to do. Marla tried her hand at antithetic professions like fashion designing, real estate, hair styling etc. Although she was good at it, she never continued with those professions. The minute of arc it seemed that she was doing good and was going to settle with the profession, she used to do something or other to destroy the chances of that profession flourishing. Marla tell that she never felt good with success. She felt that the success was not real and was going to deceive her in the future. Hence, she never felt comfortable with success and appreciation. After talking to Marla, it was revealed that the roots of her feelings lie in her childhood. It was her father who was responsible for Marla being emotionally and mentally a negative person. Childhood Marlas father was twinge from alcoholism. He was an irresponsible person and never care d to provide any security for his family. He used to bury his job often and demanded money from Dianne and her father. When Marla was six, Dianne came to stay with her father. However, after being coaxed by her husband, she again went and stayed with him. During this time, Whitney was left with her gramps as it was not possible to bring up two daughters with what Marlas father was earning. Hence, Marla was left only when and missed having a sibling with who she can share her sorrows. Marlas father used to scold her a lot. He was a demanding person and never appreciated anything that Marla did. He

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