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Austria 17th 18th centuries essays

Austria 17th 18th centuries essays In my paper I will examine the absolute monarchy of Austria during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. I shall focus on the on the power of Austria, its foundation, preservation, and expansion. Lastly I will take into consideration the relationship between the classes, the growth of the power of state institutions, and some of the consequential figures in the evolution of absolute monarchy in Austria. The foundation of absolutism was the theory of the divine right of kings. This theory maintained that the monarch was God's representative on earth. In reality absolutism was a closer working relationship with the nobles in order to maintain control. Ensuring the power of the nobles meant solidifying his authority. The bureaucracy began to reorganize, making it more effective on the local level. Local and national government began to meet on a regular basis. This was done by dividing the monarchy into ten units, then dividing it further into ten subdistricts. Kreishauptmann were the administrative heads of each district, appointed by the King to work at the local level. All this helped to extend the monarch's power to the far reaches of the domain. To the people this basically meant that not only was the king a supreme ruler but he could emphasize his will with armies of unmatched size giving the idea of absolutism an illustration and an authenticity never seen before. With this need for a standing army came the need for new funds. These new funds gave way to a new system of tax collection. Throughout history the war and taxes have gone hand in hand. The goal of every monarch was to have independent power and only economic independence could make that possible. Maria Teresa (r. 1740-1780) won approval of the realm to administer property tax on all subjects. These new funds were used to refo ...

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Stand Up for Smoke-Free Schools Essays

Stand Up for Smoke-Free Schools Essays Stand Up for Smoke-Free Schools Essay Stand Up for Smoke-Free Schools Essay Everyone knows the amount of danger that smoking poses to the health of both the smokers and the people that surround them. Everyone knows that after a decade or so of smoking, a smoker’s lung would look totally different from a nonsmoker’s lung.   Everyone knows that a smoker is susceptible to various diseases and illness caused by smoking.   This paper will argue for smoke-free schools not for the obvious reasons that smoking causes to a smoker’s health but for the bad effects that smoking also brings to its other victims- the nonsmokers.   This paper will delve into results of some of the studies that shows the terrible consequences that smoking has on people’s- smokers’ and nonsmokers’- health; these will serve as proofs to strengthen the argument for 100% smoke-free schools. While vast amounts of studies had already confirmed the life-threatening effects of smoking to the smoker’s health, an increasing number of researches are also establishing the link between secondhand smoking and various diseases that it brings to nonsmokers.   Secondhand smoke, also known as passive smoking or involuntary smoking, is a term used to define â€Å"a mixture of smoke breathed out by the smoker (mainstream smoke) and smoke released from the lit cigarette (sidestream smoke) (â€Å"Secondhand Smoke Hazards†).   Secondhand smoke contains carcinogenic and toxic substances such as nicotine, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde, which are sometimes in greater concentration than those found in the smoke inhaled by the smoker (â€Å"Secondhand Smoke Hazards†).   It has been linked to various to a variety of cancers, cardiovascular and cerebral diseases, respiratory diseases, as well as reproductive and developmental effects (â €Å"Secondhand Smoke Hazards†).   These findings are supported by an article published by the Medical College of Wisconsin, stating that â€Å"each year, an estimated 3,000 lung cancer deaths and 62,000 deaths from coronary heart disease in adult nonsmokers are attributed to secondhand smoke† (â€Å"CDC Releases Data on Smoking Prevalence, Attitudes†). These are just some of the statistics that show how grave the effects of smoking are both to the smoking and nonsmoking public. Many people fall victim to passive smoking consciously and unconsciously.   Studies have established the dangers of secondhand smoking.   This is particularly true especially in the case of children whose lungs are smaller and more delicate than adults’. They are, thus, more seriously affected by the tobacco smoke and its chemicals. According to â€Å"The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke,† a report done by the Surgeon General of the US Department of Health and Human Services, on average, children are exposed to more secondhand smoke than nonsmoking adults.   This is probably because adults are freer to choose whether to be or not to be with smokers, whereas children have to endure the company of their smoking parents or friends. Aside from the obvious health hazards that smoking brings to children, some studies have also shown that smoking and secondhand smoke affect children’s development and behavior. A new study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, illustrates how secondhand smoke could interfere with academic performance (Collins).   Secondhand smoke was said to lead to hyperactivity, reduced attentions span, as well as reduced language skills and academic achievement. Meanwhile, another research shows how and extended exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of dementia.   According to a study done by the American Academy of neurology, â€Å"people with [] a high lifetime or exposure to secondhand smoke were nearly two and a half times as likely to develop dementia [compared with] those with no secondhand exposure (â€Å"Secondhand Smoke Increases the Risk of Dementia†).   These results boost the increasing amount of data against smoking and secondhand smoke. With all of these evidences pointing to the health and developmental threats that smoking and secondhand smoke bring to children in particular, now is the time to start the end of smoking in pubic areas, including schools and daycare centers.   Dr. Richard Carmona, the surgeon general of the US Department of Health and Human Services, believes that the only way to protect one’s self as well as his/her loved ones is through 100% smoke-free environments (â€Å"The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke†).   The separation of smoking and nonsmoking areas in most public places, which can lessen the exposure of nonsmokers to secondhand smoke, prove to be inadequate.   This is because these areas still share the same ventilation systems, which means that the air that the smokers exhale can still find its way into the nonsmokers particularly in small and enclosed quarters. With this in mind, the US Department of Health and Human Services launched Healthy People 2010, â€Å"a comprehensive, nationwide health promotion and disease-prevention agenda designed to help improve the health of all people in the United States during the first decade of the 21st century† (â€Å"The Hazards of Secondhand Smoke†).   This campaign aims to increase people’s awareness of the hazardous effects of smoking as well as to reduce the smoking population in the United States.   It also seeks to encourage the passing of laws among the different states banning smoking in public places such as airports, terminals, hospitals, and schools and universities.   This crusade is met by enthusiasm as shown in a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating that â€Å"high levels of public support exist, even among smokers, for smoke-free policies in many settings† (â€Å"CDC Releases Data on Smoking Prevalence, Attitudes†). While there are a lot of people and organizations who are in favor of smoke-free environments, there are also some who cannot imagine life without tobacco.   Smokers would say that smoking has also its share of benefits. For one, it causes relaxation and eases tension as well as stress.   Puffing a cigarette can have the same calming effect of a cup of tea or coffee for some.   Those who are pro-smoking bans, on the other hand, would argue that there are other healthier ways of relaxation aside from smoking, such as exercising, yoga, writing, and other artistic activities.   The lifelong harmful effects of smoking are not enough compensation for a moment of relaxation.   Meanwhile, smokers would also assert their right to smoke and to indulge in this kind of vice, saying that smoking is part of their â€Å"needs† as a person. However, other people- whether smokers or nonsmokers- also have the right to breathe clean and fresh air, and this will not be possible as long as there are people who taint the air with their secondhand smoke. Smoke-free environments- particularly daycare centers, schools, and colleges- would prove to be beneficial for everybody not only the children and nonsmokers but even smokers as well.   While it is true that exposure to secondhand smoke is possible anywhere, it wouldn’t hurt to start banning smoking from the place where children spend most of their time: schools.   By starting the good example of not allowing smoking here, the institution is doing the youth a favor of instilling in their minds the benefits of a healthier life without smoke. nbsp;

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Speculate on the presence of ObsessiveCompulsive Behavior in the Essay

Speculate on the presence of ObsessiveCompulsive Behavior in the personal makeup of two characters in Rocking Horse Winner - Essay Example This disorder is further divided into both obsessive behaviors and compulsive behaviors. Obsessions refer to the thought process, whether in the form of impulses or images, and compulsions refer to the consequent actions. A well-established set of diagnostic criteria define obsessions as repetitive, distressing, and continuous thoughts that are experienced and which cause a perceived need to behave in some way. An important point is that these worries and concerns go beyond normal, real-life concerns. More, attempts to suppress or to ignore these types of thoughts are frequent and often futile. The individual experiencing the obsession, in this type of disorder, is aware of the fact that the obsessions are emanating from the self rather than from external sources. Compulsions are the result of the obsessions; more specifically, compulsions are the acting out, either physically or mentally, of repetitive tasks. These tasks are performed in order to reduce the stress caused by the obse ssion or to prevent the occurrence of some feared event or situation. The important point is that these compulsions, these acts, are not logically related to the obsession and are excessive. In short, an obsessive-compulsive behavior is one in which obsessive thoughts cause compulsive acts which are not reasonable. This essay will evaluate two char... The important point is that these compulsions, these acts, are not logically related to the obsession and are excessive. In short, an obsessive-compulsive behavior is one in which obsessive thoughts cause compulsive acts which are not reasonable. This essay will evaluate two characters in the Rocking Horse Winner. This evaluation will seek to determine whether these two characters, Paul and Joan, can be said to suffer from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. This essay will argue that Paul's behavior, both in terms of his thoughts and actions, closely resembles obsessive-compulsive behavior; on the other hand, his sister, Joan, evidences some obsessive characteristics, but does not act out in the form of compulsions. As an initial matter, Paul, like the other children, is haunted by a voice. The voice is persistent and it continues throughout the story. The voice conveys one simple message. The house needs more money. This causes an extreme sort of anxiety for Paul. He hears this voice, he considers it very carefully, and he even consults his mother about the relationship of luck and money. The text explicitly uses the term "anxiety" on multiple occasions. The nature of this voice is significant. It is not simply a soft voice which intrudes infrequently before going dormant; quite the contrary, as the story develops the voice becomes louder and more demanding. Thus far, Paul displays the common characteristics of an obsession. There is a recurrent and persistent thought, the need for more money, and an impulse to find out whether he is lucky. These voices are clearly intrusive and Paul neglects other activities in order to attend to his rocking

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The Joy Luck Club Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Joy Luck Club - Essay Example There is at the most only one Asian actor out of ten. And the Asian cast barely gets the top part. Unless he is Jackie Chan, he'd probably get only minor roles. In my opinion, this should change. You don't need an Asian related plot in the story to cast Asians. There are plenty American citizens who have Asian origin. They are what you can call "All American" already. Mainstream Hollywood films and TV shows often contain a stereotype Asian: geeky, foreign, martial arts expert, domestic or someone who barely speaks English. Take for example the TV series Heroes in NBC. It's about individuals having extraordinary powers, trying to save the world. The plot is very culture neutral. But take a look at the character Hiro Nakamura. He's Japanese and he has the power to stop time. Notice that he has glasses, looks harmless and a little geeky. In Grey's Anatomy - ABC's TV series about doctors, Cristina Yang is perhaps the only Asian woman in the series. She is hardworking and very driven. Again, like Hiro Nakamura, she is bordering on being geeky. The movies are no better. In Charlie's Angels, Alex Munday - played by Lucy Lui, was the intellectual 'techy' geek. It doesn't matter that she looks gorgeous. She's an Asian woman, she has to be good with computers. In Two Weeks Notice, George Wade - played by Hugh Grant comments on how the good the maid looks that day. He tells her that she looks like a "young Imelda Marcos". The maid is obviously Asian. In The Nanny Diaries, one of the nannies is also Asian. Therefore, aside from being intelligent and geeky, Asians are also portrayed as domestics. So how is it possible that Hollywood can make one movie brilliantly correct about Asian culture and make a thousand others that utterly misperceive the same Asian culture In my opinion, it's because of lack of thought. You see, these stereotypes did not come out of thin air. In a way, they have factual basis. There are Asians who work very well with computers and Asians who are into martial arts or are domestics. And we cannot deny that there are Asian tourists who cannot speak English very well. It's true that not all Asians are like that, but they are the ones that stand out. They stand out because their different. Their image sticks to you. Of course there are also Asians who have been living all their life in America. Who are American citizens and speak English like everyone else. They have embraced the American culture. And it's even possible that they have never actually set foot in Asia or any place outside America. They could be doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers, you name it. They are as normal as your average Joe. But we don't notice them because they are just like everyone else. Instead, we remember the geek, the nanny and the tourists. In my opinion, this is how the stereotype began in the first place. And Hollywood just didn't take the time to change that. Therefore, even if they make one or two brilliant film about Asian culture, because of lack of awareness and thought, they carelessly continue to stereotype Asians in the rest of the films they make. The Joy Luck Club did not break stereotype People may say that Hollywood succeeded in breaking the stereotype. I do not agree. The success of Hollywood in portraying Asians a little bit more accurately in the movie The Joy Luck Club is because of two things. First, this movie was an adaptation of the book: The Joy Luck

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The Calculation of GNP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Calculation of GNP - Essay Example 120 x 22 = 2640. In 2005, 210 tennis racquets were sold. 210 x 120 = 25,200. 2640 + 25,200 = 27, 840. Let 2004 be the base year. In 2004, 100 CDs were sold. 100 x 22 = 2200. In 2004, 200 tennis racquets were sold. 200 x 120 = 24,000. 2200 + 24,000 = 26,200. Percent Growth = 100% x ((27,840-26,200)/26,200)) Percent Growth = 7.02% Using 2005 as a base year, the real GDP for 2004 is 26,200 and the real GDP for 2005 is 840. This shows an increase of 7.02%. 10/10 4. Review GDP over last 5 years from BEA's website and summarize trends> Discuss two or three events which may have caused these trends. Although the last five years did not experience any recessions, the years 2000 and 2001 were low points in economic growth. Incidentally, the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, all saw recessions in their first few years, so this slowing of economic growth early in the decade is not unusual (Orszag 2001). Like in other decades, after these first few slow years, the growth rate begins to accelerate again gradually through 2002 and 2003. At this point (late 2003, early 2004) we see a period of particularly fast growth (2003q3 9.3%, 2003q4 5.5%, 2004q1 8.1%) (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2006). This may have been caused by government initiatives to give the economy a short-term boost for the year of the election (2004). If these initiatives were put into play half-way through 2003, it's possible that they were quite successful initially but only for a short time, and not very far into 2004. Although the GDP does rise in the 2004 and 2005, it's growth has been decelerating ever so slightly over the past two years. Still it remains fairly stable. The recent stability of the economy, despite extremely high energy prices, can be attributed to the relatively... At this point (late 2003, early 2004) we see a period of particularly fast growth (2003q3 9.3%, 2003q4 5.5%, 2004q1 8.1%) (Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2006). This may have been caused by government initiatives to give the economy a short-term boost for the year of the election (2004). If these initiatives were put into play half-way through 2003, it's possible that they were quite successful initially but only for a short time, and not very far into 2004. Although the GDP does rise in the 2004 and 2005, it's growth has been decelerating ever so slightly over the past two years. Still it remains fairly stable. The recent stability of the economy, despite extremely high energy prices, can be attributed to the relatively low unemployment rate throughout the last year (Sniderman, 2006). Sniderman, M. (April 2006). The Economy in Perspective. Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Retrieved April 15, 2006, from www.clevelandfed.org/Research/ET2006/0306/eip.pdf. Two formerly undeveloped economies, that of Singapore and that of Hong Kong, have shown unprecedented growth in the past fifty years. However, developing countries would benefit more from following an economic model similar to that of Singapore given the current economic trends and conditions.

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Disadvantages Being A Woman Entrepreneur Sociology Essay

Disadvantages Being A Woman Entrepreneur Sociology Essay Interview two women entrepreneurs find out whether they believe the tasks of being an entrepreneur any different for them than for their male counterparts. What are the disadvantage advantage of female entrepreneur? Are these different substantial or minor? When you are debating with someone, it is easy to pull out one anecdote or fact that furthers just one point of view. TechCrunch posts about women have done that of late. A recent article claimed that women dont want to run startups and that they would rather have children instead. If you consider TechCrunch, this viewpoint makes some sense. They are focused on Silicon Valley, where young white men start most of the companies and traits like aggression and arrogance are positively rewarded. These companies need to grow rapidly in order to stay ahead of the trend. In the world of entrepreneurship, there will be some women who would rather have children than run lifestyle business. Startups require ridiculous amounts of work, and most are doomed to failure. That being said many men feel exactly the same way. They dont want the stress either. Many women have had children while running startups and many others have also chosen to not have children. In recent research done into startup companies, there were some very interesting findings. It was found that the average age of a successful tech company founder is 39. Founders of these companies tend to be married and generally have two or more children. They tend to start these companies because they are tired of working for someone else and want to make their own money with which to retire. They use their work experience to their advantage. The biggest hindrance to people taking this leap is a fear of failure. The question we ask is: What is the difference between male and female founders? The findings were very surprising. There were almost no differences between male and female founders. Both males and females wanted to increase their wealth, capitalize on great ideas, were attracted to the startup culture, had wanted to own their own company for years, and were tired of working for someone else. One key difference, however business partners gave women slightly more money than men. The ages of male and female founders were on average the same too. Also, both male and female founders started their companies with similar numbers of kids. The only difference was that men were more likely to be married. There is an imbalance coming in on the tech side though. In 1985, 37% of computer science students were female. Today it is 19%. It is thought that this comes from the fact that many girls arent encouraged by their parents to pursue math and science in school and study them further. Just one percent of high-tech startups have a woman as a CEO, and there are next to no women as chief technology officers. When speaking to big players in the tech game, it came out that many of them said that their success depends on hiring the best people for the job. These companies knew they were missing out on good talent because of the stereotype that women dont make good tech people. One of the ways around this is to interview at least one woman for each open position in the company. This doesnt mean they should hire people who arent the best for the position, but it ensures that they get to see a broad range of candidates. In the experience of these companies, when those hiring had the chance to meet female job seekers, they were more likely to hire females. To level it further, all companies should also consider having at least one woman on the hiring team. These are just small ways we can change things. All thats necessary is to break down these dangerous stereotypes. Discriminating against people is always wrong, no matter what criteria we use. If we all work together we can solve a problem that we all know to exist. If you are a woman thinking about starting a business, it is important to know that you have a lot of advantages in doing so. If you are a guy, well, its time to get back in touch with your feminine side. Disadvantages Being a Woman Entrepreneur: We have a tendency to Think multi-tasking is normal and pride ourselves at being good at it. Have an Ill do-it-myself attitude. Not even consider hiring a team of helpers like housekeepers, personal assistants, accountants, virtual assistants and business coaches until its absolutely necessary. Have a problem receiving. So we either charge less than our male competitors or forget to put ourselves on the payroll. Focus almost completely on the day-to-day tasks and are reluctant to set goals or make business plans. Want our work to be perfect more than we want it to be profitable. Not really know what our business dreams are. Believe the act of self-care to recharge ourselves is selfish. Delay success by focusing more on why we are not doing something rather than pushing through the fear and just doing it. All we have to do to overcome these disadvantages is change our beliefs. Financial Barrier One of the most significant barriers to female entrepreneurship is the capital financing barrier. When starting a business, entrepreneurs need to line up capital to get the business off of the ground. According to Mai Nguyen, female entrepreneurs often get their initial funding from family loans, savings, credit cards and home equity loans. However, women can obtain capital from government startup programs, self-funding and venture capitalists, among other sources. When women have promising business ideas, it is less difficult for them to obtain startup capital. Therefore, having solid business plans with persuasive product or service ideas helps reduce the finance barrier for women. Lack of Networks Female entrepreneurs are more likely to encounter difficulty because they are less likely to be associated with networks of people who can help them launch and sustain businesses. Networks include people who provide mentorship, referrals, help and valuable information to entrepreneurs. Men tend to dominate the highest levels of corporate leadership. Therefore, there are fewer women available to provide valuable advice to female entrepreneurs. Women also face customer/supplier discrimination, which occurs when customers or suppliers discriminate against women-owned firms. In response, women business leaders can create their own networks to cultivate the success of female entrepreneurs. However, these networks should include men who can also be helpful to fund-raising, business strategy or other critical areas. Family Considerations In the United States, women are more likely to shoulder a greater share of child-rearing duties. Children may demand their mothers undivided attention, which can be a challenge for female entrepreneurs to deal with. Building and running a new business requires a great deal of time, which may conflict with ones family obligations. Women in this situation must balance their family life with their duties as entrepreneurs. For example, parents can communicate about the need to devote some time during the day solely on business, while other times can be devoted to family matters. Confidence Although both men and women can face issues of self-doubt, or lack confidence to compete in the business market, men do not suffer from the same degree of prejudgment as do women entrepreneurs. For example, male business leaders may not believe that their female counterparts can compete or innovate to the degree that men can. The basis of these views are stereotypes about women. Having female mentors and confidants can help instill self confidence in your abilities as a female entrepreneur. Advantages Being a Woman Entrepreneur: While female entrepreneurs only represent a small portion of the overall number of businesses in the country right now, make no mistake that percentage will continue to climb. The research shows that the growth of female owned businesses is growing at twice the rate of male owned ones. The more women take the leap and open their business, the more others will follow in line. And because of these advantages, among others, they should have a pretty good chance of succeeding. Below are advantages. Social Networking: Women are natural networkers. They love to talk, mingle, and rub elbows. This is the very reason why husbands rarely ever manage the social calendar. In todays business environment, mastering social media is mandatory, and the ladies absolutely have a leg up! Intuition: They call it womens intuition for a reason. Women in general can size up another person much faster than her male counterpart. In todays ultra-fast paced business environment, you need the ability to quickly identify the allies and the enemies. Regardless if you are a male or female, you need to trust your gut. Pain Tolerance: Women definitely have an advantage in this area. This is irrelevant. But while children are born, women can handle a lot more than men can. It is not just physical pain, it is emotional too. In business world, there are a lot of painful moments during work. Multi-tasking: Women are known for juggling many tasks at the same time and still being able to produce excellent results. Conversely, the guys are masters at focusing on one thing. Still, the advantage in todays distracting environment goes to women. Patience: Women inherently seem to have more patience. And in todays business environment, patience is key. Aggressive business strategies are not paying off like they once did. Slow and steady wins the race in this category. Listening: A friend of mine went to buy a new bed at a small bedding store owned by a husband and wife team. The female owner approaches my friend and asked all kinds of questions about why they needed a new bed, if they could fix their old bed, what else they were considering, etc. She asked questions and listened closely. She clearly showed that she cared about helping to meet their needs. My friend was moments away from buying any bed that she recommended. But just then, the frustrated husband on the sales team ran up and said let me handle this. Then he just tried to hard close the sale. He was pushy, telling them what he recommended and what they had to have. Guess what? The sale was lost the second he began speaking! They walked out. I am sure he blamed her, but it was him. The key is to ask questions and really listen. Quite frankly, any great sales person knows this, man or woman, it just seems that the ladies are naturally better at doing it. Common Factors Gender Discrimination Women entrepreneurs need to understand that it has always been and still is a mans business world and that the male of the species is not going to make it easier for females to get a foothold. Interestingly enough, studies show that men may be the dominant force in society not because they want to, but that their sympathy for the suffering endured by their mothers as they struggle to nurture and raise the brood brings out the males protective instincts and this ultimately translates into men dominating and subjugating women. Mothers need to coach their offspring to understand that the true value that the mother brings to the brood is much more than just nurturing the brood. They also need to understand that nurturing the family without the direct help and support of the male counterpart is as complex an achievement as starting and successfully running a small company in the business world. Women entrepreneurs need to push that concept even further along and fight to be taken seriously by their male counterparts. They need to be more assertive and also to be prepared to deal with explosive situations which women tend to want to avoid unlike their male counterparts. They need to understand that when explosive situations are managed correctly, the results are no different than managing the set of explosions that comprise a good fireworks display. Balancing Work and Family Women entrepreneurs need to balance the mix of work and family. This is nothing more than proper time management. Society has deemed that because the woman spends 9 months gestating the fetus and then because she also lactates, she is expected to provide nurture and care for the brood while the father can take a hike and hunt or farm for food which she still has to prepare so that the brood can have sustenance. I hate to say it, and some of my male counterparts and my born again Christian friends will get on my case, but if God had been a woman, she would have balanced the responsibility for nurturing and caring for the brood across both male and female by making him lactate and suffer the same emotional and hormonal changes that accompany the close bonding between a suckling infant and a lactating parent. Then and only then would the male admit to how truly powerful it is to be a mother and at the same time aspire to perform tasks outside the nest. The woman entrepreneur needs to make the male understand and accept the joint responsibility for everyday care of the brood. . She needs to strike a balance between caring for the family and working outside the nest. Self Confidence Women entrepreneurs need to believe in themselves and have confidence in the viability of the business ideas they bring to the table. They need to understand that it is not the idea that is great, but rather the execution of the business model behind the idea that leads to success and bring value to the business proposition. Women plan and execute as well as men and because they have less to prove themselves in a Jockless Culture they tend to be more productive more quickly. Our male dominated culture is driven by our captivation with sports and combat and since most sports were invented to satisfy the yearnings of the males in society we have a tendency to believe that only males can be the quarterbacks or the gladiators. Women entrepreneurs need to make the men understand that if they give the women the weapons and step out of the way, theyll see combat that they never thought possible. Network Building Lastly, women entrepreneurs need to spend time paving the way for the next generation of female entrepreneurs. Their male counterparts have been able until now to build their networks and good old boys clubs with no competition from the females. The woman entrepreneur needs to understand that shell continue to get minimal if any help from her male counterpart. She need to grab for the next rung on the ladder and pull herself up while leaving a map that her younger counterparts can easily follow. Today the woman entrepreneur is still a pioneer and she needs to come to grips with this. Conclusion Women entrepreneurs bring a different set of perspectives into decision making in the 21st century. They are an underutilized talent pool in an increasingly talent-constrained business environment and it is time they go after what they should have had from the very beginning.

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Is Eminem Right; Music in Today Society

Is Eminem Right? In the essay Eminem is Right , there is a lot of discussion about the links between the music that our teens listen to and the amount of violence and rebellion that is occurring. The teens of today have enshrined a new generation of music idols who share generational signatures in song after song is to rage about what not having a nuclear family has done to them (Eberstadt 251). Broken homes, family dysfunction, checked out parents and (especially) absent fathers , all have a big effect on today’s youth and these are the things our generation sings about and listens to (Eberstadt 251).The songs and problems that these various artist sing about are legitimate problems not only in their childhood, but in the millions of American teens current childhood. Parents are early offended by the lyrics of the singers, because children know when they are from a broken home and they do rebel and get upset with their families. Eminem openly sings about his life to make mone y, but what he sings is true about a lot of teens and he knows this. He targets Baltus 2 them with his songs, because they make those kids feel less alone.Comparing the song Successful by Drake is a great way to show an artist who grew up listening to Eminem and that generation of music. He sings about him rising to the top and how he sings about his family and how he couldn’t of gotten where he was if it wasn’t for a few things that happened in his life. He sings about his mother running away from home and leaving him and his siblings, but he left something in the car and caught her before she was out of the driveway. He sings that they stood there and cried, because she couldn’t handle it without a man in their life.Drake sings that he then became the â€Å"phantom† meaning his father. Drake sings about how all his friends are back at home, while he became successful. He sings â€Å" †¦ and when I leave I always come right back here, the young rap per that everyone in rap fear, a lot of you all still soundin’ like last year, the game has changed and I’m the mother f***ing cashier†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (Successful). He then goes on and sings about how the money, cars and clothes don’t make him happy, his rapping to others and singing his â€Å"song† is what its about.The chorus for this song is; Baltus 3 â€Å"I want the money, money and the cars, cars And the clothes, the hoes I suppose I just want to be, I just want to be successful I just want to be, I just want to be successful I just want to be, I just want to be successful† The chorus shows the conflicted side of the artist and that he really wants to sing to relate to his fans. He also sings about how he wants things to go his way but they never seem to. When comparing this song and the many songs that Eminem has wrote they conflict and agree in many ways.All Eminem feels is hate for his mother and his non existing father. He sings about adornm ent and abuse, but fails to see that not all children who listen to his music feel the same way that he does. He didn’t handle it in the best way and now he is yelling and targeting parents for not even being parents. The song Successful sings about the same problems but not in an angry way or in a way that is leading the youth of today into a violent rage or making them commit crimes against there parents.Even though the music these days is violent and vulgar it shouldn’t be the main blame of today’s youths misbehaviors and rebellion. Nowadays parents are way to easy Baltus 4 to put blame on anyone but themselves. Yes, music is a big part of today’s youth but it can only influence to a certain point, then it’s up to that child or their parents to decide what they make of the songs. As a parent you teach your children to do right by themselves and you, so really once you let them into the world you just hope that you taught them well, and hope they follow your example.In the song Successful there are points in the song where Drake sings that he made his life the way it is, no one else lived the life he did. Eminem sings about abandonment, and being abused, and in return he sings about beating his mom and even in a few songs sighs about beating his ex wife. The constant aggression in his songs is very noticeable, but it doesn’t mean that all children or teens that listen to his songs feel that same aggression that he does. The way children act and interact isn’t influenced by the music and by the lyrics that many singers sing, its mainly there upbringing.If parents teach their children the right values and the right way of seeing things from someone else point of view, then there children shouldn’t feel the need to be aggressive towards there parents. All a child wants, is to make their parents happy and if you praise them for their good behavior then they will continue the same behavior, but if you only g ive them attention when they Baltus 5 misbehave, then they may associate bad behavior with â€Å"praise† or attention.This is a bad way to get attention, but like a lot of Eminems songs, parents aren’t there to give normal amount of praise. Concluding that it’s more likely that parents cause bad behavior than the songs of popular rappers and singers, only because most children want to be given attention and be included in there parents lives. In arguing the point if Eminem is right or wrong, a lot of good arguments arise and tare down the argument that Eminem is influencing our children to cause havoc and disorderly conduct.

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Self motivation is paramount to success in life. You must learn how to motivate yourself. In the present situation now, it is difficult to keep our spirits up and high, but knowing the right way to focus on the positive outlook In life, we will be able to achieve our dreams. We need to encourage ourselves to accept opportunity,because If we stop beveling and trusting to what we can do In a particular situation, who else Why are we striving in life?What makes an individual work hard? I believe,each will respond,because we are all motivated with our â€Å"goals† in life,our aspirations,our dreams,all these give us the reason to stay and accept chances, for chances will always produce positive and fruitful life if it is done with trust,passion,encouragement,and willingness to improve and be successful. People think on the ways on how to make life better. One of these ways is through continued learning.If you're looking at adults going back to school whether in-campus or online,th e most successful one are those who are highly motivated. They understand that education Is a steppingstone to go far and reach the ladder of success. In order to be motivated. One must be dedicated to achieve the goals which are set as parameters in life. Life is short and there is no way we can fully enjoy it,only if it is taken care of and if we live our life in the best way we can and in the most productive way.

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Independent Work No1 essays

Independent Work No1 essays The one website that I am adamant about visiting regularly is the video game publication Next Generation's site, located at next-generation.com. It is, what I believe, to be the most comprehensive website devoted to video games, both PC and console, their development, and up to the minute news concerning release dates, company mergers/buyouts, and groundbreaking technology. Next Generation, the magazine and the website, are both affiliates of Imagine Media. Next Generation's website is updated twice daily, six days a week (Monday through Friday) excluding holidays. The first update of the day is at 10:00 a.m. with the second update occurring at 7:00 p.m. pacific. The home page always displays the cover to the most current issue of Next Generation, a few sponsors, a link to the online site, and in today's case, a bit of tech support for their most current giveaway demo CD-ROMs. If an option is not chosen on the page within ten seconds, it will automatically load today's most current news updates. Once connected to the current day's news, there is an option available to allow to review the news of the past week, and a few thumbnailed articles that may be of particular interest to visitors of the site. The most significant news stories are accompanied by a thumbnail, located near the top of the page. Some contain links to downloadable images and movies of games and/or conferences. To the upper left of the page is a rather extensive index. The available options in the index are as follows: Previews will provide the viewer with links to Next Generation's coverage of upcoming works in progress. This area will also allow players to view archived previews. Reviews will allow the viewer access to NGO's (Next Generation Online) latest and archived reviews of released games for any system. Stockwatch provides the viewer with up to date status on game related stock. This does n ...

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Special Olympics Essays

Special Olympics Essays Special Olympics Essay Special Olympics Essay Before I begin my paper I wanted to give a little history on the background of the Special Olympics. The first International Special Olympics Games were held at Soldier Field in Chicago 1968. It was originally started by a woman named Anne McGlone Burke, who was a physical education teacher with the Chicago Park school district. She began with the idea for a one-time Olympic-style athletic competition for people with special needs. Burke then contacted Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who was the head of the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation to fund the event. Mrs. Shriver loved the idea and encouraged Ms. Burke to expand on the idea and the JPK Foundation gave a grant of $25,000. More than 1,000 athletes from all over the United States and Canada participated in the first game. At that game Mrs. Shriver announced the formation of the Special Olympics and it has continued to grow from there. (Http://specialolympics. org) Describe the nature of the organization, its size, and any specific HR challenges it faces. The nature of the Special Olympics which is held every year, is to provide the visitors and the participants from all parts of the world a sporting event for people to have fun and excitement and also to get to know their own sport talents. Whether the sport is swimming competition, basketball, bowling, or golf a person gets to take part and enjoy the game more than he or she may have expected it to be. The Special olympics is growing, increasing at a rate of 10. 5%. It has grown so large that over 9000 additional competitions take place. Since there is such a growth in competitons there has also bee n a growth with the need for coaches. Currently, there are over 260,000 coaches working for the organization, and 700,000 volunteers supporting the Special Olympics training competition and sports related activities. (Http://specialolympics. org) Those are huge numbers, the ratio is 12 athletes to one coach! I think one of the biggest challenges HR faces with the Special Olympics is with that many people involved, how do you keep everyone focused to work effectively and stay on task to maintain the mission of the Special Olympics. Describe major legal concerns of the organization and recommend how they should be addressed. Legal concerns of the Special Olympics is complicated. There are many issues to be considered such as contracts, fund-raising matters along with drug use. When the Special Olympics deals with contracts they need to have a HR department familiar with contract law. In a binding contract even if important terms may have been left open for a later date or agreement, there can be issues if the party attempting to enforce the contract can prove that there was a genuine agreement, not a proposal or intention to continue a negotiation. It must be apparent that an offer and acceptance was present. Fund raising matters can be an issue if there are people involved that are not honest and working against the mission of the Special Olympics. To deter this from happening I am sure they must have an accounting person overseeing all donations that are given and verified. I think a good way to foster this is to encourage credit card and check donations, not cash. And lastly drug use, athletes using substances to alter their abilities can be traced back to Olympics of Ancient Greece. While they obviously weren’t injecting themselves with steroids, the Ancient Olympians were said to eat exotic meats or drink special concoctions with hopes of performing better. This is not the issue today, so regular drug screening is needed. (Http://nonprofitprofessionals. com) Describe how the organization should address current HR issues concerning expanding into international markets. A concern with the Special olympics is issues with growth management and finance. Since the early 1990s Special Olympics has invested increasing financial and human resources in expanding its international presence and number of athletes. Special Olympics has grown from 1 million athletes in 2000 to 3. 5 million in 2011, with ambitious plans laid out in its five-year Strategic Plan to reach 5. 3 million athletes by 2015. While increasing geographic reach and athlete participation will be a priority, Special Olympics is committed to the principle of sustainable quality growth, acknowledging that rapid growth must be matched by quality in service and support. (www. sonc. org) Make recommendations concerning how the organization can leverage its human resources to come out on top in a highly competitive environment. The primary responsibility of the Special Olympics is its most important asset, its people. The organization needs to continue to coordinate human resource activities toward management, planning, performance, career development, and training. The Special Olympics is fueled by a growing base of athletes, their families, hundreds of thousands of coaches, volunteers, fans and philanthropic supporters, and dedicated staff, all operating within a network of 230 accredited programs globally. Each program is an independent entity, with its own governing body, professional staff, opportunities and challenges. The trans formative power of Special Olympics comes from building powerful communities of change around its athletes, not only through training and competitions but also through healthcare services, athlete leadership and empowerment, family programs, educational outreach, school and youth initiatives, and global human rights advocacy. (www. sode. org) Special Olympics has grown from the idea of one woman, basically a backyard summer camp one day event into a global movement. Providing year round sports training and competitions for nearly 3. million children and adults with intellectual disabilities in over 170 countries. The Special Olympics gives them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate using skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community. Much more than any event in history that I can think of, the Special Olympics is also an effective catalyst for personal and so cial change. References Http://specialolympics. org Http://nonprofitprofessionals. com www. sode. org www. sonc. org

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The Realization of Speech Act Requests encountered by Iraqi Learners Dissertation

The Realization of Speech Act Requests encountered by Iraqi Learners of English in Australian Universities - Dissertation Example The direct strategies will compare the respondents on the basis of imperative, performative, statements of obligation & necessity, statements of speaker’s needs and demands, and statements of speaker’s wishes and desires. The conventionally indirect strategies will focus on the suggestory formulae, the hearer’s ability when preparing a query and the hearer’s will when preparing a query. This is followed by the permission requests which are again query preparatory in the conventionally indirect strategies. The non-conventionally indirect strategies include the grounders, the feasibility for the requested act and the availability. At first the respondents were asked specific questions based on the ways in which they behave with other people when communicating or asking for particular requests in order to fulfill their requirements in one way or the other. This distribution clearly shows that the Iraqi learners living in Australia are more conservative and us e the conventionally indirect approach when asking other people for something or requesting other people for help in any of their quests. Most of them rely on the ability of the person they are talking to for their desired queries. This is followed by the ones who put in a permission request in order to satisfy their needs. 4.1 Choice of Strategy in High Power Settings: Question 1: The first question shows that the order questions made by the Iraqi people who have been in Australia for a shorter span of time will be focusing more on the permission request strategy which is conventionally indirect in the Australian English. These people are the ones who have been in Australia for a few months and others and have not been able to adapt the culture and the way Australians behave in a proper way. Almost 31.2% of the Iraqi people living in Australia will follow permission strategy which is followed by the hearer’s ability as 25.74% Iraqi’s were more inclined to use this as part of the request for the query that they may seek to ask for anything they have to. This is followed by the imperative style which takes in 22.86% of the answers of the Iraqi’s. This shows that they will be asking in a demanding way. There was equal distribution of respondents in their perspectives of the needs of speaker’s needs and demands and the speaker’s wishes and desires. This toll was around 8.57% of the 35 Iraqi respondents who were available for this survey. This shows that the Iraqi speakers will make some same and some different choices in terms of strategy compared to Vietnamese and the Australian speakers. Most of the Australian speakers use the permission and the ability strategy in order to make a request. The Vietnamese speakers will also use the imperative strategy along with the permission and the ability strategy. The rate at which they use the permission strategy is the same as compared to the rate of imperative strategy. Comparatively, t he Iraqi people will look forward to the permission strategy mostly, followed with the hearer’s ability when forming the strategy. They will also use the imperative strategy when it is needed but to a lesser extent compared to that of the Australians and the Vietnamese. Question 2: The second question was based on a situation in which one is an office manager who is looking for a document. The document is to be seen immediately after the meeting

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Shareholding versus Stakeholding Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Shareholding versus Stakeholding - Assignment Example After suitable measures to overcome the conflict have been taken, the business climate of the enterprise will be readily acceptable by the public investing in the shares of the company. This may indirectly raise the prices of the shares, leading to the generating of profit of the shareholders. Another reason for the rise of the difference between the stakeholders and the shareholders is the lack of protection rendered to the third party. Thus it is very important for the managers to pay heed to the rising differences between the stakeholders and shareholders of the company. But the main issue that the company faces is whether to use single value objective function or balanced scorecard (Siems, 2007, p.180). The challenges faced by managers to be ‘socially responsible’ In the process of being socially responsible, managers face a few challenges, for example the process of value seeking rather than value maximizing. Therefore, through the achievement of the value seeking f unction, the confusion that leads to maximizing the value is difficult to overcome, as the way the world is structured is quite complicated. Under no situation can the maximization of the value of the managers be guaranteed, but the assurance can be given that the movement of the managers is in the right direction. The absence of the negative externalities in the input factor market does not lead to the rise in the opportunity cost of the firm. If the firm is still earning the social cost of the company, this may result in the dilemma caused to the managers during the performance of the social responsibilities. Self-serving manager exploiting social responsibility for his/her personal gain Sometimes the managers of the companies with a purpose of performing the social responsibilities tend to serve their personal gains. The reason behind this is the use of the stakeholder’s theory, through which the personal short run-interests of the shareholders are accomplished. Since a be tter criterion cannot be provided, the proper evaluation of the managers is not possible. Thus, by the application of the shareholders theory, the managers pursue their own interest at the expense of the firm’s financial claimants and the society at large. The directors and the managers use the resources of the firm for their own needs, such as art, medical research, etc. without being held liable for the expenditures caused to the company. As with the practice of the stakeholder theory the internal control system of the company is being hampered, hence arguments are being placed for the government intervention – anti-takeover provisions, for example – in these areas (Letza S., et al., 2004, p.247). Budgeting and strategic management accounting tools as an encouragement for shareholder or stakeholder centric focus Such accounting tools as budgeting and the strategic management, Balanced Scorecard, and the others had been a helpful encouragement in the focusing o n the shareholders and the stakeholders of the concerned country. These tools help decide to what standard the company should stick to avoid neglecting the interests of both the shareholders and the stakeholders of the company. With tools like budgeting and strat