Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What is the purpose of fashion Does this help or harm humans Essay

What is the purpose of style Does this help or harm humans - Essay Example, it would be easy to get important nurture (or misinformation) as tooccupation, origin, personality, opinions, tastes, sexual desires and current mood (Lurie, 184). This way, fashion becomes a channel by which the private communicates to the world, without the use of the language of words. Additionally, the purpose of fashion is to influence the world, through portraying to others, what a person would like the world to know about him/her, or the way the individual would like to be viewed by others. Consequently, since the language of fashion is understood by the world, if clothing is a language, it must develop a vocabulary and a grammar like other languages (Lurie, 185). Further, fashion also plays the role of separating an individual from the others, considering that when an individual is dressed in a typical way that the others perceive to be different, the individual is already differentiated from the masses. In this regard, fashion serves as a means of promoting individuality.Unfortunately, in reality, fashion has had some harm on humans, considering that rather than fashion conforming to individuals it is the individuals who have been forced to conform to fashion. This is because in fashion classrooms and digit studios, the human figure is proportioned to emphasize the clothing, not the body (Herman, 2). Thus, fashion has been established by the designers with an artistic perception of people, such that it conforms to the espoused slim and model-like individuals, while the rest, who may have some extra pound, curves or weight are left out, thus lowering their self-esteem. This is more especially because, the fashion worlds emphasis on tall, thin and green women is frequently cited as contributing to poor self-esteem, anorexia and bias against the overweight (Herman, 1). Moreover, while fashion is a way of individual expression that differentiates an individual from the masse s, extreme performance of fashion serves to

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