Monday, June 17, 2019

Immigrant experience Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Immigrant experience - Research Paper ExampleThis immigrants first settled on the North American continent by the time the first sens of immigrants from Europe arrived. Conservative estimates places the number of immigrants at this time in the range of two million to eighteen million (Borjas, 1990). According to the United Nations (2006), there were at least one hundred and ninety one immigrants worldwide in 2005.Immigration deserves to be attributed the significant role it has played in the development of the scrimping as well as the unique contribution that it has made on the economy as well as the rich diversity that it also brings on board. Some of the immigration can be said to be cyclic or temporary since the immigrants usually go ass to their country of origin subsequentlyward achieving their goal of economic success. In virtually instances, some immigrants usually go to the new country for seasonal work and return back home after the work is over waiting for the next s eason. A good example of such a case is the Mexicans who often go to America to do some seasonal work. For instance, they usually immigrate to United States of America during the harvest season of tomatoes and work in the farms harvesting the tomatoes. After the harvest season is over, they return back to their country and wait for the next harvesting season (Borjas, 1990).However, virtually of the immigrants are usually aiming at staying in the new country forever. That would explain why most of the immigrants have historically opted to settle in the urban centers. There have been some important changes in the immigration trends in the last few decades. For starters, there have been more and more colored people immigrating and the second important change in trends is that these new immigrants are often settled in mild urban settlements where colored people have not settled in the past (Cross,1997). It is a significant development especially since it creates anew scenario in

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