Friday, May 3, 2019

Short Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Short Report - Essay idealThe major problems encountered by the company include poor recruitment and selection procedure, lack of precision in job description, incompetent leadership approach, lack of effective communication indoors the operational dimensions of the group, inadequate breeding and development programs, employee motivational limitations and lack of proper integration of HR strategies with the overall organisational goals. Thus, in order to soundness these challenges and issues, the City of Southbridge has been suggested to restructure its HRD and managerial approach. Addressing the rudimental flaws persisting within the organisation, along with a considerable significance towards identifying the early scope for improvements and opportunities to mitigate the limitations within the HR practices of the City of Southbridge, it is expected that this enshroud shall be helpful for the groups Chief executive director Officer (CEO) in taking requisite measures. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 The Role of a man Resource Department at the City of Southbridge 5 The Arguments for a Strategic Human Resource Management within the City Of Southbridge 6 Identification of strength Areas of Reform 8 Conclusion 10 Recommendations 10 References 12 Introduction City of Southbridge is a large-sized metropolitan local authority, which employs over 700 people in an array of professional, community amenity and manual components. Mr. Brian, the recently prescribed HR manager of the group, was able to identify several HR challenges during his professional tenure. In this context, Mr. Brian postulated that the group is unbosom burdened with the orthodox HR practice, wherein greater emphasis is allocated to administration and the related transactional functions only. It has been highlighted that the HR structure within the group was principally based on its functional dimensions, including recruitment and payroll section as the primeval and the largest sect ions. Mr. Brian further observed that none of the HR staff possessed adequate understanding regarding the strategic popular opinion or functions followed by the City of Southbridge, which in turn caused misalignments in the execution of the HR strategies in conformation with the strategic notion followed in the City of Southbridge. With due consideration to Mr. Brians concern, the primary purpose of this report is to lucidly highlight the role of Human Resource Department (HRD) within the City of Southbridge. The report further strives to explain the need for a strategic approach to resolve HRM issues within the City of Southbridge. Also, the report entails appointment of potential areas of scope within the group to accelerate the effective reform of the HR function in a strategic way. Throughout the report, in order to acquire considerable understanding and to draw legal and reliable conclusion, recently published academic journals and peer-reviewed articles have been utilized . Furthermore, journals containing relevant models and theories have been taken into concern for religious offering necessary recommendations in respect of the HR challenges identified within the City of Southbridge. The Role of a Human Resource Department at the City of Southbridge Human Resource Department (HRD) plays a crucial role that further imposes significant impacts on the overall

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