Saturday, May 4, 2019

Biodiversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Bio smorgasbord - canvas ExampleThe biological wealth has been threatened by the need for development leading to the interference with the ecosystem. The mathematical process of conservation takes the form of in situ and ex situ. The ex situ approach is the one in which the threatened species be conserved by being removed from their native habitat. In situ approach entails saving the entire ecosystem to warrant all levels of biodiversity are protected (Andre?e 29). Special settings are established where special care is given. Biodiversity goes beyond political boundaries (Pearson 17). Therefore, nations are expected to cooperate in the biodiversity conservation. The operationalization of biodiversity by definition refers to the need to have the diversity of biodiversities (Pearson 17). Biodiversity is a humongous concept whose success is dependent on a pluralistic approach. Governments are spell to the use of technology to enhance agricultural productivity. Food production dema nds a conclusive trueness to biodiversity through and through addressing climatic change, genetically modified interventions and their impact and the role of bio-fuel in dealings with sustainability. Effective governance and search is expected to hold soil and competencies of a farmer are properly utilized in the process. Biodiversity is indispensable for human survival and offers both direct and indirect benefits (Alkemade, Shrestha, and Trisurat 13). ... The diversity of biodiversities can be illustrated through the triplex endangered species in the aquatic habitat, land and even air. This demands cooperation among multiple stakeholders in conserving biodiversity and ensuring that effectiveness (Alkemade, Shrestha, and Trisurat 13). Conserving biodiversity calls for international commitment in terms of taxation, controlling poaching and sale of illegal animal products (Pearson 17). This can only find through protection of some areas, regular environmental assessments and st akeholder participation. Biodiversity is related to global regimen production. The concept of food production is related to the weather patterns, global warming and its effect on ecosystem and biodiversity. almost of the inherent difficulties of dealing with biodiversity include the role played by international stakeholders in enhancing developmental prosperity. Biodiversity is eliminated when food production is low. Some of the solutions involve dealing with climatic changes which are affecting food production (Pearson 17). In order to ensure is adequate food production, there is an urgent need to have increased stewardship on the current natural resources. In includes protecting wetlands and cropping intensity (Alkemade, Shrestha, and Trisurat 13). The potential for food production is expected to growing in the growth countries that invest in political stability and economic growth. This includes agricultural research that shall lead to a meliorate understanding of biodiversit y ad productivity. Intense agricultural research is being cited as a major event for consideration of genetically engineered organisms (Pearson 17). This can be referred to the artificial transfer of genetic material

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