Monday, May 13, 2019

Problem solving outline on getting organized Essay

Problem solving outline on getting organized - quiz ExampleMoreover, the garage is also heaving with corneres, books, likewisels and so on that needs to be given a proper place and sorted out. How should I go about solving this puzzle? Would I lapse living like this? How can I put everything in an organized manner? B. Description of the problem I stay diligent all day and wee less time to spare so I want to solve this problem by spending the least amount of time. However, I have some important material that I would like to keep with me so some sorting has to be done. Several choices would fit the need, but I have to consider all of the work involved and steel the right decision. II. Body A. Specific criteria stated 1) Time that would take to organize 2) Cost of organizing 3) Utilization of piazza B. Alternative 1, application of criteria, and evaluation Alternative 1 Boxing all the documents and belongings and labeling each box 1) This would take up a lot of time as I would have to go done everything and sort them into boxes. This would take a couple of days and thats too much time considering my busy schedule 2) The only cost would be the boxed that I would have to buy which is not too much to spend 3) the boxes may take a lot of space in the house C.

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