Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Intercultural Communication and Ecclesial Intergration African Research Paper

Intercultural Communication and Ecclesial Intergration African American - Research Paper modellingA decade later, the African slaves were taken to New York, known as New Amsterdam by then (African American annals Timeline, n.p.). By the year 1690, all the colonies of the States had African slaves. The African slaves in regular army were later given American citizenship when USA became independent in 1776.In the year 1739, the African slaves at Stono, in North Carolina revolted against the onerousnesss that their masters subjected them to. This revolt is known as Stono revolt (African American History Timeline, n.p.). This revolt, however, did not stop the oppression of the African slaves by their masters. The importation of African slaves was banned by the USA Congress in the year 1808.In the 19th century, many Africans immigrated to American in USA in search of greener pasture many of the African immigrants later became American citizens. The African immigrants, therefore, const itute a significant percentage of African Americans.Although Catholicism was brought to America in the archeozoic 16th century by the Spanish explorers, African American Catholics, however, could not be identified and defined as a distinct stem of Catholics in the United States until in the mid 19th century (Fisher, 52). This fact can be attributed to the oppression and the marginalization that the Africans had experienced in the USA.In the mid of 19th century, the slaves of the Catholic planters were baptized into Catholicism in the Maryland state (Fisher, 52). The formation of the first African American Catholic community in USA can be attributed to the migration of slave owners from Maryland to Kentucky in the early 19th century. With the migration of slave owners in the early 19th century, the African slaves formed their community in the Nelson County area. With the formation of a community of African American slave community, the African American Catholics became a distinct group of American Catholics. The African American Catholics, therefore, gained expulsion in the early 19th

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