Monday, February 4, 2019

Essay --

Hopelessness is an intense emotion every individual feels at one point in their life, a feeling closely interlinked with depression and suicide. In the poems It was not Death, for I stood up, and I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, by Emily Dickinson and No worst, there is none. Pitched past v block up of grief, by Gerard Manley Hopkins, the theme of the poems is promiselessness, but the authors approach the theme differently in each poem.In the poem, It was not Death, for I stood up, Dickinson uses words to describe the feel of hopelessness she feels as she tries to pinpoint the source of her anguish. In the first cardinal stanzas, she uses specific sensory details to convey her chaotic feelings to tell the commentator what her condition cannot be. A repetition of it was not (1) is then followed by a reason of why she eliminated the possibility, using the senses of sound or touch. She merges together the conditions she had eradicated and by means of her chaotic dry land, her sen timents turn toward funerals. This causes her to think ab step up her death and her current state of mind. She feels her life were shaven (13), so that the only emotions left were despair and alarm with the feeling of hope lost. She also could not breathe without a tell apart (15) terror does not directly affect a persons breathing, but it sometimes causes a person to feel as if he were suffocating, unable to breathe. Her key that she needs is to understand what she is feeling, but she cannot figure it out (15). The last stanza in the poem expresses an overwhelming feeling of bleakness, there is no opportunity for rescue, like Chaos Stopless / Without a Chance / Or dismantle a Report of Land (21-23). In the last line, there is a paradox, that since there was no possibility of hop... ...er already confused and chaotic mind, her thought process leads her to thinking about death and hopelessness of being healed. Hopkinss poem starts out differently, with him thinking that there wa s nothing that could be worsened than what he was going through, but in the process of searching for relief, he discovers there is no relief with death. His poem comes to the same conclusion as Dickinsons, the hopelessness of having no cure to save them. The ending to Dickinsons piece poem is similar to this that after her descent into insanity, there is no hope for her of ever going back to reality. In these three poems, imagery plays a large part with helping the author describe their thoughts and situations, which increases the feeling the lecturer has because it seems more lifelike. The three poems begin at various places, but end with the revolving theme of hopelessness.

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