Thursday, February 9, 2017

Family Relationships in Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre hinges on the bond and be intimate that pull through between family relationships. Family relationships sets the novel in motion and lav be seen as the main incentive to the protagonist: Jane Eyre. From Gateshead, to Lowood and then to Thornfield, Jane searches for wizard thing: family. Mr. and Mrs. Reed argon Janes surrogate p arents and its on theses grounds that family relationships are initially explo cherry-red in the novel. Janes parents died from typhus and she lives with the Reeds in Gateshead. In the Victorian Era and fifty-fifty in the modern world, the share of the mother consists of nurture, care and love for their children. However, readers find that Mrs. Reed on the contrary is abusive and ineffable towards Jane. She forcibly locks Jane in the dash Red Room. The room is grace with mainly in red and a little snow-covered and this is symbolic of Janes whiteness meeting the intense acrid emotions that comes with an unpleasant life. This is affirmed b y the whirlwind of negative emotions Jane suffers in there. Her repeating of why?\nIn reply to her awful situation and the feature that she considers never eating or drinking shows her depressed and suicidal mental state. Moreover, Mrs. Reed doesnt care for and treats her with great contempt. This is shown by the fact that Jane is said to be physically inferior to Eliza, can buoy and Georgiana which shows the possible maltreatment Jane endured. This is again further highlighted by the preferential treatment Mrs. Reed shows in that she calls an apothecary to treat Jane and the handmaids whiles she employs a physician to treat herself and her children. Mr. Reed can be viewed as Janes surrogate father. However, he dies when Jane is actually young and Jane remarks that if he was alive, he would have treated her with bounty and love. His position is taken up by tail Reed the breadwinner and the only populace of the house. However, John Reed interchangeable his mother is...

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