Friday, February 10, 2017

Advertising Analysis - Diesel

To the Advertising Standards Authority UK.\n\nOn June 30 of 2010, an advertisement was released in a powder magazine and I am really uncomfortable with it. The nib, which Im complaining for, is a poster from the brand Diesel. This advertisement has an painting of a woman stand up outdoors in a bikini. She is holding open her bikini bottom with one impart and with the other one she is pickings a picture of her genitalia. A lion is shown looking at her in desire from the background. just now thats not all in all; there is also a text in the impression that says, Smart may permit the brains, barely stupid has the balls. Be stupid. Diesel. Before contacting you, I do some calls. In the low place, I called the magazine where I saw the article and complained with them virtually this im time and they told me that the average age readers were between 21 and 24 years old and that no younger people than that are interested in it, so they told me that the readers were un same(p )ly to get offended by the ads they posted.\nThen, continuing to voice my disapproval about this adverb, I called where they created it. Diesel. When I told them about the adverb that I was complaining about their chemical reaction was to say that this poster had the excogitation to show a very strong and unexpected femininity by aligning it with ordinary masculine things such as the lion and the confident deportment that it is shown in the woman. Also with the utilize of the text Stupid has the balls depict her way of thinking. They said that there was nothing in the adverb that was considered nauseated and that it didnt contained nudity, that there was the usual make out of clothes you use un an adverb of swim suits or in lingerie ads. \nMaybe for the people of the magazine and from Diesel, this advertisement seem like no harm for society, but let me tell you what I saw. I saw a woman, who captures all my attention for her stead of taking pictures of the genitalia, wh ich encourage an anti-social demeanor because...

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