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Experiment 8 Dystan Medical Supply Company chilly Packs and raging Packs IN CHEM S125 1705 EXP CHEMISTRY I HONORS Introduction tart and frigid packs atomic number 18 used to treat injuries in the infirmary to minor injuries at home. For example, cold packs are used to defend a patients body temperature down when they plough deathly piquant or to decrease inflammation in a sprained ankle. Hot packs can be used to make out vigour spasms, muscle soreness, inflammation, and relieve pain. Since the demand for sultry and cold packs is so great, companies analogous Dystan Medical Supply produce and interchange cold and voluptuous packs in large quantities. These packs are do by disintegration flavours in water. When an ionic compound dissociates in water it every absorbs qualification from the water or releases brawn to the water. When the compound absorbs energy, it does so through wake energy. This is an endothermic process. An exoergic process would be one in which energy is released to the surroundings. In this case hot packs are exothermic and cold packs are endothermic. In common a pack is created by development a plastic bag which has a compartment of water and a compartment of salt. The bag is scattered and the two mix either absorbing or emitting heat.
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The number of heat depends on the salts concentration in the water.1 In chemistry, calorimeters are constructed to find the henry of reactants and calculate the heat evolved. At constant pressure the total heat is the heat gained or lost by a s ystem. A calorimeter is a braid that is a! closed system. Therefore, no energy can move into the system, so any change in temperature is due to the substances inside the calorimeter. For this experiment, water was the substance that is put into the calorimeter and wherefore a salt was added and the initial and final temperatures were recorded. However, a calorimeter is non perfect; and then it must first be graduated by having a known amount of substance at a known...If you unavoidableness to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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