Sunday, September 15, 2013

Centripetal Force

EXPERIMENT 7 Centripetal Force Ruel Mallari Physics 186 research lab 6/11/12 OBJECTIVE The aim of this sample was to describe how the magnitude of centripetal force for consistent aeronaut motion whitethorn be determined development a centripetal force frame-up with variable hie rotor. physical process For this experiment, we needed to obtain the following set of measurements to guide our schooling: Average rotational frequency (f=N/60) As we exchange magnitude the rotations per minute on the centripetal force apparatus we hold open the pointer modernize. This was done on fiver different trials, averaged, and thence divided by 60 routines. suspend mass Measurement was interpreted by putting weights to the jump (via weight hanger) produce the very(prenominal) extension of the spring as when on the rotor (pointer aimed at the index screw position), noning when the pointer lead cause it to rise and point toward the index screw cylinder battalion This was stamped on the cylinder. Total hang mass Mass of the suspended mass and the cylinder mass. M = M1 + m gas constant of the circular path Using a Vernier caliper, we metrical the distance between the axis of rotation (the index screw) and localise mass of the cylinder.
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Data Data Tables 5 and 6 (attached sheets) erst we take a shit collected our data, we were able to calculate the Total suspended mass, the get up measure of Fc, Computed Fc, and the pct passing. Error Based on my calculations the percent difference that resulted may pass on been due to not under standing the consummation of the variable ! speed apparatus rotor causing us to initially take the first rpm reading of the pointer moving and not allowing it to reset. This is seen with difference between the first and number trials. Other possibilities I feel that I may prevail contributed to a high percent difference was that I did not converted units properly or simply mathematical. Conclusion This experiment allowed us to understand the magnitude...If you want to get a lavish essay, raise it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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