Friday, October 18, 2019

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Volkswagen Research Paper

Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Volkswagen - Research Paper Example The Volkswagen Group is one of the largest car manufacturing companies in the world. With its latest launch â€Å"Polo†, Volkswagen has come out with an innovative ad to attract large number of consumers. The IMC tools used by Volkswagen in the case of Polo have been advertising through both print and electronic media, internet marketing, online banners, direct marketing, etc. Volkswagen’s prime IMC strategies related to the Polo car can be discussed as follows:Advertising is the form of communication which s non-personal and provides information about the services, products and the organization. Volkswagen’s television commercial of the Polo car was to make a new beginning in the small car segment. The company through the ad campaign has tried to differentiate itself from other car makers as its television was made to attract young males while other small car makers are largely targeting females. The advertisement has been used extensively by Volkswagen to creat e awareness about the new Polo car and its unique features which makes it a choice for young males rather than showing females taking their cars for shopping. The ad campaign for the Polo car was on the line of â€Å"Dedicated Followers of No One†. The ad campaign has been used by Volkswagen to target people especially males who like to have their own style rather than keep changing with the trends. Interactive marketing or internet marketing as become the most sought after advertising prospect for the companies. With more and more people using internet the companies are getting more inclined towards internet marketing through which they can target a healthy number of people. Volkswagen has used this medium to extend its reach globally in context to the Polo car. The company has very well used internet marketing by putting ads through online banners on popular social networking sites and other websites. Further a special micro site was created to attract the target market esp ecially the young males. The page of the website was designed as a driving game to give the people excitement of driving a Polo car. Celebrity interviews were also posted on the micro site as a tactic to attract consumers. The interactive marketing was used to further create eagerness amongst the young car lovers. Social Media Volkswagen also used social media strategy in the form of a game based on Marco/Polo. The company promoted the Polo car on a popular social ne

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