Tuesday, October 15, 2019

-High school graduates should take a year off (a gap year) before Essay

-High school graduates should take a year off (a gap year) before entering university - Essay Example This makes them appreciate cultural diversity, and as a result, they are able to interact with other students from different cultural backgrounds (Griffith 220) b) Some of the students get a chance to travel to other foreign places which provides them an opportunity to learn different cultures that are different from their own. The travelling also offers a chance to earn money and learn new languages. 3. a) It provides an opportunity to save money. In this economic crisis, the high-school graduates engage in income-generating activities that provide money to pay college tuition and offset other expenses (White 54). b) The students save money in the form of having a clear objective in what courses to take in college. This enables them to avoid four or more years of wasted money and time spent on aimless drifting from one course to another. 4. a) The gap year increases the chance of a student admission to college of choice. The break-off year gives one a chance to take part in other extra-curricular activities that give leverage to ones admission chances. During college admissions, a lot of factors are considered besides the student’s score and teacher recommendation (White 53). b) The factors may include volunteering for a cause or organization, or learning of a foreign language, for example, for two student applicants with high student’s score and appropriate recommendations from the teachers, the one with extra experience in matters non academic stands a high chance of being admitted compared to his counterpart. III Conclusion: As I conclude, it is evident that the year gap does more good than harm to a high-school graduate. Students with the experience of a year gap bring a different aspect to classes. Majority of the students who have taken a year gap, are of the opinion, that they learned more during the one year compared to the total time they have spent in a college class.

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