Saturday, October 19, 2019

Global Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Global Business Plan - Essay Example It has introduced magnificent devices which have been in vogue for the last two decades. Garmin GPS can be studied under the following headings: Geography: Being a wonderful navigation-devices manufacturer, Garmin has brought revolution in the discipline of geography and space sciences. With the help of the tools introduced by Garmin, it has become very easy to search and detect an area or a place, and everything related to a specific region all over the globe. Garmin devices are not limited to land only. On the contrary, one can detect almost every route existing in the air, under deep water, in thick jungles, over the high mountains and in vast deserts. In addition, Garmin has rendered its valuable services in the fields of sports, hiking, communications and learning. Competition: Being a superb manufacturing corporate organization, Garmin seeks tough competition from the rival companies. There was a time when it was the sole producer of navigation equipments, but with the arrival of competitor brands, in the wake of IT revolution, Garmin faces tough competition. TomTom, Hoover’s, AstroFly Litkin, Shenzhen and thousands of other companies are now the competitors of Garmin GPS. With the splendid rise of the Chinese companies, Garmin faces great competition from the Asian markets. Legal/political structure: Garmin GPS is well aware of the legal rights including intellectual property rights and others the political and legal authorities offer to the corporate firms and industries. Regarding its political structure, the company was co-founded by Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao, and is still administered by both these persons. The company has well-established it administrative hierarchy, which consists of board of directors and managerial and technical staff. The board of directors is responsible for devising strategic schemes, policies and plans for the company,

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