Friday, October 11, 2019

“Art in Action: Dance Series” Reflection Paper Essay

Last February 16, we were required to watch Art in Action: Dance Series which features the Brazilian School of Capoeira (EBC). The program contains lectures and actual performances by students from the university and guest artists. Some of the lectures given were the following; Introduction to music, benefits of music to the artist and audience, elements of music and intoduction of different filipino ethnic instruments. The program also featured different kinds of dances like ; Philippine Northern Dances, Mindanao Dances, Classical Ballet, Swing, Modern Dances, Streetdance and Capoiera. Even though a lot of types were mentioned, I saw that the program focused mostly on dances from our country. The program still focused on how vibrant our culture is and how it changed over time. Honestly, my perception of philippine dances changed after watching this show because I saw how beautiful and creative those dances were. This program really made me appreciate more our culture. I’m now confident in saying that I learned a lot from this program, not just from our culture but also about dance as general. I learned that dance is really a form of art because it also requires creative skills which are also needed when painting or in arts and crafts. However, the highlight of the show were the featured guests from The Brazilian School of Capoeira (EBC). Members of EBC performed and they surely left the audience in awe. They were kind enough to give a â€Å"free class† when they asked volunteers from the audience to come and join them onstage. All in all, the show was very fun and educational. I learned a lot of things about dance which changed the way I saw dance before. I really recommend that everyone should watch them perform. It’s worth watching and everyone will surely have a good time.

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