Thursday, September 26, 2019

Human rights campaign proposal and Rationale Essay

Human rights campaign proposal and Rationale - Essay Example The campaign will focus on the various enumerated human rights included in the HRA and draw attention to the fact that the HRA guarantees the protection of those rights in a single document as opposed to an accumulation of years of judgments and various legislative provisions that are open to interpretation. Our campaign will seek to emphasize that the HRA brings universally accepted human rights protection to Great Britain. We would therefore like to publish and display posters at visible sites such as bus stops, train stations, billboards and other public places. The posters will be marked by our campaign logo: What’s Wrong with Human Rights? The body of the poster will list: The Right to Life; Prohibition against Torture; Prohibition against Slavery; the Right to Liberty; the Right to Fair and Public Trial; the Right to Privacy; Freedom of Conscience; Freedom of Expression; Freedom of Assembly; Presumption of innocence; and the Right to Marry. Surrounding the list of enumerated rights the poster will ask: Is this too Much to Ask? What if These Rights were Taken Away? At the bottom of the poster the following declaration will be made: These Rights are enumerated in the Human Rights Act 1998. Support our Campaign against the repeal of the Human Rights Act 1998. For more information visit our website: We will maintain a website under the name The homepage will display various images of the protection of human rights in practice. For instance, a trial will be displayed with images of a jury, a defendant, a judge, lawyers and members of the public drawing attention to the right to a fair and open trial. A picture of a man in blindfolds and handcuffed being interrogated by uniformed police officers with a red X across the photograph emphasising protection against torture. Another picture with a man or woman with a noose around his or her

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