Wednesday, September 25, 2019

How Horses Were Still Used In World War I Term Paper

How Horses Were Still Used In World War I - Term Paper Example How Horses Were Still Used In World War I This paper aims to establish this opinion that WWI hugely influenced human and animal interrelationships by the way horses were used in the war. It will also highlight different ways in which horses were used. Discussion will be supported with important research literature to assess the extent to which this opinion could be held true. History shows that cavalry units or warriors mounted on horseback formed an essential constituent of a military force. It is claimed that â€Å"the best horses were taken by the cavalry† (Breverton). The greater the number of horses, the stronger a military force was considered. This is before the vulnerability of animals to modern artillery was much of an issue. However, horses continued to be used in WWI because warfare was also going through important changes in this time period. Warfare used in WWI had not been used before, so not much was known by the combatants about the vulnerability of animals before machine guns or tanks. It should be remembered that this war changed the concept of armed conflict. This is because it represents a very important transition from the use of horses to modern artillery. WWI was started with cavalry forces, but the favor shifted from horses to machine guns over passing time. This shift also occurred because â€Å"supplying the fodder for ho rses and mules was a permanent problem† (Breverton). WWI marks a transition period in human and animal interrelationships.

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