Saturday, September 14, 2019

Bullying and Fun Thing Essay

Schools from all over the world should really start preventing all this bullying thats going on. I find it bad that everyone makes fun of everyone. Either if it’s cyberbullying or just bullying, it’s a problem for a lot of students. In order to prevent bullying and all of this harassment, there’s so many things that I’d think can solve this problem. One of the first things that i think could be a solution for all of this would be talking to all of their parents, have a meeting about it, because most of their parents are also bullies. For example, that mother in Missouri who was making pretend she was a guy named Josh Evans on myspace and was cyberbullying her daughters friend just because she wanted revenge on that poor little girl and then she committed suicide. This all needs to stop! Parents are supposed to be setting an example for their children but they’re really not doing that correctly. More and more kids are losing their lifes because of this. It really isn’t a fun thing to do, the only thing you’re really doing is hurting and making them feel really bad. Noone would like it if someone else would do it to you. Changing the subject, the community should be more aware of this in my opinion. I feel like they need to step up a whole lot and make them have some changes around. The police should track on the computer everything that happens with everyone now a days, and if there’s any cyberbullying going on then they should just simply arrest them. They should be more stricter about it, not just around the community but also in schools. Sometimes I feel like they’re really not doing anything about bullying. I feel like noone cares at all, especially after what happened with the young adults that commited suicided these past few years.

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