Thursday, August 15, 2019

Y is history important

History is important to us because it is the heritage that shaped the world we live in today. What we do today will be part of history in the future. It Is mainly important because it helps us to understand the world, and how It became what we see today. It can help us to solve problems that we face today by seeing the solutions that were tried In the past. We must learn from mistakes that were made before us, so that we do not repeat them. So that you can help to avoid petting Its mistakes.History Is Important as It covers a huge spectrum of human satellites Including arts- literature, architecture, politics, painting and many others. We have to consider our past to build our future because we learn from our past mistakes. We learn to Improve by learning from past mistakes-Through history we learn about our culture,traditional and moral values. It's Important to learn about out country's history because history always repeats Itself. So, when history does repeat Itself, we have a be tter understanding on how to resolve it. For example, we can get ideas on how to help our economy by looking back at the Great Depression. Also, so to learn how superior your country is over other countries and races of people prompting extermination. It's important to learn about out country's history because history always repeats itself. Also, when history does repeat itself, we have a people prompting extermination.

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