Saturday, August 17, 2019

CheckPoint-Audience Analysis and Reception Essay

Communication is the most important key to any relationship, in the business world it is the way to keep the business running smoothly. This is why analyzing the audience is the most important task a writer can perform in order to effectively communicate or present any information to their audience. In this particular scenario, I have been assigned to write a report to the management team at my work place. Therefore it is important for me to analyze all of the characteristics of each of the member of my management team to ensure the effectiveness of my report. Since I will be writing a formal report, I would need to ensure that it is legible, use appropriate wording in order to create the proper business tone in my report. I need to ensure that all information written on my report is accurate. Check that all of my sources are credible and that there won’t be any misunderstanding in the report. The writer’s credibility is an extremely important thing to have; this is why I would have to make sure that all of the data posted on my report is accurate. By doing so it will show the management team that I am trustworthy, reliable and I get the job done correctly. I would also need to think about what would motivate them and interest them in my report. Therefore, I would make sure my report includes facts that would motivate them such as weekly and monthly sales reports, financial gains and productivity. These are all very important points for me to keep in mind when writing the report. If my report was poorly written and not in a business professional tone, would make me look bad in their eyes. Also failing to provide accurate information or present it in a professional way, will affect my credibility greatly. They will not see me as the honest hard worker that I am. They would instead see me as an uncaring person that did not bother to do the research and gather facts to present before them. Also if my report does not contain any information that does not pertain to the management team, I would lose their interest quickly.

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