Friday, August 9, 2019

Bad impacts of computers on people and society Research Paper

Bad impacts of computers on people and society - Research Paper Example For example, chatting on the internet sometimes connects lovers despite the distance. However, it also reduces the amount of time they spend together and therefore weaken their bonds. In addition, excessive usage of computers results in development of health problems among the computer users. For example, eyesight problems due to staring on the screen and complications resulting from maintaining rigid postures for prolonged periods are examples. The role of computers in reducing outdoor activities also implicates usage of computers in the increasing rates of lifestyle diseases (Winston, 2010). Other problems include the development of social misfits due to the role of computers in learning, especially in children (Zhang, 2011). However, the majority of these problems are a reflection of the changing social structures that are accelerated by usage of computers. Therefore, though computers have negative effects on the users, the negativity is a function of the changing social structure s. Computers merely accelerate the changes. Over the last few decades, the volume of computer usage has been increasing due to innovations and advancements in technology. Innovations increase the convenience of computer usage and advancements in technology facilitate the innovations. For example, the rise of the social media platforms over the last decade has increased the amount of time spent on the internet, especially by the youth. Though the increasing usage of computers are a function of advancement and reflect positive changes, it results in health problems, social problems and behavioral problems in the society. According to Winston, 2009. Lifestyle related diseases are the leading cause of death in the US today. These diseases are a function of poor lifestyle activities that limit physical exercises and therefore result in the buildup of fats in the body. For example, due to social media, people can now

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