Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A reflection of Being and Nothingness and Woman as the Other Essay - 1

A reflection of Being and Nothingness and Woman as the Other - Essay Example In that literature, Jean-Paul Sartre tries to elucidate an issue which many philosophers overlooked. There is a relation between being and nothingness. And when Sartre posited that â€Å"I am a waiter in the mode of being what I am not† (Sartre 388), he somehow implied that anyone who has attended social gatherings, for example a conference, is aware of the fact that competing interests and various levels of understanding of events often subsist. Sartre, therefore, implies that if anything to do with â€Å"temporality† of an event gives precedence to duration. Additionally, that, though, duration may attract different interpretations, it must involve "an organizing activity, which in this case is what the subject awaits but is not interested in. Nonetheless, Kant did not perceive a processing of a variety and the planning event. At stake, for organization concepts, is the channel of â€Å"common† memory, which Sartre argues may not represent all the thinking of t he attendants following an event. In Sartre's concept of temporality and planning, being content with the prevailing events. And this encompasses his philosophies and multiple contributions regarding Being and Nothingness. Sartre’s philosophies highlight the nature of human souls, the social habits such as leisurely activities, work, and grooming, to the styling of human way of life. The â€Å"waiter† aspect of the quote is a philosophical word that he uses to imply to a participant in a social event, who does not fully enjoy the happenings.

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