Monday, June 10, 2019

The Pantheon Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

The Pantheon - Term Paper ExampleFrom the research The Pantheon it is clear that even though the traditional porch was a popular thing among the Romans, combining it with a giant rotunda resulted into a completely new and unique structure. Those visiting the building would approach it via a large courtyard referred to as forecourt. The forecourt was bordered by marble columns on each of its sides (DuTemple22). At the far end, they would see the traditional porch with its carved stone columns (DuTemple22). However, there was no clear view of the rotunda at the back of the porch. When advance the building from the forecourt, the dome appeared to be large, but not particularly fundamental. The rotunda resembled a gigantic saucepan fitted with a lid on its top (DuTemple22). It is only after entering the porch that anyone could come into the reality of the beautiful sight inside the rotunda, which was a perfect hemisphere, 142 feet (43 m), in diameter, curving upward from the top of a g iant round bulwark (DuTemple22). After clearing the ground on which the building was to be built, the prizements of the building were done by Hadrians architects. The measurement was in circular form because it was easier to measure a circular building than a rectangular one. Because the place in which the Pantheon was to be built was near a river, which often flooded, the architects knew the only solution was to mystify a strong foundation for the building. The strong foundation was very important owing to the massive weight that the dome of the Pantheon would exert on it.

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