Saturday, June 22, 2019

Outlining on hove smartphones improved Americans live Essay

Outlining on hove smartphones improved Americans live - Essay ExampleThe physical exertion of smartphone applications has helped healthcare professionals and laypersons in the following ways, which includeThe work environment has been made more palatable through the increased acceptance of smartphones. Most companies have integrated the smartphones as integral tools for assessment, information gathering, parley and training, and transacting with clients (Pitichat 5). The specific tasks performed by the smartphones to make the functions of organizations seamless includec. Smartphones have made it easier for employees to get in contact with clients and complete transactions offsite. This has been enhanced by the go for of video conferencing capabilities of the smartphones. This platform can also be used by the management to contact their employees and amongst the employees themselves.Socialization and the entertainment of Americans have also benefited from the increased use of smar tphones. The ability of phones to get Wi-Fi and the increased ability to get 4G network capabilities has enabled people to access the internet Sarwar and Soomro (223). The increased access to the internet has brought increased use of hearty media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and online entertainment such as the Apple Store. Entertainment has also benefited through the increased ease in accessing information and facilities such as concerts and ticketing.Pitichat, T. Smartphones in the workplace Changing organizational behavior, transforming the future. LUX A Journal of Transdisciplinary Writing and Research fromClaremont Graduate University, 3 (1). P. 1-10, 2013.

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