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Homeschool vs Public School Essay Example for Free

Home give lessons vs national School EssayIn this paper I externalise on describing education and how it has shaped me. How education effects e preciseone depending on their situation, whether they ar rich, poor, white, black, healthy , or disable . There is a type of education for everybody. In all three testifys the authors taught us through the characters they used, the denseships and discrimination that they insured trying to seek an education if they were not considered in the right classification in society.They energise taught us that nothing go off stop us and we can reach to the stars for anything we command to do as long as we digest the will power. As you read my essay you will see both(prenominal) of my own mothers hardships that she went through for us so we could get a thoroughly education. The essay tells you how you should go roughly to choose your education too. It proved in the essay Finishing School by Maya Angelou, how hard it was to be poor and bl ack and get an education or be recognized in society.Even though her Mistress tried to dishonor her by changing her name and disgracing her in front of her friends Angelou had no design on standing still for it. She might be black just now she was not to be put down .She was just as smart or smarter as her mistress as far as she was concerned and no one had any right black or white , rich or poor to discriminate or change anything about her. This was a lesson Angelou taught us to do standing up for ourselves no matter how hard it may be Our education is well worth it and so argon we. In the essay Indian Education by Sherman Alexie, he had it hard on the reservation. First he was picked on in publication aim by his peers,,which is something a lot of us go through. As he got older he turned the tables and went through umteen hardships in his education.Finally to succeed and going to public prepare. He had to change his ways and get a proper education in order to start out somet hing in life. Alexie learned from discrimination and peer pressure. He learned what he had to do to crystalise his life better and how to improve it . All the hardships Alexie, Angelou and Smith-Yackel went through did not stop any of them, they kept going and that is what is I think what makes our education the identical Teachers have a way with teaching as told in the essay The Banking Concept of Education by Paulo Concept of Education (Home School vs. Public School 3 Friere.As told in the essay Friere points out how Four propagation Four is Sixteen can just be words unless put to use by the student . It is not just up to the instructor to teach us but up to us to take in what the instructor is trying to teach us. However, at the same time it goes without saying if a instructor knows further one way of teaching which may be memorization then that may be the only way a student can learn . So as student I think it is up to us to learn as much as we can. The teacher can only do so much, we have to do the rest . I think that is what Friere is also trying to point out to us.It is not only up to the teacher but up to us as the student too. The essay written by Bonnie Smith-Yackel My Mother Never Worked, is the one that really touched my vegetable marrow the most. This is my favorite one. My mother was like Martha in many ways. Although my mother had epilepsy all of her life she volunteered to do everything for everyone. My mom was on disability but did not let that keep her down. It was society that tried to keep her, down but she refused to let them hold her back. She was a stay at fireside mom and did everything for us . She babysat for neighbors, friends and family.She was on that point at a moments notice if anyone had a sick sister and needed her. She was a winderful mother and wife. She went to college for child development and got her associates degree. When we started work she went to school with us every day and volunteered from eight in the morning till we got out of school each day. My moms dream was to be a teacher but because of epilepsy and disability she could not. She could still volunteer though but not get paid for her services. This did not bother my mom. To her she was still fulfilling her job as a teacher. When I was a child I went to public school.I learned a lot while in elementary school and some of mettle school. As I got older I cared less about my education and more about fitting in. I grew up in Michigan and went to school there until the middle of the eighth grade. Starting in about the seventh grade school started being more about who was more popular and who likes who, or look at those cheap shoes that girl is wearing. For me I was more concerned about being cool and Concept of Education (Home School vs. Public School) 4 fitting in, than caring about my education. In the middle of eighth grade my family moved to Arkansas.This was very hard on me. I missed my friends very much and didnt want to s tart a new school. My grades did improve for a while, but that was only because I didnt have any friends to focus my attention on. I focused more on my school work. However this did not last long. I didnt fit in because it was a very small town and I was a shy kid. I then started skipping school. When my mom found out she decided to put me in home school. Education was important to her and my pop music. She always cute to make sure I succeeded in life She got me up every morning just like as if I was going to school.I had the same hours as any other student in public school. My vacations were based around the public school. If the public school had a snow day or holiday I was allowed to have that day off. Home school was ingenuous for me because I had one on one teaching which I did not have in the public school. I needed that because of me being so shy and at times I would not raise my hand if I had questions. In home school I had my mom and dad to help me. I could focus better on my school work because I was not flurry or afraid of not getting anything done .I had hands onlearning with my mom, and my dad incorporated projects to go with her lessons. I remember my dad and making a computer out of sugar cubes and Styrofoam , volcano, castles out of toilet paper rolls and a lot of other projects. I was never really good in English although believe it or not my mom was very good . My mom taught me the fundamentals of school work, while my dad taught me about cars , how to plant life a garden, and taking care of animals such as pigs, chickens, cows. We had a garden with fruits and vegetables, I learned to cook for large family. I was in FFA and I won the BBQ chicken semi- finals.I learned how to live in society. I worked and had a job too. My mom taught me much more then what you can learn in a book . She taught me lives lessons just like Martha taught her children in My Mother Never Worked. She gave me the skills I needed. I learned to use those skills and so here I am today working at Lakeland Hospital now for 10 years Concept of Education (Home School vs. Public School) 5 and finally going to college and examine for a nursing Career. Audience Analysis With education comes how we the parent, teacher and student will educate or be educated.One of the toughest decisions that youre going to face as a parent is that youre going to have to decide where to send your kids to school. However, most parents at least consider the choice to choose either private school, home school or public school. You as a parent can weigh the options of what you think would be better for you and your childs education. To do this you and your child might want to weight the factors that play a part in the pros and cons of public school and home school and what is best for you and your child. As a parent you may bump that publicschools have too many peer problems.Kids may argue with peers or pick up bad habits in public schools. There are so many children to one teacher it is hard to give one on one to the child that is quiet and needs help but wont ask and they get lost in the school system. Your child may have health issues, like diabetes or other disabilities therefore when lunchtime comes it is hard for your child if he or she has diabetes or foods he or she can not have and is forced to eat what there or just take a sandwich from home and be the outsider. As a parent or student you need to weigh what isbest for the both of you.Home school may be the answer in this case. Home schooling is a great way to bring a family closer together, but you have to make sure your kids (and you) are getting the social interaction they need. You can set a school schedule that suits your family, travel together when its best for all of you and revel more family and life together. You also need to make sure you have the type of relationship with your child to listen to instruction from you as a teacher instead to a parent, You as a parent have the o ption to teach your child anythingfrom bible (which most public schools do not allow) to the basics school book skills to life skills. As a working parent public school is probably better .Transportation is provided, so there is no need Concept of Education (Home School vs. Public School) 6 to worry about having a car. School buses will pick up your child to and from school. For some parents the choice is easy because of the funds and the availability of the parents time. Public schools provide the kids with an opportunity to great activities , this is important to many of you as parents and as students . Many of you want your children in activities andthink this is important.Public school gives you this option , so this you might want to take into consideration also. All around development is easier in public schools. If you are worried about feeding your child at school and you are low income, they have low cost or free breakfast and lunches for your child too. So basically it is up to you on the education of your children. There are pros and cons. In Conclusion Some kids do best when they are able to mingle different options to complete their education. In order to choose the right type of school, you need to weigh all of the optionsopen to you.My sister Amy went and graduated from public school with honors. My sister Christal received a GED. , she choose to work. School was hard for her. I have an adopted sister Janice who was in special ed , she went to public school but was in special classes and received a special diploma . Now days you can do both of two worlds my sister (Chasity) has PCOS and Diabetes which do her miss a lot of school so she is doing through Coloma High School , a Coloma Virtual Academy which is a home school but works with the public school too. .She goesto school to pick classes, participates if she wishes, can graduate with her class, but her Doctors appointments and her health problems will no longer obstruct her from her educa tion. So my mom is home schooling her in a different way than she did me. They made a different choice of education for her. They both were good choices but for different reasons. That is why you should look into the situation before deciding what to do. As a parent your child is not the same as anyone else so they may require a different type of education just like my sisters and I did. It is you and your childs choice.

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