Thursday, May 9, 2019

Women and Economics in Colonial and Post Revolution America Essay

Women and Economics in colonial and Post Revolution America - Essay ExampleShe discusses among many other topics motherhood, sex, domestic duties, the role of women as educators, feminine inclinations, womens relationships with men and the existence of women as human beings. I believe that human beings have in their nature a primal instinct for survival and that women have relied on men for their livelihood for so long that this human instinct has become blunted. This view is supported in Gilmans deform where her writings site to a belief that women are now more than feminine than they are human 1By Gilmans definitions, women had a primarily feminine role to play in colonial America. In early gray colonies, females were heavily outnumbered by men but the hardships of life ensured that all inhabitants had to earn their living regardless of gender. Women go to domestic duties like sewing and cooking and men devoted more time to productivity in the fields but regardless of job des criptions, all were kept busy in they strife of fashioning a living. With a rise in European conflict and the spread of these disputes to America, a new tribe of widows emerged who were previously dependent on their husbands for the livelihood of their families 2 These women gradually integrated themselves into the urban workforce a move that was encour sequenced by authorities to decrease the number of widows and orphans dependent on charity.3 The revolutionary age brought change in the attitudes of women. Prior to the American revolution, migrant families to America had brought with them ideals about a womans place and perceptions of muliebrity from the bases of their European origins. However, as the political environment changed and people in general became more outspoken, there evolved a greater tolerance to opinionated women. Women began to hold meetings in their homes involving both men and women where they criticized political and religious figures and discussed everythin g from economics to medicine. 4The American Revolution was not simply a military conflict between American colonies and the British Empire there was a strong cultural and economic resistance in America. Americans became more reluctant to rely on British produced goods and this started an industrial economy for women. Because of this boycott of British products, women became responsible for producing approximately of their families clothing at home in addition to other consumables like candles and soap 5 6. To get over to support their families and produce food for the army, women also took to the fields and assumed an important role in market-gardening 5. If a family owned a business like an inn or a printing press, women a good deal assumed these entrepreneurial roles while their husbands were away 7. This allowed women to demonstrate levels of competency and success at opportunities that were denied to them in the past. Women launched a full scale assault to cement their plac e in the American workforce. In the past, women who were forced to work were careful not make their activities too obvious. There remained traditions in society that a womans place was in her home her private sphere. However, during the revolution, as the demand for women in the workplace grew, women became more prepared to advertise their products and service 8.Women were not only participating in docile duties. Women sometimes traveled with

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