Monday, May 6, 2019

Criminological theories with the context of social policy Essay

Criminological theories with the context of social policy - Essay Example5). facial expression at the lens of criminological theories, their essential applications could be primarily seen in the creation of various social policies which are mostly grounded on the bases of effective criminological theories.According to Dr. Paul Knepper (2007), various criminological theorieswhich basically resulted from the instituted questions regarding crimeshave led to the institution of a diversified array of policy implicationsi.e., social policy, which concerns social public assistance (p. 3). Most of the different criminological theories contributed importantly to the institution of social policy which grounded on the very mall of such criminological theories. In fact, there were different social policies (and policy implications) which were formed and directed to addressing the problems of crimes stipulated and make essential by the different criminological theories. Education policy, for example, has been one of the major social policies, which has significant relationship to crime reduction (p. 83).Moreover, social policy creation through the basis of criminological theories is likely to proliferate in various strata with which various policy programs are implemented prior to the assertions embedded in individually criminological theory. As being holistically stipulated in the account of Eric See (2004), the variously identified criminological theories significantly have their corresponding social policies presented and implemented. Cases in point are the programs which yielded solutions and alternatives in addressing crimes grounding essentially on Choice and Deterrence theory of criminology. Choice theory stipulates that it is the very choice of an individual to engage him/herself in and commit crime. This criminal act should therefore be responsibly blamed to the individual who performed the act and not to

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