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Urban Planning for Administration Essay Example for Free

urban Planning for Administration EssayUrban prep is the incorporation of the regulation of land utilizes preparation and rapture readying to discover extremely broad variety of features of the constructed and communal surroundings of developed municipalities and neighborhood. It is the influential equipment use for minimizing the largely force of settlements on the local and regional surroundings and for advancing circumstances within the settlement. This commode also be defined as the arrangement of whole rudiments of a town or other urban center surroundings.In most cases, the physical process makes use of science and art disciple whereby they nurture to discern up with the actual plan to be implemented on the ground. For a given urban center to be identified as planned wisely and in effect(p)ly for its use, it has to follow the planning process stipulated for the urban center. This is because from individually maven urban center has its own process to whi ch it tends to guide them on achieving the best environment for their citizens. In order to the accusing to a greater extent efficiently, the member participating in the end making has to be familiar with the opposite showcase of features that has to be observed during urban planning.Aspects of planning These are normally the characteristics of a given city or town that the administration has to observe while carrying out their urban planning process. Urban aesthetical In any city around, the beauty value of the country has to be observed while carrying out their planning process. This permits the planners to be fitting to manage the growth of the city in future and enhancing its safety to the users as well. gum elastic This is the ability for the city to be protected from any of the external forces that might cause havoc to the users of the city.For this to be stumbleed, the planners has to observe the height of the grammatical construction in the city, the direction to wh ich they are face as run across to the stand in the region, the type of the material to be used as well as the design to be used in the city Bonine Brass 1994, p 217). It has been noticed that, some of the disasters that do occur in the world are to the result of the assumption of this facial gesture from the planners. Reconstruction and renewal This is the most significant aspect that a city has to observe before and during their planning process in the city.In this, they provide be able to allow room for the expansion of the city in future with no congestion of the building and squeezed roads. Transport Transport is the movement from one location to the other, thus, the planners has to ensure that the transport arrangement in the city is of high standard to avoid traffic. It has to be able to accommodate the people in the city with no obstruction. To achieve this, they have to ensure that they balance well with the density of people and vehicles in the city.For more efficient transport planning, the planners have to make good use of transportation oriented betterment. This tries to position greatest concreteness of employments or inhabitants next to high-volume moving. In order to attain the density of the city, one uses the floor area ration musical arrangement in that when the ratio is under 1. 5, the city is cognise to be of low density and that of 5 is known to be of high density. Environmental factors Ecological fortification and maintenance are very important in any urban planning being carried out in the world.This assists the planners to be able to conserve the ecology and the nature of the city as much as they have to plan the city (Ibrahim 2004). When one observes these factors more diligently and with concern, they are usually able to get better result when it comes in precondition of the aesthetic value of the city through the use of the natural resource around them. Having looked at aspects to be considered mainly by any of urban plan ners in the world, the paper lead now concentrate on the process followed in the urban planning focusing Cairo city in Egypt.In this, the paper will be more specific some of issues such as the people responsible for the judgment asylum during the planning process, the position of the final finish, the impact that these decision have on the communities that are usually excluded from the planning process, the level and ratios of power among the communities in the city, the relationship that exists between the decision makers and the affected grouping of individual in the city and lastly it will look at how these planning decision affect the community at large.Planning process These are the general locomote used as guidelines or the fundamentals, techniques and apparatus to be used by any planner in any local authority. This gives the schemer the ability to attain a strength and sustainable city planning in the region. None the less, one has to remember that, each city or has its own way of planning their urban area.Basically, there are 21 steps that many of the planners tend to use but this has been comprised into 6six steps that will be discussed in the paper. As this is discussed, one has to remember that each of the steps being discussed needs contribution and participation of different individual that whitethorn indicate their administration planning scheme and political background.Before starting off their steps in planning process, the participants bear ond in the process has to concur on some of the key fundamentals such as the equity to be observed during the process, the incorporated approach, corporation and associations, the responsibility of each of the member, the encouragement of heath in the city and the compassionate to the environment unneurotic with many more elements that the group may occur it of help to be observed. Creating of partnershipThis is the first step that any city to be planned has to observe, at this stage, the city ide ntifies the people that will be involved in the planning process together with the responsibilities of each of the member of the group. It is at this stage that the corporation and tactical alliances are make possible by an brass so as to ensure that the benefits of the group of people at large are justified in the process. None the less, it is at this step that the member in the planning establishes the way in which they would be able to communicate to the community for their participation in the process.Basically, the key concept of this step is to come up with the objectives that the group aims to achieve at the end of urban planning and create their scope of work that they will assimilate part in it. Understanding the city to be planned At this stage, the participants tend to evaluate the field to be addressed during the process, in this they have to come up with the general overview of the city in term of the population, the surrounding of the area and the health status of t he city.They have to establish the employment unemployment ratio in the city as this will help them in getting the clear view of the usage and density in the city. Focusing to the Objectives The participants have to be able to analyze their advantages together with disadvantages that they might experience during the process. They have to involve the community so that they can be offered with the chance to present their views on what they think have to be done to accomplish the task at hand.With this, they will be able to get different ideas from different people that will assist them in establishing the future plan of the city. Strategic planning Having attained the goals together with their strengths and weaknesses, they will have to set the limit of work to be achieved at a given block of time. In this, they will have to come up with proper programme to be used during the process. slaying This is the crucial stage in this process as it involves the actual work planned for.It is mainly interested with establishment of valuable constitution and planning relations that will help them in achieving their goal afterward the set period of time. Other than that, the stage is also concerned with creation of internal auditing committee that will be responsible with the financial matters of the city planning together with creation of the method that they will mystify in use so as to aid them in the observing the progress of the task on the ground. Attaining ReactionThis is the final stage within the process whereby the participants have to come up with the way in which they will be able to trap the reactions of the community as regard to the implementation of their decisions. At the like time, they will have to create or establish the strategy that they will use in the rating of their level of performance as well as the progress of the process. Having looked at the basic process of urban planning, the paper will now concentrate on the key issues to be addressed as regard to the people involved in the planning in Cairo city in Egypt.People mired in the Decision Making for the Planning Process During the planning process in Cairo, the decisions normally come from two basic participants. These are the four of the ministries in the city and the public agencies that are involved with the planning procedures to be implemented. Basing on the ministries involved, the Office of lodging those are usually responsible for the construction developments needed for the improvement of the national financial status in the city (Ismail, 2006, pp 4-6).In this, they concentrate on the public structures, infrastructures projects and housing within different level of financial status in the environment. Office of security is concerned with the landmark around the city and how they can be able to maintain the security within the city. Office of Awqaf has all the authority over the owner of land within the city as well as the developers in the city. Office of t ourism helps the member in the planning process to plan for the tourism in the city.In this they tend to give views on the ways in which the aesthetic value of the city may be maintained so as to invite in more tourists in the city to improve its financial status. The public organizations are usually involved with the safeguarding of the historical spots in the city. Some of these organizations include the Awaqf power, administrator and the board for fortification of historical spots and structures. Final Authority in Decision Making Basing on the decision made by the participants, they usually depend on the final decision from the central establishment in the country.They have been granted with the powers to alter the decision made by the local units in the city as regard to the urban planning if they think the decision may hamper with the policy in the country. Impact of the Decision to the Community Excluded from the Planning Process Over the years, it has been noted that, some of the communities in the city face some challenges in their stay at the place. This has been as result to the assumption to the views they offer to the decision makers for planning process of the city.Due to this, they have been noted to face some of the security problem and suffering environment to their surrounding. They have found themselves staying in some of the slum areas in the city because they can not access the good environment in the city. Level of Power for the Communities Basing to the fact that its an Arab country, the city is highly populated with the Muslims with low rate of Christians. To this idea, it has been known that the views of the Muslims are considered more as those from the Christian community in the city (Jakarta, 2006).As regard to this, the Muslim communities are seen to have more power and authority to the decision making to the Cairo planning process. How the Planning Decision Affect the Community Basing on the decision made on the Cairo urban plan ning, it has resulted in division of the city into two major parts in term of the religions in the city. It has been noted that, the Islamic community have been allocated with greater piece of land where as the Christians in the society have been offered with the further region from the main city for their stay in the city. resultantIn conclusion, we can then say that, the urban planning process followed in Cairo city is almost same as that discussed above in the paper. In this we then say that for better and sound planning of any city one has to observe the aspects of planning as well as the fundamentals for the process during their planning.ReferenceBonine M E Brass D (1994) The Middle Eastern City Islamic Urbanism Geographische Abhandlungen Dummlerbuch Vol 91University Of Michigan Ferd Dummlers Verlag p 217 Ibrahim A M (2004) Center of Planning Architecture Studies Retrieved 21st March 2009 from http//www.cpas-egypt. com/ENG/chairman_eng. htm Ismail S (2006) Political Life in Cairos New Quarters Encountering the Everyday State U of Minnesota muddle pp 4-6 Jakarta M H (2006) Cairo Urban Planning Model Retrieved 21st March 2009 from single file///C/Documents%20and%20Settings/admin/Desktop/cairo. htm United Nations mall for Human Settlements Nations United Centre of Contributor United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (1993) Metropolitan Planning Management in Developing World Spatial Decentralization insurance policy in Bombay Cairo UN-HABITAT Publisher pp 118-142

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