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A Film Evaluation V For Vendetta English Literature Essay

A Film Evaluation V For vendetta English Literature EssayV for vendetta reports the communicate of political action and tells the audience it could presently happen to their g everyplacen ment one daylight if they allow it to civilise control and non concur a go firm against their authorities. in that respect are a lot of scenes through surface this picture that depicts this message. The patch of V for Vendetta is an interesting story. The take away takes place in ample Britain, which does not have the same form of Government that we do in America. Although it does not have the same government, it exposes lessons closely the United States Constitution.Remember, remember the 5th of November, says a man that goes by the name of V, who is preparing to destroy parliament over the Gunpowder Plot. Director James McTeigue portrays in his film, V for Vendetta, the corruption of colossal Britains totalitarian Government and a freedom fighter who is motiveing to get down( a) them down. Chancellor Adam Sutler (John Hurt) takes over in power and puts solicitude into his citizens to make sure that they know who is in charge and that it is they, who contri barelye unaccompanied protect them. Hugo Weaving who plays the main character, V, sends out a message to capital of the United Kingdoms citizen and tells them to stand up against their Government and to not be afraid.Prior to sending out his message on live television, many killings had occurred with the Doctors who were involved at a detention center that William Rookwood was in before he changed his name to V. He sought r compensatege for what the Doctors did to him and thousands of other innocent people, and he sought to land justice back to striking Britain. Along the way of Vs designs, he comes across a young woman, Evey Hammond, walking the streets after curfew and two men settle down to attack her for disobeying the rules. Of course V saves her and without realizing it, Evey Hammond pul l up stakes shortly become his collaborator.examiner Finch played by Stephen Rea is assigned by the Chancellor to take V down for the terrorist things he has done and before he does more to scourge the Chancellors country. After V took over the television station and footage of him was collected by tester Finch, the inspector learned for sure that Evey Hammond and V were working together. Inspector Finch was determined to take down V to save his job. As he tries to take down V, he comes across all these questions and mysteries that Vs actions reveal, and he soon start to question his own countrys Government. Many questions appear, are Vs actions constitutional? Is he or is he not a terrorist? V in superior general is very controversial.James McTeigue is a director who equivalents to weave politics into his films. The initiatory thing he portrays in the film is terrorism. In V for Vendetta the prototypical thing audiences will notice is that Vs actions are both like a terroris t and like a freedom fighter fighting for Great Britains freedom from a totalitarian government. Killing high government officials and blowing up historical buildings is an act of a terrorist. When the twin towers in New York was brought down by a group of terrorist, many of the U.S. citizens wanted vengeance for their demise and we went to war are still currently at war in Iraq, but Vs actions might not be like those terrorists. The Old Bailey is the first building V destroys, and it was where major criminal cases happened in Great Britain. There was no justice in the Old Bailey. The Old Bailey was also a historical building, so blowing up this building meant justice and getting free of the old regime. Vs actions communicate his beliefs, so his actions also teach us intimately the First Amendment. Freedom of speech could be applied to V. However, with all rules, at that place are limits to citizens freedom, so Vs ways of communication may be confutative and not protected by fr eedom of speech.Another lesson in the film is civil liberties. With Chancellor Adam Sutler in power, he has taken all civil liberties from his citizen and replaced them with tending and allowing the government officials to spy on whomever and whenever they want without a warrant. If this happened to the United States, it would violate the Forth Amendment, which gives the right to privacy. In his message on television, V said, Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you cancelled to the now high chancellor, Adam Sutler. He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent. This quote shows that Vs mission is to awaken the London citizens and stand up against this cruel Chancellor and other political officials, and take back the peoples right to privacy and other rights.A third lesson is about cruel and unusual punishment. The ordinal Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment and If the Eighth Amendment was a part of Great Britains Government, then it would be broken by Eveys torture which she thought was by the Government. Evey Hammond is found at Gordons home and is captured for questioning. She never reveals any secrets of V and refuses to give answers. She chose to go through the torture and beatings even though she could have given up at any time. hither is example of cruel and unusual punishment from Eveys imprisonmentInterrogator I am instructed to inform you that you have been convicted by special tribunal and that unless you are ready to offer your cooperation you are to be executed. Do you understand what Im singing you?Evey Hammond Yes.Interrogator Are you ready to cooperate?Evey Hammond No.Interrogator very well. Escort Ms. Hammond back to her cell. Arrange a detail of six men and take her out behind the chemical shed and shoot her.The scenes of Eveys enslavement and the scenes of the young woman pictured in the letter that Evey finds in the wall, gives a crucial throw of wha t Londons citizens went through. The United States Eighth Amendment would be broken by these scenes. These scenes make us aware that our own government can soon become a totalitarian government just like In the film, if we the citizens allow the government to take over and let them make our choices, we the people, will suffer cruel and unusual punishment.The final lesson in the movie is the dogmatic thing citizens can do to save the world. Although V was violent, his actions were good because it did a lot to free Londons citizens from a corrupted Government. He inspired people, got them to demonstrate against their government and to not be afraid. V was a man who stood up and never backed down. V was said to be an idea, believing he could make a difference, someone to remember, Remember, remember the Fifth of November. With this line being repeated through the movie, I have learned this line comes from the balefire Prayer, which every Fifth of November, the poem is recited and is declared Guy Fawkes day in England. When the day finally came of the explosion of the Gunpowder Plot, V passed away and passed his plan on to Evey allowing her to have the choice of the freedom of the country or to offer suffering in totalitarian government. She chose to continue Vs plan, causing a eye mask effect. Another scene in the movie is when V creates the domino image of his symbol and pushes the first domino over. V is the first domino. Then the crumple effect that is created represents everyone. V is every one of us says Evey to Inspector Finch trance watching the explosion. The last domino that is standing is Evey, who controls the next ripple effect. This shows that everyone can be a part of something that could make a difference in the world. Not just making a small change but a big change by influencing the people around you, socially and politically.The fact that director McTeigue created this film in England does not mean it is solitary(prenominal) relating it to the citizens of England because it can also relate to the citizens of the United States. V for Vendetta depict the message of political action and tells the audience it could soon happen to their government one day if they allow them to take control and not take a stand against their government. V teaches that people should not let fear overcome them and they should stand up for their rights and make a change in society. Everyone is a part of change, from a child to a high soma government official. There are a lot of scenes throughout this film that depict this message. If people are not loud and do not stand up to the government, the United States could one day turn into a totalitarian government like in V.

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