Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Authentic Movement of the 1960s Essay -- Peace, Love, Rock n Roll,

Peace, love, and list n roll. To some people those three words are the low thing to pop into their minds when they think of the 1960s. In reality, these words represent something much more significant. In the 1960s people started expressing their beliefs freely changing baseball club in the United States forever, through media, protests, the hippie movement, and even music. The majority of the nations drama in the 1960s was a result of the Vietnam War. many citizens werent happy about being at war formerly again, and this time, it seemed like a never ending war. As time went on the citizens grew more desperate for an end to this war. One reason that citizens were disgusted with the judgement of the war was because of the Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon Papers contained private information about the Vietnam War. Daniel Ellsberg, who worked for the Department of defensive structure Study of the U.S. political and military involvement in the Vietnam War, got ahold of this private information. Daniel refractory that what was going on wasnt right, and we wanted the rest of the countrys citizens to know what was really going on. He copied and sent these papers to the rising York Times and had them release the information for the public to read (networks). Once the citizens effected the truth about Vietnam, they were ready to start fighting for a change.The American citizens took matters into their own hands and decided to rebel. Although the rebellion against the leaders of the U.S. was nationwide, most of it started on college campuses. One of the first groups known to take a stand was a group of college students that joined forces. They called themselves the Students for a Democratic Society. This group contributed greatly to the working out of the movement... ... listen to, and where to go with their futures. In the 1960s individuality was born, and continues to grow every(prenominal) single day. Works CitedCheese. Cheesybirdmess. 5 October 2014. 4 O ctober 2914 .Erickson, Jill. WHY did the counterculture movement make grow? The Counter Culture Hippier Movement 1965-1971. Findlay Mrs.Erickson, 4 May 2014.Mazells, Fred and Patrick Martin. World collectivised Web Page. 4 May 2010. 25 April 2014 .networks, A&E televison. 2011. 24 April 2014 .staff of, 2010. 24 April 2014 .Yagi, Randy. 29 March 2012. 25 April 2014 .

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