Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Limit television watching and computer time Essay

Sedentary lifestyles call forth obesity, so it is alpha to limit hours spent sitting idly in bearing of the television or estimator. When a child is allowed to knock off much sequence in front of the television or playing computer games they are more analogously to occlusion there than engage in physiologic activities like playing and running. It is also of none that the child who spends time in front of the television or the computer is more likely to put through junk food while watching television and playing computer games, especially if the adult permits such.Set aside specific times to spend outdoors It is also of none that it might be wise to actually plan times to spend outdoors, one weekend or a day to spend away(p) in the park. Family activities to be spend outside of the house like the park or backyard playing backyard basketball or football or simple activities like playing tag or swimming tramp be utilized in order to promote outdoor use. Do non allow t elevision inside the childrens room Research indicates that about 77% of children have television sets in their rooms (Kaiser Family Foundation report, 1999).This promotes laziness in the child, lying in fork up while watching television that whitethorn also include munching on junk foods and chocolate. Adapt an active lifestyle Take the stairs or else of the elevator. Or if the check is near, walking to school might also be a good idea. It might be of note that parents who are more active enables their children to be more active as well. Forget the no pain, no gain theory Children should be taught to enjoy fleshly activities not an performance to be afraid of.It is a lifelong theory provided one must surmise that a child may not be susceptible to such and they might not be pliant to some(prenominal) activity that might require them to feel pain so this theory should be junked and that physical activity should be considered as diversion and enjoyable to the child rather tha n hard labor, so it is imperative that physical activity interventions should be aimed at being enjoyable and fun for a child lest risk the child not doing the activity at all. device for a variety of Activities This is so to avoid monotony and boredom, especially in children who are more often than not easy distracted and easily bored by repetitive activities. It is important that the child not vex bored with the activity so it is imperative that a child has a variety of activities that will help avoid monotony and help plus interest. One may note that a child, even an adult privy become easily bored when they are subjected to repetitive activities.Enhancing the intervention broadcast to be varied and fun will help the child stay into the program rather than feel that it is a boring tasked to be outlastd and not to be enjoyed. One may realize that in order for any program to derive successful outcomes, it is recommended that family members participate in programs patterned for the telling child, it can be noted that parents and sibling that serve as lineament models for these children often feel loved and therefore can provide repair success of the programs (CDC 1997).Riding bicycles, Outdoor walks or swimming activities can be fun activities that also make children feel good and may not be construed as a chore they need to do to tolerate weight it can just be construed as a family activity when parents and siblings are involved, rather than a taxing responsibility they must endure in order to please the parent and become more healthy. The Centers for indisposition Control recommends schools set up policies that encourage enjoyable, lifelong physical activity among young adults.(CDC, 1997). Their guidelines state, Physical education should emphasize skills for lifetime physical activities (e. g. , dance, forcefulness training, and jogging. Swimming, bicycling, cross-country skiing, walking, and hiking) rather than those for competitive sports. (CD C, 1997) These experts also advocate that activities to enhance fitness and adaptation of a more healthy behavior become an important aspect of the familys lifestyle.Developing an After school Wellness plan As the childs school tends to be the second firm of most children, with them spending half of their lifetimes in school and good overcompensate of their days there, it can be considered as a good highway to start a wellness program for children, not necessarily the obese ones, in order to help prevent and cure the worsening grammatical case of obesity in children.This increasing occurrence of obesity in children may be attributed in part to increased sedentary behavior, such as watching television, which leads to less energy expended in physical activity. It has been theorized that by mettle school, many children lack the physical skills or self-confidence to participate in competitive physical activities and involvement in various activities in school It is believed that an increased physical activity relative to the customary physical activities at home.The aim of the afterschool program should be, information dissemination and education, activities that enhance physical movements like dance exercises and sports activities, and other outdoor activities like games that promote physical activities, kitchen-gardening and adventure education plus development of good eating habits by healthy cook outs and development of new healthy recipes by the children themselves, this can and will encourage childrens eating habits.

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