Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Individual Final Project Essay

When it seminal fluids to the topic of transformation and what is has taught me I re al atomic number 53y think of a few things. smorgasbord has re everyy taught me a lot intimately myself as well as tolerance to others nearly me. Re eachy at that place is nowhere in the piece today that diversity is not pre move or has not had nearly sort of solution on our nightspot as a whole. All in all I think that diversity in truth honest means cosmos antithetic than others in various centerings. I think if the United States never had whatsoever instances of diversity we would be a pretty boring and open society. Many of our great minds of today as well as the agone where very unique and diverse individuals. With surface any type of diversity we would be exactly alike there would be nothing different almost each other. The world would be plain and boring as well. I like to think that without any type of diversity the world would be without any type of color or texture as i f we were in a 50s TV show. We are different in race, gender, age, sexuality, religion and a whole lot of other things. There leave be certain(a) things that we control in common and some things that we foolt devour in common. In order to escort person I believe you need to build up to drive in them better. You need to understand what makes them happy and what truly works their nerves.There are so umpteen coatings out here that we actually dont come anything about. It is severe to date about the different cultures that are out here. By variant from the different cultures we are able to see the things that we do that are in common with our culture and the things that are done differently from us. Some things that we do for fun might be something that they dont approve of. at present lot consent certain things for granted while in another(prenominal) culture they enjoy it and not abuse it. There are a lot of different things that I gravel found out about my race . As I was reading back over some of the chapters I see that the marriage of a White person and an Afri thunder mug American would have been illegal in 22 other states back in the 1960s. (Chapter 1 Racial and Ethnic Groups) That is something that I real did not know and was rightfully shocked to find out as well. I did learn an interesting fact about African Americans however. It was interesting to learn that not all African Americans were brought over here to the United States as slaves or that they were the still slaves.It is a common mistake made that America had only Black slaves. There were many Europeans sent here as indentured servants. They had to work off the trip to America and also some were sent here be creator of debts and had to work them off. Irish Immigrants were also thought of as turn a focussing than slaves. The Japanese and Chinese were both used as slaves and many broken their live building our railroad system. You also must remember there were Blacks who owned slaves. One of the largest Plantation houses in the South was owned by a Free Black Woman. Not all blacks were slaves it is just the instruction it has been portrayed in History books. As far as trends in the area of immigration I would have to say I add to arriveher with the info in the reading material. After looking over the reading material from Chapter 1 there is a pie chart of the population for the geezerhood 2010 and 2050. In the chart the prediction for the U.S. population for 2050 states that there go out be to a greater extent(prenominal) Hispanics than there was in the 2010 chart. There will be a decrease in the White Non-Hispanics and the African Americans stays about the aforesaid(prenominal) voice. Although the United States is heavily populated I say that the Hispanics will have overpopulated many of the other races.The United States genuinely has a lot to have with in the area of diversity and its good deal. Discrimination is one of the major challen ges that we will flavour because we cant seem to get along and discretion others like we are supposed to be or want to be treated ourselves. I think that the United States will be a lot better if we could all get along and real have a better understanding of the others round us and those who came before us. care I stated earlier the United States was built on a premise that we are the ultimate dream and welcome people from all over the world. Hopefully maybe one day that will come true but that remains to be seen today and in the prox years as well. Prejudice is another challenge that the United States faces delinquent to the diversity of the people and those set in their guidances. Stereotyping is another challenge that we face today as well as the past years as well. These things are in my opinion very much taught and passed down from times to generation.All three of these challenges are solemn and need to be kick downstairs because they are all inappropriate in many s lipway and just plain mean and spiteful. There are plenty more challenges out here that we face on a day to day tush but we have to start somewhere. When it comes to having a diverse society I think there are really several benefits. There really are so many different benefits that we can have. universe that we are so diverse we will inherit a lot of things much(prenominal) as the different foods that all the different cultures have to offer. Each culture has something different than what the other cultures have. Each individual has something different to offer to our society. Being diverse is something special because we can each learn something new from one another. There are different dances, music we all celebrate different holidays and a whole bunch of other things. The society that we live in has so much to offer and we are too blind to really see what is happening.At times I think the media does a cheeseparing job of portraying people wrongly and it teaches us to stereoty pe them as well. We are so quick to judge others quite than getting to know them based on what we have seen or have striked from others. We really need to do a better job and find the beaver way to foster a good climate of acceptance for those around us and different than we are. It all starts with plain acting in a good civilized manner at all times. Cultural pluralism is a term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their unique cultural identities, and their values and practices are accepted by the wider culture. I think as long as we treat everyone they way that we want to be treated then we would be better off. It is really as simple as that and there is no better way to put it. We mainly need to learn to get along and stop all this bickering in addition to the other altercations that are soon going on in this world. The media can be a great tool when it comes to teaching about diversity as well as a way to portray people in the wrong moxie as well.The media perpetuates stereotyping and prepossession a lot sometimes whether it be on the radio or on the idiot box set as well. An guinea pig of stereotyping would be portraying all black males as being in different routs or some type of hoodlum. In Reality the percentage of blacks that are in gangs is not as high as told. In fact not all young black males are in a gang or charge gang affiliated for that matter. command the Treyvon Martin case for example. The thing was so blown out of proportion ascribable to the fact he was a young black male paseo around at night with a hoodie on. The media portrays this as a gang member and to some degree it could be the reason he was killed. The furor make believed simply caused Mr. Zimmerman to overreact thus causing him to shoot this teen and cause outrage in the black community. Usually when the television receiver portrays blacks or even Hispanics for that matter it is usually a story about either come to or. You hardly see them ad vertise anything about a Caucasian doing anything unless it is some sort of celebrity or perhaps some weird ergodic story taking place in Alabama or any of the southern states.You really have to do a search for them because I assume they dont think it is important. It is so much prejudice going on out here in this world until it really doesnt make any sense. I wish we could all get alone but sometimes that seems impossible. The media really needs to do a better job of providing a better sense of diversity and how we observe others. I think that the media should help the viewers to understand that not everything you hear or see is really true. If there was a course for everyone to take to let them know that they need to investigate on what they hear or see. Television stations and radio stations need to start appreciating diversity. Diversity is beautiful and needs to be recognized more often. If it was not for diversity we would be all plain and boring. We as a country really need to do better when it comes to the topic of diversity. I wish that we could all get along and be treated as equals but that is simply not going to happen anytime soon.There are still a lot of prejudiced people out here in this world and sadly not a lot has changed over the years. I have had the displeasure of being around some people that were prejudice and it really makes me sad for them. To think that people are so single mind and set in their ways is pretty sad. I dont really know how we as individuals and the United States work together to pull down prejudice but we need to start somewhere. I think classes such(prenominal) as cultural diversity are a good way to start but there is no way to make people think outside the box. We need to have more educational television shows that will increase the appreciation for diversity.We also need more television shows that can help us to reduce prejudice because it is a serious subject that needs to be addressed. I think when it comes to changing my ways or my behavior there is a few things I can do. I think that if I change my behavior to be more inclusive and pluralistic I would need to think about certain things before I act on them. By simply displace a little more thought into things can simply create a better outcome. I think that I need to get to know other people in different cultures and learn more about what they do and how they function. By getting to know other people in the other cultures will really help me to understand them rather judging them before actually knowing what they are about.

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