Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Character Monologe of John Yosarian :: essays research papers fc

hi my create is John Yossarian, I am a captain in my squadron of pilots that runs bombing missions during this retched war. All my life Ive hated war I think its utterly pointless, men losing their lives only to ensure their freedom.. I do not know why I am world forced to fight, but the way I look at it is lets proficient get it over with, this type of attitude helps me try to complete my missions as soon as possible. While that may sound like an idle task the truth is it isnt, the main reason why is because of my damn colonel Catchcart is his name and he keeps lifting the bar on the number of missions required by us before we can be send home. At first I didnt steady want to have to fight, so I essay all means to get out of this blasted battle. I even said that I had a pin in my liver and was sent to the hospital, but that turned out to be more trouble thusly it was worth. After being discharged from the small Italian facility I could only face to wonder why no one else motto the pointlessness of all these heroes fighting an endless massacre, the apparent movement never could seem to leave my mind I guess its just one of those questions that has no real answer. Some of the men in my squad are milo Minderbinder, who had was a leader of a underground black market and the channelize of the mess hall, Hungry Joe, well what can I say just about Joe he used to be a photographer for Life powder magazine and he has an obsession with naked women, quite the oddball if you ask me. McWatt, he was always a happy one, rarely caught him without a smile on his face. Clevinger, rest his poor soul, he was always an optimistic, always had a question for everything and he was usually very opinionated.You know, every man has his own limits in life, and Ive just about reached mine with all of these missions, this war has zero point more to offer me and I nothing to offer it. So I refused to fly any more missions. I am now on the streets of Rome, but my freedom was short lived, an officer arrested me for not having a pass.

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