Friday, March 8, 2019

4p’s on Marketing

The Marketing Mix Strategies 1. Product Nokias main ingathering is agile bid and it has a wide range of result portfolio including over a hundred devices. Nokia has produced the basic active phone with the antenna inside, the first built-in camera, the first changeable faceplate or short-message chat function and so on. Nokia offers various mobile phones with varied quality, shape, sizing and color. Product segmentation is rattling signifi understructuret factor in the mobile device market to stool all consumers. Nokia cell phones can be divided into three categories which is occupation business enterprise, the multimedia line and the connect line.The commercial enterprise line refers to the mobile phones that cook priority functions much(prenominal) as connectivity (Bluetooth, WAP, internet connection), time management applications such(prenominal)(prenominal) as a calendar. The multimedia line is targeted the young users with N-series mobile phones that change users to watch video and TV, play games, listen to music and the other features such as navigation, large capacity hardw ar. The connect line categorys users consist students who do not contract disposable income or do not fate to pay a forget me drug of money for a mobile phone.These devices are still stylish and equipped some technological features such as internet, camera and mp3 player. The market researches of Nokia shows that the consumers make decisions in accordance with their own preferences, the proceeds injury and the ability of the economy when supplied with the mobile phone products with the same quality. Thus, researchers in Nokia analyze the different personalities, divide consumer mathematical groups and decide what kind of mobile should be supplied to a particular consumer community. This process is products positioning.Designing professional mobile phones with suitable size that fits the requirement of the user and gritty technology-enablement is what defines the Nokia brand. Consumers view a brand as an important part of a product, and branding can add shelter to a product. Nokia keeps cosmos good at molding the good brand image by injecting individuality into product design. For example, Nokia designers believe that the screen of a phone is the eye into the soul of the product. In marketing mobile phones specifically, each mobile phone has a product life one shot.Nokia could extend the products life to 2 years. Successful products progress through quadruple basic academic degrees introduction, growth, maturity and decline. This progression is known as the Product life-time Cycle. The introduction stage is concept of phone, growth stage is Nokia E-Series phone, maturity stage is Nokia N-Series phones, and decline stage is Nokia 3110. 2. Price Nokia understand that most of the consumer consider for take-away multifunction device, so the budget of the target consumer for specific specimen is considered.Nokia hurt the products by com paring to other products with similar function in the market. Nokia Corporation, which targets all guest segments, has a wide range of price variations from the lower price group to the postgraduateer price group depending on customers positions and needs. In the mobile phone market, the factors affecting Nokias device prices are the follow of products, customer demand and competition. Nokia initially sells products at a higher price to gain profit. It is to reimburse the cost of investment and cost of research and development.After a period of time, the lodge strike downs the high price for beginning depending on their competitor prices and they make less profit. However, in that respect is still a large profit because of increasing amount of sales. Because of Nokia is establishing as branded so it has the power to sell products at the price they motivation or even lower price when compete with other company. This sure-fire price system enables Nokia to gain competitive advantage in the market. The major(ip) method for Nokia to determine decision is the Brand Life Cycle Model. This model is to set different prices based on different life cycle of product.Nokia set a high price for new products, medium price for second line products and low price for third line products. Nokia pricing on the basis of sufficient market research on consumer get along mature an advance technology that a product has, it go away in(predicate) once the consumers love and purchase the products. For example, Nokia 88 series and Nokia 89 series, consumers who have strong purchase abilities treat the mobile phone as a symbol of status. So this kind mobile phone has a high price and long life cycle and will seldom reduce prices because they will not change their obile phone too frequently 3. guide Nokia Company, which doesnt contact acquitly with consumers, uses some distributing channels to reach the customers and sells their devices through the mobile service operators such as Vodafone, T-mobile independent mobile phone retailers such as Carphone Warehouse, The Link some electrical suppliers like a Dixon and in the long run the Companys web site. This selling policy carried out in the all countries in which Nokia has got the market provides to reach all consumers. Company has made ease of parliamentary law Nokia handsets all over the country.There are around 1, 00,000 distributors of Nokia handsets across the country. Launch of Nokia construct Stores which makes consumer feels that he or she is standing in the middle of the cellular tech-hub. Initially, the dispersion strategy was focused on urban population negating growing demand in rural areas. In order to experience competitive, Nokia reformulated its distribution strategy with more focus in the rural areas which were previously served by local anaesthetic competitors. The new efforts made in revamping distribution strategy helped boost sales and increased market share as well.Nokia choo se its local business agent based on 5C principle. Nokia will decide whom to choose gibe to their capital, credibility, channel, cooperation and management. Meanwhile, pay attention to the network marketing and try to take intensifier marketing strategy in all domains. For example, Nokia chose new channel warning called FD, which has ability to change the provincial agent into funds platform. This saves a lot of intermediate links. Through this method, most of Nokia monopoly stores can acquire the ability of direct supply which ensure its good post-sale service. . Promotion Promotion was done by Nokia to increase sales and their publicity. For instance, Nokia offered precious gifts such as get a chance to win Yamaha bikes and Toyota Vios. This is to attract consumers to purchase Nokia mobile phone. During festival such as Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Nokia will always hold a processions. In advertising part, there are printed advertisements used by the company to prom ote their products. There are newspaper, magazines, brochures, TV, radio, website banners, billboards and others.In the advertisement, the Company always emphasizes their well-known guide word connecting people to build relationships, to bring people together, to collaborate and communicate. Nokia invites famous actors to become spoke persons of the products. This will attract more buyers because many people will support their idol. Retailers and mobile phone operators generally carried out sales promotion for Nokias devices. Nokia promotes the product to retailers such as Carphone Warehouse, then they promote to consumers.Sometimes they can be joint promotions with a bank or credit gameboard company. Moreover, the mobile phone operators offer campaigns including mobile phone and phone line are the most popular way of promotions. Public relations withal play an important role in the Nokias promotion strategies. The company supports financially some social programs such as educati onal activities, charities and accept being sponsorship for sports, music and television. Nokia has education, creative arts and civic engagement programs in 57 countries.These kind of social relations make Nokia more attractive in the mind of consumers to ensure positive opinions about the company. Social media is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective ways of publishing news for a global auditory sense in highly visible way. Nokia have creates and use Facebook Fan Page, Youtube videos to moot the messages to a wider audience. For instance, Nokia N9 is one of the products that have been promoted. It shows functions and strength of Nokia N9 with innovative way and with a suitable music to draw attention of potential buyers.

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