Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Crusades Essay -- history

The CrusadesThough the causes of the crusades can easily be distinguished the one cause can not be effectively since there is invariably something that will contradict it. The crusades took place because of the emulation as well as the clash of cultures between the Catholic Church and the Muslims, they both valued power, the crusaders wanted more than land, and more wealth and both parties wanted to be nearer to the Armageddon. It can easily be determined that there was a rivalry between the Catholics and the Muslims. Reading the collect of each other in the 11 century shows that they really didnt get together well. There are cosmosy an(prenominal) reasons for this understatement. First their religions were essentially the same thing, though the Muslim point of bet stated that Mohammed was the elect one. Even though Christ was a man of beau ideal the Muslim point of view didnt accept him as the chosen one. The Christians point of view was that of the opposite they dont eve n believe that Mohammed had the word of God and that it was Christ, the true saviour. First hand documents of the Muslims and the Catholics have very biased points of view and are very hard to understand what really happened. The Muslims claimed to be healers with the more accurate way of living with practising science and maths, their view of the Christians was people who lodge to far north the cold shrinks their brains resulting in poor eating habits need as well as a lack of intelligence do ignorance and stupidity. The Christ...

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