Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Solar Powered Housing Essays -- Energy Pollution Essays

Solar Powered HousingWith the increasing energy exercise rates and increasing pollution rates as a result, it is serious for our society to focus on cleaner, much renewable energy sources. Beca intention hearthholds be a major consumer of energy throughout the world, families could contribute greatly to the use of renewable energy sources through the use of solar home systems. If more and more people agree to the use of solar home systems, our dodo fuel consumption rates will drop and we will respect profound improvements throughout our environment. This essay will discuss various topics that argon necessary in order to understand the function of a solar home system.First, for a solar home system to function effectively, unity must first reduce the amount of energy consumed within the house. This hobo either be achieved through efficient house design or through efficient energy consumption. Efficient design features include ripe sealing of windows, doors, and cracks, seemly insulation, proper window design for passive heat uping, proper air infiltration, and the use of proper materials for heat absorption. By designing your house efficiently, you greatly reduce the amount of energy consumed and therefore reduce the make up and size of your solar home system.Efficient energy consumption is also extremely important when using a solar home system. strength consumption can be greatly reduced by such acts as buying efficient appliances, keeping doors and windows closed to reduce heat loss, turning off lights and appliances when they are not needed, and turning down A/C levels. These acts also contribute greatly to a reduction in the size and cost of your solar home system. The basic idea back solar home systems is th... ...reducing the use of fossil fuels while still encounter their energy needs, should definitely consider the use of an SHS in their home. Works Cited round Photovoltaics. 25 October 2002. U.S. Department of Energy. .Ad vanced Energy Group. 1999-2002.

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