Friday, February 8, 2019

Greek Philosophers :: essays papers

Greek PhilosophersSocrates, Plato and Aristotle had virtu ally the uniform beliefsabout mans relation to the State, although Platos politicaltheory of the State was more cerebral than Socrates orAristotles. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all believed thatman was not self-sufficient, they believed man would be well-nighhappy living in a State. They also believed that all work force wantedto live the truly good life where they could be in tune withthe truth and achieve their ultimate goals. Although Socrates,Plato and Aristotles political views of the State are similar,Platos view is more rational than Socrates and Aristotles inthe sense that he created an specimen State. Socrates, Plato andAristotle were three philosophers in ancient Greece whobelieved that no man was self-sufficient bounteous to live on hisown. Plato believed a State comes into existence because no private is self-sufficing (Stumph, 70). This theory ofPlatos was also shared by Aristotle who said He who is una bleto live in society or who has no have because he is sufficientfor himself, must either be a sentient being or a god (Stumph, 103).These two views indicate the importance of a State to anindividual according to Plato and Aristotle. All threephilosophers believed that man would be much happier if he waspart of a State rather than on his own. Socrates once statedWe are all more productive if we speciate in one thingrather than try to excel at many things (Stumph, 40). Withinthe State Socrates believed that there would be a element oflabour for the provision of food, shelter and clothing. Anindividual living outside of a State would have to providethems elves with these necessities. As Socrates stated above deep down the State you would specialize in one thing except, while adifferent individual would specialize in something else and this wouldallow the quality and the metre of the product to increase. Platoassumes that we are all born with physical and intellectual equipment that makes us meet to perform some tasks better than others (Rice,42). So now individuals only have to specialize in something that theyare physically and intellectually suited for according to Plato. Thesethree philosophers believed that if man could be more productive byspecializing in something that they are suited for they would behappier. Aristotle made the point that every(prenominal) community is establishedwith the view to some good and that mankind always act in order toobtain that which they think good (Copleston, 351).Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all believed that man needs to be

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