Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Organizational Behaviors Analysis in ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’

The movie seas Thirteen is a impregnable resource for the organizational behaviors analysis. And I exit focus on the Teams, lead and Personality to analysis some facts in this movie. First I will focus on the groups of oceans xiii. The team is a super organized and efficient team. I think they perform totally 3 kinds of typical tasks which al start production tasks, decision-making tasks and creativity tasks. And the team is comprehensive jointity as all its members work will affect each new(prenominal) and besides affects the outcome of their whole job.And although the members of oceanics bakers dozen include populate with different race, ethnicity, age, personality, interests, knowledge, skills and abilities, but they boast similar core value. And although they have a great chance to have relational conflict which may ca drug abuse a very bad result, they surprisingly get on with each former(a) and easily cooperate with each other. Here be some examples about marine thirteens teamwork. The team of Oceans thirteen has 2 plans.The head start plan was to prevent the deposits hotel from winning the prestigious five Diamond Rating consider and the second plan was to rig the cassinos s apportion machines and other games machines in the casino to permit the players win more than $500 one thousand thousand in total across the casino in order to baron Willy Bank to give up the control of that casino to the board. For their first plan, capital of Minnesota acted as the manage reviewer for Five Diamond Rating reckon and they bribed an ambitious concierge called Debbie to treat the genuine reviewer badly and led the real reviewer into a inhabit that other 2 members of Oceans thirteen had already sabotaged.And they also gave money to a host to let that waiter tell the real reviewer that he could not approve a meal at an Italian eating place which was actually go off at that time because he did not reserve for a seat. And that waiter al so advised the real reviewer to go to a Chinese-Sichuan restaurant called Ling Su. And then the real reviewer got the food which was changed by a member of Oceans thirteen and that food made him hurl in his hotel room later.And he found that there were a lot of small insects on his rooms bed sheets, so he was very angry of it and gave a very bad evaluation to that hotel for the Five Diamond Rating Prize. For their second plan, the members of Oceans thirteen work in the positions that they ar good at. Denny Ocean commanded the overall detail and coordinated with different parties. Rusty played as a fake seismologist in order to convince Willy to put a standard deviousness seismograph equipment, which was actually a surveillance machine for the Oceans thirteen, on his offices desk to register for the foreshock of an earthquake.Turk went to Mexico to deal with the strike of the factories that provided the dices and other casino appliances the Oceans thirteen used to cheat that casi no later. Basher worked as a person to create earthquake in the casino. Yen first acted as a Chinese super-high roller to get access to the cardinal room of the hotel and then walked into the shafts from that room. Frank and Saul worked together to let Willy use the Nuff Said at center of that casino. And Linus seduced Sponder in order to get into the room where Willy hided diamonds.And Virgil voluntarily asked to handle the task of hacking the casinos computer later on the original hacker Livingston was caught by a federal agent. And there are also many other facts that I am not going away to list in detail show the highly cooperation in the team of Oceans thirteen. Secondly, I will talk about the direct in Oceans thirteen. As the master(prenominal) leader of Oceans thirteen is Danny Ocean, I will focus on the leadership and personality of Danny Ocean. Danny Ocean is a great leader.He has a personality of painstakingness and extraversion. He is knowledgeable, dependable, organ ized, reliable, hardworking, persevering, sociable and passionate. And he has great office of summarizing other messs ideas and drawing a final decision that combines the advantages from other peoples ideas. He also has great emotional intelligence. He has the top executive to recognize and understand the emotions other people are feeling and the ability to control his feelings and right away recover from some serious emotional experience.As a result, he can harness those emotions and use those emotions to improve his chances in leading the Oceans thirteen to successfully complete several lump tasks. In addition, he processes the consultative type of leadership. And he has transformational leadership. He largely uses initiating structure leadership behaviors to make sure that every member of Oceans thirteen to try their best to do the job as well as using consideration leadership behaviors by creating relationships with mutual trust, respect and consideration of feelings of ot her Oceans thirteen members.So he is able to make every member of Oceans thirteen to have a good mood at work and let the work efficiencies of Oceans thirteen remain high all the time. In brief, combining with the plots of other 2 movies Oceans football team and Oceans Twelve, I think Danny Ocean is the main reason that Oceans members had a great performance in every major task they take. At last, Id resembling to talk the personality of some roles in this movie. I have already talked about the personality of Danny Oceans personality in the front paragraph.And I will focus on 2 people with simply different personality Reuben and Willy. Reuben has a personality of agreeableness. He is kind, cooperative, warm and true-blue to his friends. So when he was destroyed by Willy, his loyal band of friends quickly got together and began to get revenge for Reuben, even to work with their enemy terry Benedict. In the other hand, Willy has a personality of Neuroticism and Extraversion. He is moody, insecure, jealous, unstable, assertive, dominant, acquisitive and sinister.He is a typical villain with no mercy and extremely low moral awareness. His employees were afraid of him and his partners hated him. So even though he had done a really good job in in operation(p) his previous hotels, many members of the broad of his new hotel still did not alike(p) him and many employees of him easily betrayed him by cooperating with Oceans thirteen. To sum up, the Oceans Thirteen is really a great movie. And I also have a better understanding of the things Ive learnt from Organizational expression course by watching this movie.

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