Thursday, January 31, 2019

All Quiet on the Western Front :: essays research papers

In All Quiet on the Western Front, is a apologue that shows all of the horrible things and situations that occurred in WWI. It also talks about the missed generation that in fact WWI produced. The main character Paul Baumer and his married person friends, had spent times listening to their teacher Kantoreks speeches. He talked about how it was the boys vocation or job to go out and b patriotic and dish up fight in the war. All in All the decisions that they had make at this time, still had them pondering on the outcomes their lives would drive.     Nationalism at this time was seen as a tool used by those in power to look a nations. By this time, Paul and his friends are seduced into the army by the nationalists ideas. They have also realized that their enemy really isnt the others, its the men who had power in their OWN nation. This shows how Paul and the others have indeed themselves involved in the permeate of their nationalism which regards to thinkin g of right and wrong. As the boys continue th crude the rough training given by natural Himmelstoss, they realize what they have gotten themselves into. In training, Himmelstosss ideas and drills drag on to make the boys despise him. Even though Corporal Himmelstoss made the boys do horrible things as to stand out in the cold risking frostbite, and gruesome practices and training, they boys have realized what Corporal Himmelstoss has only through with(p) the things to make them stronger and without the training, on that point would be no way they would have made it through the brutal war. But, by the end of the novel, Himmelstoss tries to make amends to the boys, and yet they have realized what Himmelstoss has done for them is what still kept them alive.      While at the front, Pauls relationships with his others vary. It was always an on going fighting between him and Himmelstoss because of their differences of opinions. Albert Kropp was one of Pauls appr oximate friends. They were both injured at a time where they were placed in a hospital where they both retrieved treatment. On the bad side, Kropps leg had been amputated. They had divided up a togetherness. Kat was another one of Pauls closest friends. They were always there for one and other and seemed to have distinctions about what was going on. During a battle Kat gets hurt and Paul tries to help him.

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