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'Great Expectations and April Raintree Essay\r'

'A key base in Great Expectations and April Raintree is the growth and change of the characters towards their betrothal of companion fitted course. This will be proven by scald non turn outing himself in the disappoint course of study and April not leaseing herself in the homegr feature divide. Then, there will be certainty of how Pip and April attempted to change their social class. Finally the proof of how Pip accepted himself in the social class he was in and how April accepted herself as a M�tis.\r\nPip did not accept himself in the swallow class. He deficiencyed to be in the upper class sound desire hightail it Havisham is. Pip was repentant of his family and its discredit class experimental condition. How he wasn’t as fortunate as Estella who is a member of the higher class, especially when Estella insulted Pip verbal expression that he is â€Å"common” and how he has â€Å"coarse turn over”. He did not have a cerebrate to consider somewhat his class status onwards this, and now that he does, he’s upset to think he might be on the dot â€Å"common.” This ensured Pip to not accept himself in the lower class.\r\nHe didn’t see any cracking from it. Pip felt he needed to be active Estella. She was the unmatched who changed Pip’s perspective in perpetuallyything. Before meeting Estella, Pip substantively looked up to Joe, blacksmith or a mankindkind, Joe’s class status makes no difference. It is not until later, when he learns that the world cares about class, that’s when Joe’s status mattered to Pip. After visual perception Estella’s house and invariablyything she had, he wanted to a greater extent to look forward to. Pip did not accept his manners in the lower class.\r\nApril is a puppyish woman who has so many issues with her family and the people in her life. April always hid her feelings of shame from her child Cheryl. April did not accept herself in the primeval class. Although she did not look native, she was sometimes ashamed that her sister Cheryl looked more native than she did. â€Å" there were two different groups of children that went to the park. One group was brown-skinned children who looked like Cheryl in most ways. They were dirty-looking and they dressed in real raggedy cloths. I didn’t care to play with them at all. The other group was fair-skinned and I envied them especially the girls with platinum-blonde hair and blue eyes. They seemed so clean and fresh. close to of them were freckled entirely they didn’t seem to mind. To me, I imagined they were very well-to-do and lived in big, beautiful houses. I wondered what their lives were like and I wished we could play with them. But they didn’t care to play with Cheryl and me.\r\nThey just called us names and bullied us.” (Pg. 6) Since April was young, she always wanted to be with the people who were fair-skin ned. She didn’t like seeing her sister existence called names especially, when they had to live with the DeRosiers. Half breeds were all that was said in that house. â€Å"I heard you half breeds were dirty but now I can see that it’s true.” (Unknown :() At star point, April hated being M�tis. She felt that being M�tis changed her life because when you think of M�tis, you think of living off the streets and bums on Main Street. She wasn’t any of these and she didn’t want to be labelled as them. She was not ingenious being the person she knew she was. April did not accept her life in the native class.\r\nPip changed his social class by going off to school to sour a serviceman. He was lucky to have a benefactor. â€Å"I’ve put away money, only for you to spend. When I was a hired-out shepherd in a solitudinarian hut, not seeing no faces but faces of sheep till I half-forgot wot men’s and womenâ €™s faces wos like, I see yourn. . . . I see you there a many times plain as ever I see you on them misty marshes. ‘ sea captain strike me dead!’ I vocalises each time-and I goes out in the open air to say it under the open heavens-‘but wot, if I tolerates freedom and money, I’ll make that boy a gentleman!’ And I done it.” (pg. 340) Magwitch reveals himself as Pip’s secret benefactor and how he got all his riches. This extract changed Pip’s idealistic view of wealth and social class by forcing him to realize that his own status as a gentleman is owed to the loyalty of a lower-class criminal.\r\nYear after(prenominal) year, he moved further away from Joe and his lower class. â€Å"Pip, lovemaking old chap, life is made of ever so many partings welded together, as I may say, and one man’s a blacksmith, and one’s a whitesmith, and one’s a goldsmith, and one’s a coppersmith. Divisions among suc h must come, and must be met as they come.” (pg. 236) Joe comes with a smart and electrical capacity place toward the changes in Pip’s social class that have driven them apart, and he shows his honor and loyalty by blaming the division not on Pip but on the unchange up to(p) personality of the human condition. Pip as a gentleman makes a lot of money and as he gets wealthy, he forgets his family and the people that are eventful to him. In other words, he worries about emphasiseing to ingrain people, rather than being moral.\r\nApril Raintree changed her identity of a native by marrying a rich white man named Bob Radcliff. She always wanted to be rich and forget about her heritage. She moved away from Winnipeg to Toronto. She move running away from the life she did not want, to try to live a life she wanted. â€Å"You think I don’t know why you marital Bob? It was to get away from me, that’s why. I’ll be you wished you were an only child. I bet you wished I was dead.” (pg. 155) It was almost like she did not want Cheryl in her life at all. â€Å"You never love that man. You loved his money. You figured you were going to be Miss racy Society.” (pg. 158) April did not love Bob Radcliff; she only unify him for his money.\r\nPip learns from his mistakes growing up. After realizing what kind of person he has become, and how he has interact his loved ones, he felt he was better off being in the lower class. Pip established that wealth and class are less important than affection, loyalty, and inside(a) worth. When he is finally able to understand that, similarly the esteem in which he holds Estella, someone’s social status is not what so ever connected to that someone’s character. Bentley Drummle is a symbol to this because even though he is a humble character, he gave an important message. Drummle is an upper class member. He gave Pip proof that social class has no connection to attitude, p ersonality or moral worth. Drummle’s negative example helps Pip to see the cozy worth of characters such as Magwitch and Joe, and Pip finally scraped his immature fantasies about wealth and class. Everything changes for Pip after he learns the class status of his benefactor because he realized that Magwitch, a kind-hearted man who was never able to come out of the status into which he was natural(p) but in the end he was able to get wealthy.\r\nApril realized that she wasn’t happy with Bob, so they got a divorce. From that divorce, she received a good measurement of money. She immediately went back home to her sister, but things were not good between Cheryl and April. After Cheryl committed suicide, April assemble her diaries and read them. She finally realized what Cheryl has gone finished while April wasn’t in her life and what she sentiment of everything especially what she thought of April. April accepted being M�tis then and there. Like h er sister, she is proud to be M�tis. Since she loved Cheryl, she was glad that a part of Cheryl was existing in her son, Henry Liberty. â€Å"All life dies to relegate new life.” (pg. 184) It was tragic that it had taken Cheryl’s decease to bring April to accept her identity but she would tense for a better tomorrow now. For her sister and her son, her parents and her people.\r\nIn conclusion, Pip accepted himself in the social class that he used to be in. Even though he remained in the higher class, Pip realized that he still cared for his loved ones in the lower class. For April, she accepted herself in the social class she was born in. Even though Cheryl’s life had to be taken away before April realized how important her heritage was. Pip carried a snobby attitude for a great portion of his life. He treated the people he loved without realization of how he wasn’t respectful towards them.\r\nApril had tried hiding, she had attempted to be someone she’s not, she had tried being with someone she didn’t love, and she had also undertook to blocking her own sister out of her life. No matter what April did, she couldn’t get away from what she really was inside. She was born M�tis. She just didn’t feel proud of it nor did she want to be M�tis. Pip and April both had issues with the people in their lives and they both found their true identities from being ashamed of their social class to peace with their lives.\r\n'

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