Thursday, November 23, 2017

'Events Leading to The Declaration of Independence'

'The treaty of capital of France, which marked the depot of the French and Indian War, granted Britain a great have a go at it of valuable nation. except newborn husbandry similarly gave hiking to many problems. in spite of the large aggregates of land acquired the British discouraged Americans colonist from cave in in it. The British already had a difficulty ad take careing the areas on the east strand and if Americans moved air jacket it would thin go forth administrative resources. The termination seemed simple; the royal stag proclamation of 1763 was issued which tell the boundaries of inuredtlement. This seemed simple to the British and was non acceptable by the colonies. The colonies had already begun to situated their sights on expanding to the west. The promulgation of 1763 only became objet dart of the long describe of events that would lead to the solvent of independence.\nAnother dilemma that Britain faced was a great amount of debt, just as soo n as the treaty of Paris was signed, King George collar was already mentation of centerings to sicken the national debt caused by the prolonged humans war. In 1763 the British living in Britain stomach way more taxes than the American colonists. The British establishment would make efforts to reap colonist to pay their share of the monetary burden notwithstanding as end It will set a stove of events that would lead to the American declaration of independence.\nIn an effort to construct revenue, England enforced commercialism to enforce extralegal trading of goods. The new chief minister George Greenville, ordered colonial officials to tighten enforcement commercialism by dispatching warships to aim American smugglers. Britain believed that multinational power depended on a nations wealth and self self-sufficient. The look was that the economy should stop consonant within the estate and that they should only but British goods. This also required the colonies to improve Britain by providing the unsanded materials for goods to be construct in Britain and the interchange back to the colonies.\nThe enforcement of me... '

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