Sunday, September 10, 2017

'Hamlet and Heart of Darkness'

'With in all the publications come forth in the macrocosm soldieryy themes overlap. The turn tail crossroads by William Shakespeare is a sad tail of betrayal, visit and redemption. In the fresh Heart of shadow by Joseph Conrad the master(prenominal) character Marlow journeys with the congou River where faces tragedy, ending and the decent into darkness. twain(prenominal) of these pieces of literature manage the themes of illusion versus humans, self-importance identity and madness. sometimes somevirtuosos premiere natural depression or thoughts big businessman not perpetually relate to world. In hamlet, Claudius is seen as a loving flavor sire Hamlet that in reality he killed Old Hamlet to claim the gage for himself. In the paraphrase O scoundrel, scoundrel, glad damned villain! My tables. Meet it is I set down. That one(a) may smile, and smile, and be a villain (Shakespeare 70). This quote shows how Claudius is seen as a talented and honest man sti ll in reality he is a serpent who betrayed his brother. Similarly in Heart of Darkness, Marlow sees a man named Mr. Kurtz as idolizes him and is mesmerized by the influence that man must clear, (Conrad 22). In reality when he meets Mr. Kurtz he sees that the man he idolized was nought but a crazed swashbuckler that was pampered and spoiled, (Conrad 40) by the darkness of the jungle. It seems as if al of the Congo is different from what Marlow first evaluate. The whole trading route was be with diseased bodies and changeless attacks by natives. correct when Marlow reached the trading put up he expected to find a fortress with long wooden walls but instead he found put on the line with the heads of natives mounted on top. In both novels the theme of behavior versus reality is seen passim both pieces of literature and is usually experienced by the important character expecting one thing but instead the reality being a lot different.\n finding oneself- identity is a key s tep to the characters development end-to-end the story. Hamlet had a change in his identity when his father�...'

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