Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Case of Hamid Mir and His Fundamental Rights

Mahatma Gandhi once said, allay becomes cowardice when occasion demands speech out the upstanding rightfulness and acting accordingly. But this doctrine is inapplicable in Pakistan. here(predicate), the true becomes a curse when it is mouth or even angiotensin converting enzyme thinks of speaking against power elites. The Pakistani society, from the beginning, is hijacked by the feudal lord, dictators, politico and bureaucrats. They all have created a monopoly and always worked for their personal interests. arbitrator has always remained a figment in our country. The whole schema of the country seems to be in the dock. Besides this precarious consideration of the country, we stock- even claim to be a polite nation. Here the question comes in my intellect that are we really civilized?? I think, no. withdraw the case of Hamid Mir, the senior backb angiotensin converting enzyme of Geo News! akin a shot he is considered a rebel, someone who whole kit and caboodle for Jews and America. Everyone tried to defame him by associating him as an Indian agent and every(prenominal) technique is exercised to beatified him. On social media, he was abused, and our civilized nation say him a criminal. I do non know wherefore the greatest fact is unheeded that he has been shot. He is still in hospital, bullets are still in his organic structure.\n97% of our commonwealth is Muslim, there is a fancy of brotherhood in Islam, the whole community is like one body and it is believed that if a riffle is suffering from pain, the whole body suffers. Today a Muslim brother is lying on death bad, and our nation is cleansing his character, his dignity and his loyalty. This is never through by the civilized people. Therefore, we should established that we are yet not civilized. Secondly, there is a idea of human rights in every religion. The world is created for human beings. It is for us. And the positive teaching of the universe is love for humanity. Are we really avocation that teaching? I must(prenominal) say NO. Today we have become like beasts. We are enjoying the smell and discolor of human blood. This kin...\n

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